fourth chance

@ young girls watching supergirl: no, you don’t need to keep giving second, third, fourth chances to a guy that disrespects you constantly and don’t listen to you. no, a guy being possessive is not “love” or “care”. no, a guy that drives you crazy in a bad way at LEAST once a day is not someone you should go for. no, it’s not your job to teach a guy how to be a decent person.

1. Every second of every minute you were with him, you thought of him as God, when he should have been seeing a Goddess in you too. But instead he just saw a girl and that is why it hurts this much. You need to love each other for the humanity within you, or you should love each other like Gods, there is no middle path.

2. The darkest version of this kind of damage is how little you think of yourself right now. And it is because he didn’t want you. But think of all the people who do want you, who think you are special, who think the world of you. They may not be him, but the trouble is, you let him become the sun when you should have let him be human instead. Humans are flawed. No one deserves that pedestal in your head but you.

3. There will always be another boy. But what you should be looking for is a man.

4. The strongest thing about you was the thing he had forgotten to appreciate. And you deserve someone who looks at that very thing about you and respects and admires you greatly for it.

5. He didn’t understand, nor appreciate everything you had given up just to see him smile that day. And who wants to be with someone that doesn’t appreciate you?

6. Even when you said you needed him the most, even when you had given him that third, fourth, fifth chance to make amends, he did not apologise the way he should have to you. and you deserve more than that any day.

7. There is enough kindness and strength in your heart that you will want to give him a third, fourth, fifth chance. Don’t. Not today, not tomorrow, not day after. No one is worth the time and effort, no one other than you for yourself.

8. Start thinking of three things that made you smile today and every day. And remember that without him, there are still things in the world that make you smile. Hold onto that.

9. Do everything you enjoyed when he thought was annoying or simply not good enough, even the smallest things. Feel the freedom of no one telling you what you should and shouldn’t do.

10. Remember the girl you were before you met him. Remember her, with the smiles and the grace and the funny stories that didn’t involve him. Remember her with the strength to get over anything. Channel her. Bring her back. She deserves resurrection.

—  Nikita Gill, 10 Things to Remember After You Break Up With Him

with shaking hands,
broad grins,
too many jokes and not enough eye contact.

it’s a game of shuffling awkwardness,
a distinct lack of flirting,
quiet laughing.

roomfuls of silence,
quiet attentiveness,
always trying to catch their attention.

flitting eyes,
constant attention.

bright laughing,
hearty smiles,
almost awkward.

you just can’t sit still, huh?
always willing to be friends first.

inappropriate shouting,
too much attention,
fourth chances.

the hidden glances,
solid shoulders for clinging to,
quiet quiet quiet hush huh hush.

a set of protective hands shielding ears from horrors,
loud voices,

happy hugs,
red cheeks,
long talks.

sharing private smiles,
things never told to anyone else,
infinite loyalty,

shaky hands,
steady eyes,
small gifts of emotion.

—  with a crush; l.m.

i love the idea of the foxes growing closer and softer as the years go and so have some hcs:

  • they still have their movie nights, even if on most nights they spend more time cuddling with their s/o than they spend time actually listening to the movies
    • kevin sometimes gets fed up with them all and leaves for his room to (re)watch exy games on his computer, but he still leaves his bedroom door open
  • one night they decide to google the meaning of their own names because why not. matt tears up a bit when he learns neil’s name means champion 
    • (-bro you’re the champion -champion of what? -of my heart bro        -bro)
    • nicky nearly punctures a lung laughing when he learns andrew’s name means ‘manly strong’
  • they all manage to brunch together at least one time a month and it’s usually fun, when aaron and andrew decide to stop giving each other’s lover dirty looks
  • matt is the best man for renee and allison’s wedding and the girls are the flower girls for dan and matt’s (neil is the best man)
  • after each game the foxes win, wymack goes up to kevin and ruffles his hair before congratulating the rest of team (kevin pretends he hates it) (he doesn’t)
  • on the bus back from games, the upperclassmen stop asking neil to come sit with them when they see him following andrew to a seat at the back of the bus
    • nicky no longer feels guilty for spending time away from the monsters. they’re still family and he’ll stick with them through thick and thin, but he’s finally learning how to be happy
  • the term ‘monster’ is slowly erased out of their conversations, especially on nights they see andrew and neil’s hands linked together, or neil asleep with his head in andrew’s lap
  • each time erik comes stay with nicky for few days, they all have diner together, and they’re all there when erik proposes to nicky on one of those nights
  • the foxes learn, as time goes, that it’s better not to do anything on wymack’s birthday, but if they all lay silent in bed at night, thanking him for the second, third, fourth chances they’ve been given, there’s nothing to stop them.
Fifth Time’s the Charm (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary:  Bucky gave himself five chances. Five chances to tell you that he loved you and that he would do anything for you. If by the end of his five chances he didn’t tell you, Bucky would take it as a sign from the universe that you and him just weren’t meant to be.

