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Hey copperbadge. I did not pay enough attention to the directions on the post for the fundraiser so I exited out of the donation page before being forwarded to your ask box. No idea how this works so here's to hoping it all ends up going to the same place. Could you please write a fic about Cap Steve & Clint being bros? I feel like there's not enough of those two being awesome together in the world. Thanks in advance! - Meg

You did fine! Thanks for coming to the askbox, the forwarding-to-it was really just a fun thing I set up that I didn’t know Paypal could do before now :D 

“If we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do it right,” Steve said, looking up at the outfield facade of Yankees Stadium. 

“Is there a wrong way to do a baseball game?” Clint asked, following his gaze.

“Bucky and I always had a plan,” Steve told him. “You get popcorn and nuts before the game. Third inning, before everyone gets hungry in the fourth inning, that’s when you get yourself a Coke. You get hungry round about the sixth inning, that way, so you get your hot dog before the seventh-inning stretch, and then on your way out you get candyfloss for the train home.” 

“I see you’ve got it all figured out,” Clint said. “How much did that run you in 1930?” 

“About thirty-five cents each,” Steve said. “Don’t worry, I calculated for inflation, I brought forty bucks. But here’s the important part about going to a ball game.” 

“What’s that?” Clint asked.

“Sneakin’ in,” Steve said. 

“But we bought tickets,” Clint said.

“Still the best part,” Steve replied, and started to climb the outer facade of the stadium. “Come on, Clint! We used to just hop the fence, now we’re goin’ up and over!”

Clint grinned. “I do love urban climbing,” he said, and rubbed his hands together. “Up and over and onwards to overpriced popcorn!”

Family Fun

Fandom: Star Wars (Modern AU)

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: The daily life of you, your husband, Poe, and your 8 year old son, Kes Jr. aka KJ.


You woke up to clanging dishes and loud hushes.

“You’re going to wake up your mom!” You heard Poe loudly whisper

“Sorry, dad!” You heard your 8 year old son, KJ or Kes Jr., loudly whisper back.

“Too late. I’m up.” You groaned as you sat up from the couch.

“He did it!” Your husband and son said in unison as they pointed at each other.

You rubbed your eyes and smiled, “It’s 8 in the morning on a Saturday. What are you two doing up?” You sat up stretching your arms in the air.

Poe walked over to you and bent down kissing you on the lips, “We’re making breakfast.”

“Pancakes?” You asked hopefully.

“Pancakes!” KJ shouted from the kitchen.

Poe giggled and looked at you, “You fell asleep writing again.”

You sighed and looked at your closed laptop, “Well, attempting to write. Still having a writer’s block.”

Poe kissed your temple, “You’ll find inspiration soon.” Poe started walking back to the kitchen, “You gonna help?”

You nodded and stood up making the blanket covering you fall, “Someone has to make sure you two don’t burn the place down.”

Within an hour, the three of you sat at the kitchen table eating and chatting, “Do you guys have a game today?”

KJ nodded, “Yeah! We’re going again Starkiller!”

“Oh Gosh.” You mumbled.

“I’m tellin’ ya, babe, we’re gonna beat ‘em this time! Right, buddy?”

“Yeah!” KJ exclaimed fistbumping his dad, “We’re gonna kick Uncle Ben’s and Uncle Hux’s butts!”

You rolled your eyes. Despite your family being friends with the Solo Family and the Hux family, there was always that tension when it came to playing opposite teams for the children’s little league baseball.

“Friendly competition, my ass,” you mumbled.

“Swear jar!” Your husband and son exclaimed.

You groaned, “Fiddlesticks!” You went to your purse and grabbed a quarter putting it into the half full swear jar that rested on the kitchen counter.

You ruffled KJ and Poe’s curly black hair, “Go get ready.” They both nodded and stuffed the remainder of their food in their mouths. They then both kissed you on the cheek and ran upstairs to get ready.

You looked at BB-8, your family corgi, who rested on the floor, “What will I ever do with those boys?” BB-8 sat up and happily barked at you. You giggled and knelt down to pet the adorable dog.


Another hour later, you dropped Poe and KJ off at the baseball field, “I’ll be back soon! Gotta run some errands. Good luck, boys!”

