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fourth of july // fall out boy {lockscreen size}

Yall C stans are dramatic. Babygirl has had one foot out the door since the beginning. She was cocky back in the day and thought she was better than them from the beginning. Nobody bullied her lmao. Yall even helped her get that number 1 that helped her leave so stfu. She didn’t even tell her bandmates she was doing that song with Shawn, so yall can’t blame them for feeling some type of way towards her. I’m suprised Mani ain’t pull a Dawn and bop her big head ass. But I digress…..H4RMONY RISE!

So Ive noticed something.

In Hetalia, there are a few characters who often break the fourth wall in specific ways,
For example,
Theres Japan, who often looks directly at the ‘camera’ so to say, and starts talking to it.
Theres France, who often comments on how the animation is terrible, or on how he did something in ‘this episode’.
And then theres a few other characters who break the fourth wall every now and then as well.

But then theres Russia.
He doesn’t break the fourth wall
Oh no.
He EATS the fourth wall.
For both of my examples, I will be using the world series.
In one episode, England brings up how the G eight should kick Russia out, and many arrows emit from Englands view, pointing to Russia.
Then Russia literally grabs the arrows, and starts to eat them.
Then, later on in the season, on episode 37 (I believe) It goes and talks about ways to end a story (for the third time) and it switches to the scene where Italy is flirting and says to the lady something about how he wishes Germany was like her, where Germany comes in and proceeds to punch Italy. Now, since this scene has been shown before, we know that after that happens, Germany carries Italy away. But it doesn’t end like that this time. Instead it switches over to a scene of Russia eating something, and Lithuania telling Russia (in kind of a panicked tone) that he was eating the ending of the previous scene.

So, there it is, fellow hetalians.
Russia is so hardcore, that not only does he break the fourth wall,
He literally eats it.