Word Count: 2,499

Warnings: Fluff, like one curse word

A/N: Okay I know I said that the next imagine that would be posted would be a requested one but this popped up into my head today and I just HAD to write it! I hope you all enjoy! FYI, (E/C) means ‘eye color.’

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That was just one of the many adjectives that James Buchanan Barnes would use to describe you.

Intelligent. Charming. Motivated. Determined. Kind, oh so kind.

James Buchanan Barnes was so in love with you.

Or in other words:

Whipped. Smitten. Infatuated. Enamored. So desperately head-over-heels in love with you.

Yeah, Bucky was in trouble. Why was he in trouble? He could not gain enough courage to admit his feelings to the love of his life. So, he set up a little challenge for himself. Bucky gave himself five chances. Five chances to tell you that he loved you and that he would do anything for you. If by the end of his five chances he didn’t tell you, Bucky would take it as a sign from the universe that you and him just weren’t meant to be.

Oh, God, Bucky thought nervously as he decided to go through with this plan. This better work.

The first chance Bucky got to admit his feelings was at one of Tony’s famous parties. 

The night was beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky, allowing all of the stars to finally emerge and shine brightly. It wasn’t too hot, it wasn’t too cold. It was just perfect.

And there you were, sitting in your gorgeous navy blue dress that showed off all the right things, at the bar. And you were talking to another man.

Bucky was immediately filled with panic. Thoughts of oh, no. I’m too late, were running rampant through Bucky’s mind as he watched the man flirt with you.

And to make it even worse, you were flirting back.

When the man finally left to go somewhere else, Bucky seized his chance.

Striding up to you, Bucky said the first thing that came to his mind: “Hiya.”

‘Hiya’?! Bucky thought angrily to himself. When did I start saying ‘hiya’?!

Trying to regain his cool, Bucky quickly cleared his throat as you giggled behind your hand. 

“Hey, Bucky,” You smoothly said. “What’s up?”

“The ceiling,” Bucky quickly said before reddening. Stop it, stop it, stop it! Bucky chastised himself.

Giggling once more, you gently nudged his arm. “No, seriously. What’s up?”

Breathing deeply, Bucky carefully thought out his next words. “Oh, nothing. Hey, um, (Y/N), there’s something I want to tell you…”

“What is it?” The hope was evident in your voice.

Mustering up all the courage Bucky could find, Bucky asked “Can we go somewhere else, first?”

With a nod of your head, you were about to walk away when the man from before walked back towards you.

“I got lost on my way to the bathrooms. This place is a maze!” He exclaimed, earning a forced laugh from you. Sensing that the moment and his chance was gone, Bucky stepped back.

“I’ll see you later, (Y/N)…” Bucky mumbled as he turned away from you and his first chance.

The second chance Bucky got to admit his feelings was during a mission.

You and Bucky were paired up together (Bucky had to restrain himself from shouting with joy when he heard that he would be with you on this mission) and things were going smoothly. 

Until someone decided to detonate the bombs early.