Poe waved at you, “Bye, baby! Love you!”

“Bye, mom!” You drove off waving good-bye.

“KJ! What’s up?!” KJ looked to his left to see Bodhi and Zoe.

“Hi, Uncle Bodhs! Hi Aunt Zo! Is Mikayla here?” KJ asked hopefully. Ever since they were little, KJ harbored a crush on his childhood friend.

Zoe chuckled, “Yeah. She’s already at the dug out.”

“Great! And Uncle Bodhs, you bring more cupcakes?”

Bodhi nodded, “Win or lose, you still get the best cupcakes in town!”

“Thanks! I’ll see you guys later!”

Poe, Zoe, and Bodhi watched as KJ ran towards the dugout and began talking to Mikayla.

“They’re adorable,” Poe said smiling.

Zoe nodded, “They are.” She looked to him, “No, Y/N?”

“Running errands. She’ll be hear later.”

Zoe nodded, “That reminds me! I gotta do some stuff too!” Zoe kissed Bodhi on the cheek, “I’ll be back, honey. See ya, Poe!”

Poe waved as his friend rushed towards her car, “See ya, Zo!” The two men were left alone. Poe smiled, “Ready to kick Starkiller butt?”

Bodhi nodded, “Oh yeah!” The two fist bumped, “Good luck out there, man.”

Poe sighed, “Thanks. Gonna need it. Hux and Ben train those kids like no tomorrow.”


It was the fourth inning and the two teams were tied 25 to 25. The bases were loaded. KJ was up to bat.

“You got this, son! You got this!” Poe shouted. KJ smiled and nodded.

Hux’s son, Mason, was up to pitch. He threw a curveball and KJ missed. KJ groaned as the umpire yelled, “Strike one!”

“That’s okay, son! That’s okay!” Poe yelled.

“Poe!” You yelled from the other side of the fence. Poe jogged over to you continuing to keep an eye on KJ. You smiled at him, “Hey, how are you guys doing?”

Poe smiled, “Well, we’re tied. If KJ gets a home run, we win the game. He already got one strike.”

“Strike two!” He heard the umpire.

“…two strikes.”

You looked over at your son. You cupped your hands around your mouth and shouted, “Go KJ! You got this, baby!”

KJ turned to see you and you waved. A smile made way onto his face. He smiled and faced Mason Hux again. Everyone held their breath as Mason threw the ball. KJ’s bat made impact with the ball and went going…going…going…GONE!

“HOME RUN!” The anouncer yelled. Everyone cheered as all four players ran their way to home base. The game was settled. The Resistance had won the game.

You and Poe ran up to KJ along with the rest of his teammates. You both sandwiched him in a hug, “Atta boy!” Poe exclaimed.

“Oh, KJ! That was great!”

KJ laughed, “We won!” KJ smiled but it faded as he saw Mason and Ben’s son, Eric, dejectedly speak with one another. KJ then squeezed himself out of his parents’ embrace and ran over to them, “Hey, guys. Good game.” He held out his hand to them. They each took turns shaking it, “Will I still be seeing you guys at the family barbeque?”

Mason smiled, “Will we still be able to go swimming?”

“Of course!”

Eric smiled, “Then yeah, we’ll be there. Good game, by the way.”

KJ hugged his friends, “Thanks guys. See ya soon!”

You and Poe watched the interaction. It was so nice that the three of those boys still remained friends.

“Kay!” Mikayla exclaimed as she ran up to KJ, hugging him, “That was amazing! Great job!” She kissed him on the cheek.

KJ’s face started turning pink, “Dub whu-uh. Th-Thanks!”

Mikayla smiled and ran up to her parents. Poe smirked and lightly punched KJ’s arm, “You got it bad.”

KJ scoffed, “Psh. What?! No!”

Poe chuckled, “Son, I had that same look on my face when I knew I liked your mother.”

KJ waved off his dad’s comment, “Okay. Whatever. I’m gonna grab a cupcake from Uncle Bodhi before there’s no more left.”

You and Poe watched your son run off. Poe rested one hand on your waist, “Our pride and joy.”

“Furuya can only pitch one inning. It’s the fourth inning. It’s too soon… to walk off now.

