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X vs Magma Dragoon (In-between Test)

In-between test for the Key animation test I did a few months ago.

I cleaned up the pencils in Clipstudio Paint and added some more inbetweens for a smoother animation. I’ve also revised everything for wide screen and X now fires a charged double cyclone instead.

Video  here:

How to Write a Fight Scene

So by all means don’t take this as the end-all, be-all Way To Do It, or think that I’m telling you your way is wrong.  It isn’t! This post is my attempt to quantify the process I’ve developed over the years, because I often see people bemoaning having to write action scenes, and lately my Sith Apprentice: Darth Venge series has gotten a lot of positive feedback on its action sequences.  I’m hoping to be helpful rather than didactic.

With that said, let’s break down the steps I go through, accompanied by a scene from one of the stories in th Venge series where the eponymous protagonist fights four elite mercenaries known as Mandalorians.  (Continued under the cut.)

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X vs Magma Dragoon (Key Animation Test)

The first in a series of Megaman X4 animations that I’m going to make..
This is just a key animation/layout test. It’s still going to need some more in-betweens and should be longer.

It was a bit troublesome getting this below 2 MB. XD

High Quality Video here:

i like to imagine that maglor fought in the battles of the second and third age alongside elrond out of some sense of duty and responsibility to both his oath and elrond himself.

he totally still wears his first age armor though

Fuck Yeah K’Ehleyr

So I just watched The Emissary (TNG 2x20) and am now in love with K’Ehleyr. Here are some reasons why K’Ehleyr is awesome and totally out of my and everybody else’s league:

First of all, she’s an ambassador, so you’d think she’d arrive on the Enterprise with befitting glitz, like in the midst of an interstellar motorcade, on a fancy space yacht or at the very least in a plush runabout, but you’d be FUCKING WRONG because you’re failing to take into account that K’Ehleyr is a FUCKING BADASS whose breakfast cereal is targ fangs and live disruptor rounds swimming in goddamn bloodwine. So what is her preferred method of travel? That’s right. A GODDAMN TORPEDO!

So after literally days crammed into a flying coffin, is K’Ehleyr tired? Disheveled? Cranky? No. Her manners are impeccable and so is her hair.

Small wonder Will is all like:

Which brings us to yet another reason why K’Ehleyr is the shit: her outfits. Let’s start with get-up the first: her torpedo-riding garb. Sensible, practical, quadruple-buckled and with an arrow confidently pointing at the crotch. It shouldn’t work, it can’t possibly work, but K’Ehleyr makes it work.

UH-UH, better leave that phaser holstered, Number One! You’re not even remotely bad enough to hang with K’Ehleyr. Nope, K’Ehleyr is going to pick on someone her own size:

Cue Get-Up the Second. Look at it. LOOK AT IT! Worf is trying very hard not to look at it, but he’s Worf and he’s got a thousand times the mental discipline you have, so LOOK AT IT:

Of course, Worf’s one character trait, his perpetual refusal to allow himself any joy whatsoever takes over and K’Ehleyr is forced to confront an entirely new sensation: the rejection of her advances. WHAT. Ordinary people would sob into a jar of Nutella, but K’Ehleyr is not ordinary people. K’Ehleyr is someone who’ll vent her spurned hots by strapping on a huge fuck-off power glove …

… and proceeding to BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF SKELETOR WHO IS THERE FOR SOME REASON! (Note also get-up the third, a lethal leotard woven from eighteen shades of purple and pure murder.)

Worf, in a development that surprises nobody, gets massively turned on by seeing her pwn the shit out of his Saturday morning cartoon holodeck villains and, sensibly, they proceed to bang. Afterwards, Worf is all like “You must now wed me because tradition!”, to which K’Ehleyr essentially says “LOLOL U WISH FUCKBOY” and leaves.

But really, who can blame Worf, cause LOOK AT BONUS GET-UP THE FOURTH: FULL KLINGON ARMOR! Not only does K’Ehleyr know how to wear it, she knows how to sit in it.

That is legs apart and hand resting on her disruptor, in case some BASTARD needs vaporising.

Oh K’Ehleyr, you are amazing. K’Ehleyr, do you know how amazing you are?

She knows.

(@viesenyatargaryen, your K’Ehleyr gif set inspired this.)