With a deafening boom!, the building above you and Bucky began to shake violently. Grasping onto your hand, Bucky led the way out of the crumbling building as you ran for your lives.

Huffing and puffing next to an abandoned building, the two of you tried to catch your breath. Everything around you was covered in a cloud of smoke and debris. If you didn’t know better, you wouldn’t of been able to tell that it was Bucky who was holding your hand so tight because of how bad the cloud was around you.

“Bucky, we need to get out of here,” You coughed, bringing your other arm to your face in attempt to block the thick smoke from entering your lungs.

“I know, Doll, I know,” Bucky reassured, eyes flitting back and forth. “I’ll get you out, I promise, I’ll get you-”

But Bucky was cut off once more by another bomb detonating inside the building next to you. The ringing in your ears was deafening as Bucky pulled you away from the ruined building into the safety of the tree line.

“(Y/N)?! (Y/N)?! Are you okay?!” Bucky shouted, but you couldn’t hear him. The previous bomb had knocked out your hearing. 

“(Y/N), listen to me,” Bucky said as he dragged you away from the battle that was raging in the city. Things were getting bad, really bad, in a short amount of time. “(Y/N), if we don’t make it, I need to tell you something.”

You knew Bucky was saying something, but you couldn’t hear him. The smoke was clouding your vision too, so much so that you couldn’t even read his lips.

“(Y/N), I-” But Bucky was cut off once again. Vision had found the two of you, right when the battle was getting near to you. Picking the both of you up, he flew you back to the awaiting quinjet.

And just like the abandoned city below, Bucky’s second chance of admitting his feelings to you were blown to pieces.

The third chance Bucky got to admit his feelings was at the pool party being thrown just for the Avengers.

It was a very stressful past couple of weeks, so to give everyone a chance to relax, Clint was throwing a pool party at his house.

Bucky had spent the entire day trying to gain the nerve to talk to you. After seeing you in your swimsuit, Bucky’s eyes almost popped straight out of his head at the sight of you. You were absolutely stunning in that black bathing suit. Bucky could barely take his eyes off of you.

So, with a little pep-talk he gave to himself, Bucky decided to go tell you how he felt. Walking towards you, careful not to slip in the puddles around him, Bucky finally reached you. You had just stood up from your lounge chair and you were readjusting everything so that it was more comfortable to you. 

Seeing Bucky in the corner of your eye, you spun towards him. “Hey, Sarge.”

Oh, God, Bucky gulped. He absolutely loved it when you called him that.

Smiling reassuringly at him, you waited patiently for him to snap out of his reverie.

“Oh, hey. Look, there’s something I have been trying to tell you lately…” Bucky said, blue eyes drifting to your (E/C) ones.


“Okay, well I-” But that was all Bucky got out before he was grabbed by the ankle and pulled into the cold water. 

Swimming back up to the surface, Bucky pushed back his soaking wet hair as he glared menacingly at Sam who had just pulled him in.

“Dude, what the hell?!” Bucky yelled at Sam, who was laughing.

“Payback,” He said with a devilish grin as he quickly swam away. Looking back up at you, Bucky saw that you were already pulled into a conversation with Thor.

And there went chance number three, Bucky thought dejectedly to himself as he grabbed onto the nearest inner tube, floating away from you.

Bucky was getting desperate by the time chance number four came around. This chance came in the form of a spur-of-the-moment camping trip, suggested by none other than his best pal, Steve.

So there you all were, hiking up the mountain side to your campsite because “driving there would just be too easy.”

Sometimes, Bucky really hated Steve.

After hiking up a mountain all day, you all had finally reached your campsite. The entire group was tired and cranky, Bucky included. All Bucky wanted to do was take a nap, preferably with you by his side.

As the day ended and as tired Avengers retreated to their tents, the only two that were left around the campfire were you and Bucky. The night had grown cold, which Bucky was now thankful for, because you were snuggled up into his side as the two of you watched the flames flicker.

As sounds of owls and other creatures hooted and bustled around you, the crackling of the fire calmed you as you gazed up at the night sky.