May 13, 1952

Larry Miggins hits the first of his two major league home runs, going deep off Preacher Roe in the fourth inning of the Cardinals’ 14-8 loss to the Dodgers at Ebbets Field. The homer by the outfielder, who had once shared his dream of playing in big leagues during a prep school assembly with a buddy with aspirations to be a baseball broadcaster, is called by an overwhelmed Vin Scully, Brooklyn’s play-by-play announcer who had wondered that day with his friend “what the odds against that would be.“

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"We are getting them condom for Christmas because this has to end before the season starts" Sunny dictates to the small group of Padres.

(I think this was originally a five sentence fic. As usual, I wrote more).

His statement was met with solemn nods. He already knew Salvamini was on board - he was the one who’d been caught in the crosshairs of their most recent, charged clubhouse altercation over a blown call in the fourth inning that had led to an inopportune ground rule double. Mike had stormed off to the showers, Ginny had slammed the door of her cubby, and Sal had returned to his locker grumbling about how the two of them should just fuck already.

It was dangerously reminiscent of a fight Stubbs had broken up just two weeks prior, when Mike insisted that Ginny had burned out in the 6th inning but had talked Al into going another, which subsequently led to the Braves tying things up in the 7th. There were shouts of ‘I’m the captain’ and ‘Been doing this since you were in the 6th fucking grade’ and ‘You don’t get to pretend you know my body better than me’ before Stubbs had to physically work his way in between them and guide them to their respective corners.

Livan had actually gotten the worst of it. He’d been stuck on the bike in the middle of a workout when Mike and Ginny started jawing at each other over some groupie that had interrupted their warmup the day before.

“I don’t care what you do in your spare time, Mike, but your floozies shouldn’t be interrupting our pre-game prep.”

Floozie? I’ll have you know she’s a student at UCSD. Psychology major. Very smart.”

“Oh yeah? Then what’s her name?”

There was a pregnant pause and then…


Ginny’s returning laugh was harsh, sarcastic, and the argument continued from there, Livan actually contemplating giving up on his perfectly cultivated workout routine - which he hadn’t cheated on in months - to get away from the battle.

So, when Sonny suggested the condoms, those three were easy yeses, and were joined by the majority of the other teammates gathered in the trainers room. Blip was one of the few holdouts, his arms crossed across his chest and a disapproving glare pointed at anyone with their hands raised.

“So, it’s settled.” Sonny nodded decisively, banging a hand down onto the table and opening the door to let the team back out into the clubhouse. “Mark my words, we’ll get those two to work out their sexual tension by the end of the season.”

Part 2: Beer & Baseball

Sam Wilson x Reader

Part 1: Hazelnut & Hurricanes

Summary: After the first date doesn’t go as planned, Sam takes you to a baseball game. The weather is in your favor this time, but when two unexpected surprises interrupt your date, will it ruin the fun or bring the two of you closer?

Word Count: 2343

Warning: fluff, beer, 

A/N: This was going to be a smutty sequel with just a brief look at the date, but I got really carried away with the baseball scene and enjoyed it too much. If you guys want a third one that’s solely Sam smut, let me know and I’ll see what I can do! Otherwise I’ll move on to my other queued pieces and requests and return to smutty Sam down the road.<3


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Prince Charming – Liam Dunbar Imagine (Feat. Stiles Stilinski)

Prompt: Can you do a liam imagine where they are both freshmen and he’s infatuated with the reader, but she loves Stiles, so it causes alot of jealousy! Thanks you xoxo! Your account is the best (; <33 

Pairing: Liam x Reader x Stiles

Word Count: 1,230

Note: So I got inspired to write this one after watching ABC’s Family Baby Daddy. I hope you like it.

Read Part 2 HERE

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Kira and Y/N sat at a table in the middle of the school courtyard looking down at their homework. Kira was scanning through the AP Bio chapter she was supposed to read last night, while Y/N was trying to solve the last algebra problem from her homework assignment. Once finishing Y/N closed her notebook and placed it in her book bag. She looked up to see Stiles and Liam making their way towards their table. A big smile forms on her small round face at the sight of Stiles and his dark brown hair, creamy chocolate irises, cute little moles, and dimples at the corner of his lips. 

