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Mystery Route
  • Yoosung★: Ooh MC started playing again
  • ZEN: Did we get another DLC?
  • Jaehee Kang: I wonder whose route she'll pick this time.
  • 707: Idea~!
  • 707: Whoever she picks has to say 'Surprise, motherf*cker'
  • Yoosung★: Some pies, motherf*cker
  • 707: All rise, motherf*cker
  • Jaehee Kang: Stop trying to bump the game's rating up.
  • Jumin Han: I don't understand the reference.
  • ZEN: =.= How can you not know that vine?
  • Jaehee Kang: Looks like she's chosen someone.
  • Yoosung★: Aww she didn't pick me
  • ZEN: Me neither
  • Jumin Han: Not me.
  • 707: Nope, so it's prolly Jaehee
  • Jaehee Kang: Erm... I didn't get picked.
  • Yoosung★: ??
  • ZEN: But then who
  • V: Surprise, motherf*cker
  • MC: Heart eyes, motherf*cker

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Have you ever wondered why highlighters come in packages of 4 or 5?

That’s because there’s a universal technique of reading comprehension, synthesis, analysis and abstracting.

  1. Use the first color to highlight the titles and the second color for the subtitles so you start giving structure and organization to the text.
  2. Use the third color for the unknown words, then you can write down the meaning.
  3. The fourth color is for the main idea, which can be at the beginning, middle or end of each paragraph.
  4. Finally, use the fifth color to highlight supporting ideas and interesting facts.

If you do this you won’t have to read the whole text while studying and it just makes it easier to understand.

Something I also do while highlighting texts is writing a two to five words summary right to each paragraph, it makes it easier to cram or study quicker.

Hope this helped! xo

i already know that there’s going to be discourse about who the “real” third member of the new trilogy trio is – poe or kelly marie tran’s character – to which i would say… it’s time to kill the trio motif. in fact, we should have killed it in the original trio when lando was introduced. a case could even be made for chewbacca and bb-8. either way there are four young heroes in this trilogy and i love every one of them

“So why did you kiss me?!”

“There…is a reason for that.”

“What’s the reason?”

“I don’t know yet, but when I find it you’ll be the first to know!”

Maya stopped her pacing then to stare at Riley long and hard. “You really are Cory Matthews’ daughter.”

Riley giggled. “Then you must be my Topanga.”

Maya’s eyes widened as she pointed to Riley. “There! Right there. Riles, that was really gay of you to say.”

Riley tilted her head to the side. “Isn’t everything we say and do for each other gay?”

Maya stuttered through her response. “Wha-uh… nn- look. That’s besides the point. We’ve never kissed before. On the lips. With tongue.” Maya felt lightheaded just thinking about it. She severely doubted that Ranger Rick was the one who taught Riley how to use her tongue so..creatively.

Rising from her spot at the bay window, Riley walked over to where Maya had frozen in the middle of her room. “I’m honestly surprised we haven’t done it before. With all the hand holding, declarations of unconditional love, and passionately staring into each other’s eyes, this should have happened sooner. It’s almost like we’re trapped on a Disney show where heteronormativity and happy endings are mandatory.”

Maya nodded, subconsciously moving closer to Riley. “I guess you have a point.” She wrapped her arms around Riley’s neck. “So was that your reason?”

Riley quirked her brow as she began to trace patterns on Maya’s waist. “I need a reason to kiss you?”

“No, not at all,” Maya said as she leaned in to capture Riley’s lips.

      ❝So, what you are telling me is but the truth and Eldarion mistook some Elleth’s from Ellon’s?❞ Elenrossë could not help but to laugh picturing her older brother mistaking a female from a male elf. It was far too amusing. 

      ❝Father, this is the most funny story I have ever heard from you.❞ She laughed, bright blue eyes set on him. ❝Who were them? The Elves?❞

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I’ve had him for 5 days

“The Final Problem” Survival Pack [NEW UPDATE, 28/1]

This is the third update of the original TFP Survival Pack posted on 20/1. It contains all of the information in the original along with the most recent meta.

New highlights include:

  • A section addressing concerns and counterarguments
  • Meta on specific subtheories, such as John going blind on one eye
  • Clues about January 29th

Search Ctrl + F + “[NEW]” to look at only the new information.

(Note: if the section is labelled [NEW], all meta in that section is new.)

Still screaming over that crazy episode? Some hope remains! This masterpost and theory table collect the fandom’s last hopes—and they’re less crazy than you’d think.

The main takeaway is that the episode contradicts the rest of the show and real-world events far too much for it to be just a mistake. In fact, the evidence suggests that there will be a fourth episode.

“What? That’s ridiculous!”

That’s what I thought at first, too. But things in real life don’t add up, and they can’t be explained by bad writing. At this point, a rug pull is simply the most logical explanation. And if we’re wrong, well…it can’t really get any worse, can it?