“Which constellation is that one?” You yawned out as you laid down on the ground, pointing to the night sky. Following your lead, Bucky laid down next to you on the blanket.

“Which one?” Bucky asked, cheeks growing red because you had laid your head on his chest.

“That one,”

“Oh, that’s Orion,” Bucky answered as you squinted to try to make out the form of a man.

“Oh, I see it now. What about that one?”

“That’s Leo,” Bucky said as he grabbed your hand. Directing your hand, he had you point out a specific constellation. “And that’s Canis Major.”

“You’re so good at this, Buck,” You yawned, burying your face into his chest.

Heart quickening, Bucky realized that this was his fourth chance.

“(Y/N), I’m just going to say this. I love-” Interrupted by a subtle snore, Bucky’s words fell from his mouth as he realized that you had fallen asleep. 

“Sleep tight, Doll.” Bucky whispered to you as he gently kissed the top of your head. With a sigh, Bucky closed his eyes as his fourth chance twinkled out of existence, just like what will happen to the many stars above you.

The fifth and final chance that Bucky had to admit his feelings came on an ordinary day.

The two of you were sprawled out on the couch watching Bucky’s favorite show, Friends. You, of course had introduced Bucky to the wonders of Netflix. So there you two were, slouched on the couch in your sweats, watching Netflix.

Bucky loved Friends. He loved all of the characters and he loved comparing the characters in the show to his teammates. For example, Sam was a lot like Janice because he annoyed Bucky so much, just like how Janice annoyed Chandler. Sometimes, though, Bucky wasn’t Chandler. A lot of the time he was Ross. And just like what was happening to Ross in the episode that Bucky was watching, they both couldn’t admit their feelings to the love of their life.

Glancing down to you, Bucky took in your natural beauty. Hair messy and no makeup on, this was Bucky’s favorite version of you. Because you were just being his favorite person in the whole world, you.

Laughing at the show, your laughter snapped Bucky out of staring at you. 

“What?” You asked, finally noticing that Bucky was looking at you.

This is it, Bucky thought as he paused the show.

“Why’d you stop it?”

“(Y/N), just listen to me for a second,” Bucky started with a shaky breath. Eyes locked onto yours, Bucky grabbed your hand. “I find you incredibly beautiful.”

Heat rushing over your body, you go to protest but Bucky stops you.

“I know you don’t think so, and it kills me every time you say something mean about yourself. To me, you are the most beautiful person in the whole world. Not only are you beautiful, but you are intelligent, charming, motivated, determined, and kind, oh so kind. You make my days so much better just by existing. And right now, I am freaking out a lot but I need to tell you this,” mustering up all the courage that he had used in the past four attempts, Bucky finally did it. “I love you. I love you so much that it physically hurts when I am not near you. It hurts when I see you flirting with another man. It hurts when I think about how I could one day lose you. It hurts when others come between us. And it really hurts when you don’t realize that you shine more brightly than all of the stars in the universe combined. I know you probably don’t feel the same way, but I just needed to tell you. Tell you that I love you.”

Once Bucky finished, the room was filled with complete silence as you gaped at him. Nervousness and panic filled Bucky when you didn’t say anything. All you did was stare up at him, mouth hanging slightly open.

“Please,” Bucky pleaded, gulping back his panic. “Say something.”

Bucky was met with more silence until your melodic voice broke through.“W-who told you that I didn’t love you?”

Shock hitting Bucky like a tidal wave, it was his turn to stare at you with his mouth hanging open. “What?”

“I said,” You started, gaining confidence. “Who told you that I didn’t love you?”

Finally registering your words, Bucky’s eyes widened in shock. “Y-you love me?”

Face breaking out into a smile, you nodded at Bucky whose own face broke out into a smile.