Stiles was rambling to Liam about the Mets game last night, but Liam couldn’t focus because all he could hear was Y/N’s heartbeat increasing with every step he took towards her. He looked up at her to see her smiling, and he couldn’t help but smile back.

“God, could he be any cuter?” Liam heard Y/N telling Kira with his werewolf hearing.

Kira looks up from her book and into the direction Y/N was looking at. “Who? Stiles or Liam?”

Y/N closed her hands into tiny fists and placed her chin on top as she sighed, “Stiles." 

Liam’s smile falters. She wasn’t smiling for him. She was smiling at the lanky rambling kid next to him. Liam didn’t understand what Stiles had that Liam didn’t. What made him so much more special? He thought to himself. His head hung low. While looking down at his feet, he noticed Stiles shoelaces were untied. A smirk formed at his lips as an idea popped in his head. He looked back up and “accidently” stepped on Stiles’ loose shoelaces, making Stiles jerk forward.

“Whoa,” Liam extended his arms out, catching Stiles before his face met the pavement, and hoping Y/N would see what a hero Liam was. “You should really tie those shoelaces, buddy.” 

“Phew!” Stile said, grateful for Liam’s rapid reflexes. “Thanks, bud.” Stiles slapped Liam’s shoulder before kneeling down to tie his shoe.

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A little Everlark drabble to get me in the summer frame of mind. Link to the post that inspired this located at the bottom of the story. Not beta’d, so all mistakes are mine. I haven’t written this trope yet and kind of wanted to, so …Happy Reading!

The crowd yells and Peeta glances over his shoulder at the field momentarily, joining the cheering while Heyward slides into second a moment before the catcher’s throw reaches the baseman. Then he turns back and finishes the climb to row 15. At least he’s only missed half of the first inning. Confusion wrinkles his brow as he reaches the row indicated on his ticket and his friends wave, greeting him with cheerful shouts, Finnick with a sheepish look on his face.

“Sorry, man. This was the only way I could get us all in the same section,” he admits with a shrug.

Peeta’s eye sweep over his friends packed in a row in the midst of the sold out crowd then across the aisle to the lone empty seat separated from his friends by the steep stairs and the metal handrail running up its center. He suppresses a sigh and lowers his body into the vacant seat. So much for a relaxing evening catching up with his friends at the ballpark. Just before his rear hits the plastic seat, the woman assigned to the spot next to him glances over and Peeta nearly drops his beer.

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July 13, 1971

In a game which features six home runs, Reggie Jackson crushes a fourth-inning Dock Ellis pitch off the power generator located on the Tiger Stadium right-field roof 520 feet from home plate. All the players who homer in the game — Johnny Bench, Hank Aaron, Roberto Clemente, Frank Robinson, Harmon Killebrew, and Jackson — will become members of the Hall of Fame.

If you knew my boyfriend fiance, you would know he’s a "Go Big or Go Home" type of person. So, this past Thursday we were at a baseball game and he was trying to prime me to watch the scoreboard between tops, bottoms, and innings.

Now, I had my suspicions. We’re really terrible at keeping suprises from each other. I was lucky enough to keep the cake I got for him last week as an “I’m Proud of You for getting a job" a suprise–he almost caught me with it. He was also like, "I’m not hungry yet, let’s wait till after the fourth inning to get food."  At the end of the fourth inning, on the scoreboard was: "TJ (M/L/N), will you marry me?”

It happened so fast and he got so excited, scrambling to pull out his phone and the ring out of his pocket shouting, “What did that say? Were you able to read it? What did that say?” He tossed his phone to the stranger next to us to record his proposal. It was a complete testament of our relationship of how it went down. We’re not verbally sappy, in fact we are quite sassy and sarcastic with each other. On paper we will be total maple syrup, straight from the tree. But this was chaotic, fun, and full of joy.

14 months from today, I will be marrying my best friend and love of my life. The man who has supported and nurtured my writing escapades. The man who noticed the first week we met, how intense and focused I was when I wrote. The man who continues encouraging my dream to become a published author. The man who makes me want to be a better person and allows me to conquer my world. When I am down, he picks me up and reminds me I am better than I think I am. I can’t wait to begin this next adventure with him.