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Title: Let it Snow Rating: General audiences Pairings: Everlark ___________



            “Oh, no,” I murmured softly as my engine began to sputter and the car began to shake. “Please, don’t do this. Don’t you know it’s Christmas Eve?” Apparently, my old Chevy didn’t know or care much about Christmas because no sooner were the words out of my mouth than it shuttered to a halt along the snow covered road.


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Hi!! It’s emily! This is my 2013 follow forever and i firstly just want to say thank you to every single person i follow and that follow me. Also, to the people that support me, talk to me, laugh with me and are just the cutest/nicest to me. I could not be more thankful for you guys and everyone on here because i would go crazy if i didn’t have you!!

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Finola ~ Tam ~ Maria ~ Jay ~ Tabi ~ Rikke ~  Simon ~ Cece ~ Dori

Just to say you guys are literally the best people ever and i love talking and interacting and just being with you guys! I am such a lucky person to have such amazing and wonderful friends as you guys! You guys are the reason i’m still here today, still breathing so i really don’t know how much i can thank you for that cause it will still never be enough but thank you and i love you guys :’)

Right, these are people i love love seeing on my dash, following and their beautiful edits/graphics/gifs (which make me cry because i could never be that good!!) 


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I am so so sooo sorry if i forgot anybody or missed anyone out i literally have the worst memory in the world but i still love every single person i follow!! Thank you! Bye,

Emily xo 

Hi, so idk if you noticed but I love doing Follow Forevers. I just enjoy doing them. And I want to apologize for changing fandoms and my url, etc… So once again, thank you for making my dash so perfect guys, I really enjoy seeing your posts everyday. I love you all. (The bolded ones are my favorites.)

Special people (We haven’t talked in a very long time but you’re special to me guys);


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