Hands reaching out, Bucky grabbed your face and pulled it towards his as he placed his lips onto yours in a searing kiss. And boy, did it feel good. Bucky had almost moaned at the feeling of your lips against his. They were beautifully shaped, molding perfectly to his as one of his arms snaked around your waist, pulling you onto his lap. Your own hands went up to his hair, intertwining themselves in his chocolate brown locks as you smiled into this kiss. You could feel your heart soaring to the heavens as Bucky smiled into the kiss too. You had pulled away for a short moment to catch your breath, only to be pulled back in as your lips crashed against his again. Bucky’s arms wrapped around your waist as he pulled you closer, as close as he could get to you. Your own arms wrapped around his neck as you tried to get even closer to him. The kiss was deepened with a swipe of Bucky’s tongue against your bottom lip to which you gladly accepted. 

Every time the both of you pulled away, you found yourself instantly pulled back into each other. The kisses were never ending as Bucky cradled your face in his hand. Pulling back breathless, your sweet breath fanned across Bucky’s face past your bruised lips. Chest heaving, Bucky rested his forehead against yours as you tucked pieces of his hair behind his ear.

“About time, Barnes,” You giggled as he placed a quick peck to your lips.

“What do you mean?” He asks with a goofy smile as he gazes at you in a bliss.

“I was beginning to wonder when you were going to say something. Why didn’t you try before?”

“Doll, I’ve been trying. Guess these past four times I’ve been trying to tell you just weren’t the right time.” Bucky smiled as his thumb swiped across your cheek.

“You mean all this time, you’ve been trying to tell me that you loved me?” You said, shock crossing your features.

“Doll,” Bucky chuckled, pulling you down for another kiss. “You have no idea.”

in all seriousness though there are two scenes. there are two scenes that should absolutely have been included and the fact that neither of them were just left a Hole in mcu tony’s character honestly, a hole most casual watchers don’t even know is there

tony stark, the Giver of Second, Third, Fourth, etc Chances,

aka 1) tony reaching for obadiah’s hand when obadiah asks for help before falling onto the reactor, and then only letting go when obadiah proves ONCE AGAIN that he wanted to bring tony under

2) tony straining himself into a literal cardiac arrest in the process of saving the life of a kid that was a bully

i feel like if scenes like these had been included, if tony’s Forgiving (Sometimes To A Fault) tendencies had actually played an explicit part in his movies, then like. imagine how much that would have enriched a potential arc with say, wanda. they could have had this whole forgiveness and redemption thing going on between them, coming from both ends. the fact that wanda accepted to work in the team funded by tony, and the fact that tony took her in could have been major points in their relationship instead of being dismissed as like. minor plot conveniences

tony’s cap 3 arc could have been approximately 63920472929 times more poignant if that aspect of tony’s character was ever acknowledged because 1) see wanda detail above 2) he’s majorly fueled by guilt and like. honestly the sheer (and classically Iron Man) tragedy of being crushed by guilt and unforgiven by others when you yourself try so hard to alleviate the burden of others to the possible detriment of your own life sometimes 3) the fact that he didn’t point fingers re: ultron at bruce and wanda could have been acknowledged as tony’s willingness to take on the blame to protect other people 4) all of that starkly contrasted to his breakdown with bucky and steve at the end there, like the whole thing becomes 74937% more tragic if you’ve got this element of tony suffocating his own heart when he says he doesn’t care that it wasn’t technically bucky’s fault. like jfc the breakdown in this

and like just. the general idea of the narrative acknowledging the fact that tony will literally take so much crap from people and that it’s not always fair but it’s a thing that he does

instead of having tony take so much crap from people but framing it as unimportant or obligatory penance or, oh my god, him being so lucky because people around him Deign To Put Up With Him

Slytherin things:

