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Sherlock returns to BBC One with three brand-new feature length episodes, promising laughter, tears, shocks, surprises and extraordinary cases.

The eagerly anticipated fourth series begins with the nation’s favourite detective, the mercurial Sherlock Holmes, back once more on British soil, as Doctor Watson and his wife, Mary, prepare for their biggest ever challenge - becoming parents for the first time.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman reprise their iconic roles as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson in the hit drama written and created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, and inspired by the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Z Nation:  Operation More Bitemark

Z Whackers unite!  Our goal is to make sure Syfy and NBC Universal renew Z Nation for a fourth season.

How do we do that? 

Step 1:  Follow #Operation More Bitemark on Tumblr so you can stay informed about all efforts to get Z Nation renewed for a new season.

Step 2:  When Z Nation airs on Friday, tweet loud and often with the hashtag #RenewZNation and make sure you include both @Syfy and @NBCUniversal.  NBC Universal owns the Syfy channel.  Set a goal to tweet at least 10 times during the broadcast hour.  Plan to do this every time a new episode airs.  INCLUDE THE HASHTAG IN ALL RETWEETS TOO!

Step 3:  Increase the bandwidth!  Reblog this entry on Tumblr.  If you participate on other message boards or social media platforms, get the word out to use the #RenewZNation hashtag there as well. 

For example, I posted the following on Reddit:

Stay tuned to #Operation More Bitemark for other ways we can make sure Syfy renews our favorite show!

ETA:  Do you love to make gifs?  Volunteers needed to create #RenewZNation gifs that can be retweeted this Friday.  Reach out to me if interested! 

577: Travis Walton Abduction


Early 2000s Recollection Over Events By Travis Himself

Fourth Of July Nail Art

Setting an example

The World Cup of Wrestling (not professional, ACTUAL wrestling) will be taking place in Iran. For the fourth time since 2013, the United States national team will be competing in Iran (second time there for the Cup) as one of eight teams wrestling for the Cup.
Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, The United States, Turkey, India, Iran and Mongolia will compete. That makes the U.S. the only western team. After an initial political scuffle in reaction to Flump’s jackassery, the Iranian team welcomed the American team in Teheran. The U.S. coach says he’s thrilled, the Iranian people have always been wonderfully generous and hospitable, and since wrestling is a national sport in Iran, the crowds are large, enthusiastic and RESPECTFUL.

Gee, imagine that. People who aren’t a caricatured stereotype blindly spouting government rhetoric. Must be nice.

Aph Headcanon #1

It’s the Fourth of July, and Alfred has invited all of the nations to come over to his place so they can see the Statue of Liberty…

Arthur is noticeably upset.

In order to make him feel better, Francis leans over and reveals that he was the original model for the statue.

Meanwhile, Alfred is going on about how beautiful ‘her’ face is…

Arthur immediately loses it and starts hysterically laughing.

Short Character Profile

NAME : Tara Celica
HEIGHT : Five fulms, two ilms
SPECIES : Midlander Hyur
▌ GENDER : Female
BIRTHDAY : 25th Sun of the Fourth Umbral Moon
SUN SIGN : Virgo (fits the Pisces mold way better, though)
RESIDENCE : The Goblet in Ul’dah (No actual plot yet, just for story purposes)
▌ ALIGNMENT : Neutral Good
DRINK : Milk or fruit juice
FOOD : Pastries, especially muffins
▌ DAY OR NIGHT : Night
▌ SNACKS : Chocolate
SONGS : Far too many in my head to list. But have a couple! Stargazer by RD-Sounds, Story by FELT
PET : None. She has considered learning arcanima specifically for the purpose of having a Carbuncle to snuggle, however.
▌ COLOR : Purple, white, blue, silver, gold
SEXUALITY : Heteroromantic asexual
BODY TYPE : Small and almost sickly thin. Little muscle mass, and a figure lacking in curves.
EYE COLOR : Pale blue

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Mother Nature put on her own light show over the July 4 weekend at Canyonlands National Park in Utah. These powerful photos of the lightning strikes were taken from the Needles looking north toward Island in the Sky. Photos by Emily Ogden, National Park Service.

  • me: my birthday is july fourth
  • someone: oh you must be so patriotic :)
  • me: this nation was built on the backs of slaves and the systematic oppression and extermination of native americans but okey