This pack has 6 parts:

  1. Issues: Everything within the episode that makes TFP not only a dumpster fire, but a (literally) unbelievable dumpster fire.
  2. Clues: Real-life weirdness such as cast quotes that don’t fit, scenes missing from filming, and strange new promos that hint at a fourth episode.
  3. Descriptions of the two main theories
  4. Theory table: Compares which theories explain which issues
  5. Resources: Links to meta that explain specific issues or the episode’s weirdness as a whole
  6. Conclusions: What it all means, and why we should hold out a little longer.



Disclaimer: Everything in this post is speculation. If you don’t want to get your hopes up, by all means skip it. However, I’d suggest at least waiting until January 29th before going full-out against Mofftiss (reasons below).

=============== Issues ================

Everything weird about that episode. With over 70 nontrivial plot holes, it’s hard to view the episode’s quality as an accident.

(The bolded phrases are descriptions, not the actual titles.)

Within the episode:

Unresolved plot holes and narrative problems:

=============== Clues ===============

Real-World Inconsistencies

The Missing Scenes

Scenes that were filmed but that we’ve never seen? Quotes that make no sense with TFP as the finale? Something is up.


It’s in Sherlock’s Mind

Everything in Season 4, since either the end of TAB or Mary shooting Sherlock, is in Sherlock’s mind as he is comatose. This theory requires all three episodes to be at least partly imaginary. A main variation is that John is talking to him as he is comatose, and that what John describes influences what Sherlock imagines.

For meta on variations of this theory, including EMP and John’s alibi, please see the TST Survival Pack.

It’s in John’s Mind

Everything in TFP is in John’s mind after John is shot. Variations include:

  • TST and TLD also took place in John’s mind.
  • Mary shot John, not Eurus.

This one is starting to gain more ground, particularly because it would make the whole season an adaptation of “The Three Garridebs”, leading to canon Johnlock, etc.

==============Theory Table=============

Green = Completely addresses this issue

Yellow = Addresses this issue somewhat plausibly, but not the best solution


[NEW] A Brief Rundown by @myminionsandieatcereal

Sherlock’s POV

John’s POV

Clue/Multiple Versions Theory

Clarifications and Misinformation

[NEW] Addressing Concerns and Counterarguments

[NEW] Subtheories/Independent Theories

[NEW] The Importance of January 29th

On Issues in the Episode


Meta on a single issue that specifically support one theory are labelled [John’s POV] or [Sherlock’s POV], respectively.

On the Whole Episode:

On Breaking the Fourth Wall (and Why):


They broke every rule of writing unless it’s a rug pull. The filming, cast and crew quotes, promotional material, and subtext within the episode make no sense unless a fourth episode reveals that it took place in John’s or Sherlock’s mind. The reputation of the whole show relies on them successfully revealing the real season finale.

So when would they reveal this fourth episode? When would it air?

They’ll air it on 29/1 or announce it on 29/1 and air it soon afterwards, via:

“The Final Problem” is either sheer stupidity or utter genius. Either way, let’s enjoy one last conspiracy.

The game is on.

I will be updating the table and theory list regularly.

  • If you have theories, issues, or meta to add, please comment.
  • If you think a theory does address an issue that the table says it does not address (or vice versa), please comment.
  • If I described your theory inaccurately or you just want to add something, please comment.

If I tagged any of your meta above: I would love to add any other work you’ve done that I haven’t seen.  If you’d like to add something, please comment it and I would love to include it in the next update.


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The writer(s): Let’s have this character grope this other character in the bath! The boys will love it!

Me: Ah yes, this scene further demonstrates that, while this character may seem well-adjusted on the surface, her emotional problems might just be the biggest of the main cast. We know she has strong unfulfilled emotional needs of closeness and belonging - best evidenced by the dream sequence near the end of the fourth main installment - as well as a strong need of physical intimacy, both platonic and sexual. However, unlike some other, more repressed cast members, she recognizes said needs and actively tries to fulfill them (meaning they don’t surface as noticeably in her transformed state). The tragedy here is that she’s unable to differentiate between those different needs and tends to place them all on the same people, leading to excessive behaviors that may someday end disastrously for everyone involved should she forget herself and take them too far. This may stem from the fact that, ironically, despite those needs being more pronounced than in any other character, she’s the only member of the main cast without their own family, meaning she never learned the distinction between familial and romantic feeling, in addition to exacerbating her hidden loneliness. This is made even worse by her extreme competitiveness - the same one which causes her to unnecessarily bicker with her rival from the North - that may or may not stem from those same unfulfilled needs, by way of feelings of excellence acting as a subconscious replacement for being loved. Notably, this behavior becomes more pronounced as time goes on, which likely comes from unnoticed abandonment issues caused by that one character from the second installment being written out of the canon and not at all because the writers conflated her traits with those of her alternate-dimension counterpart. Speaking of which, the way she treats said character - on the surface contradictory with her later behavior - might explain some of those problems, since as a rare, immortal entity, she knows that commitment to a mortal would result in grief later on and the inability to cope with the possibility of loss causes her to believe that she can only turn towards those like her for companionship, which greatly limits the pool of potential bonds. Therefore, it might as well be that it’s not that she can’t differentiate between her needs, but that she feels that she doesn’t have a choice but to invest them all into the same tiny number of people. It’s amazing how much depth and complexity those writers put in their characters!