-Listening to the same song 50 times in a row without getting tired of it.
-Cheerily saying “it’s okay,” “it’s fine,” or “no problem” when on the inside you’re seething with rage and already envisioning your revenge.
-Keeping things forever if they were given to you by someone you love, even small things like trinkets and scraps of paper.
-Feeling really powerful when you can finally bring yourself to throw out something you’d kept from a person who’s no longer a part of your life.
-Drinking caffeine in the PM.
-Giving second chances, third chances, fourth chances… but then cutting people off completely when they finally push you too far.
-Buying yourself presents when you’re sad or stressed.
-Having entire conversations made of inside jokes.
-Preferring unusual, unconventional, and exotic flavors.
-Keeping the heat low and burying yourself under piles of blankets to sleep.
-Having an organizational system that no one else understands.
-Not dressing weather-appropriate.
-Cooking fancy meals for just yourself.
-Being really good at picking out gifts for other people.
-Fighting through physical pain and illness when you have stuff that needs to get done.
-Memorizing songs and poems and running through them in your head for fun.
-Staring at the stars.


i love matt miller and everything about him wholeheartedly and i want to go on for hours about how what a sweet little dork he is. i love him and his god complex and what a big geek he is and hence my user i want to protect this man with my life. beautiful boyfriend. favorite twink boy id call him nyteblayde any day

I personally headcanon that Lance can’t hold grudges really well. He tries really hard to but he can’t stay angry at someone for really long unless they’ve said something that wayyyyyy crossed the line.

He’ll give people third or fourth chances and even if he logically knows he shouldn’t forgive them he can’t help it because it’s just not in his nature.

ok but i literally cannot get over this. look i fucking transcribed most of 2x13 (i died inside it literally made me cringe and shudder multiple times) and mon-el’s behavior is just unacceptable.

in 2x13 he behaves like an asshole. he completely disregards kara’s words, her beliefs, and her opinions regarding mxy, because apparently she’s some prize to be won?? and then he tells her, and this is VERBATIM, okay? he tells her, “I swear to Rao I will listen! Kara, I will respect you. Just, please, just give me—just give me another chance!” And you know what? She decides to give him that chance, she decides to continue this godawful forced relationship with him. 

But what does he do immediately in the beginning of this episode (2x14), when Kara asks for privacy for personal reasons? He disregards her AGAIN, announcing not just to the people close to Kara, but to the entire DEO, that they’re dating. Just completely disrespects her wish for privacy. He doesn’t even try (ten seconds? come on. that’s not trying, and everyone knows it). His excuse is that he’s just so excited, but it comes off as Mon-el wanting everyone to know that Kara is his. Uh-oh. 

Yknow what else Mon-el said last episode?  He said, “things were a lot easier on Daxam, when I objectified women”. Does he really think he isn’t objectifying Kara? Last episode, he reduced her to some prize to be won–an object–and he was jealous of Mxy because Mxy was going to take her from him. As if Kara had no say in deciding who to be with.

He doesn’t listen to Kara, he doesn’t respect her as a person (and we know his views of her as Supergirl–he doesn’t agree with sacrificing oneself to save others. That’s not how he works). Kara told him multiple times that she could handle Mxy, and she calls him out and tells him that he “didn’t listen”. What does Mon-el continue to do? Not listen to her

You might say, well wait! In this episode, Mon-el realizes that he should listen to her! He asks her what she needs, he takes Winn’s advice!

But that’s exactly the problem. He takes Winn’s advice–which is the exact same advice Kara has been telling Mon-el: Listen to her. Respect her. Winn’s words are exactly what Kara has been asking from Mon-el, what she’s repeatedly been giving him second chances for (and third chances, and fourth, and fifth and sixth andsaldfjs;a). Surprise, surprise–when the words come from a man, Mon-el considers them. Actually thinks about them and doesn’t immediately disregard them. Hmm… wow. It’s almost like… Mon-el is sexist. Whoah………

Has Mon-el learned? Maybe he’s starting to. But it’s too late, in my opinion. Kara has given him way too many chances, and Mon-el is taking advantage of that. Maybe he’s growing as a character. But it’s at the expense of Kara. 

I don’t watch this show to see Mon-el grow. I watch this show for Kara Danvers, for Kara Zor-El. And I sure as hell don’t watch this show to see Kara being treated like shit by Mon-el.

tl;dr Mon-el doesn’t respect Kara, and I’m tired of watching the CW portray him as some ideal man when he’s absolutely not anywhere close.