Don’t Go

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Request: 10 + 13 with Four

Dirt and sweat covered my face. My legs were tired from running so much, but I didn’t care. I just knew that I had to get away.

“Just a little farther.” I mumbled to myself.

The sounds of voices behind me faded, the only think that was audible was the grass crunching under my feet. I didn’t notice the log on the ground, so I tripped over it. My face slammed into the dirt.


I had to keep going I couldn’t stop. The pain in my head got worse as I stood up. Don’t think about it.

I was just about to start running again when I heard a voice yell my name, “Y/N! Lookout!”

I turned just in time to see Tobias running towards me. A gunshot went off, and I was on the ground again. Tobias was next to me, clutching his stomach. Red liquid covered his shirt.

“Tobias!” I exclaimed.

I tried to help, but it was hopeless. He wasn’t going to make it.

“No. No! Don’t you die!” I cried.

“It’s okay.” He said.

“But I love you.” But it was too late. The life had already left his eyes.

I sat up straight, breathing heavily. I felt the bed shift, and then arms were wrapped around me.

“Hey. Hey. It was just a nightmare. I’m right here.” Tobias whispered in my ear.

He lied back down, forcing me to go down with him. I snuggled into him, and his arms wrapped tighter around me.

He was safe. He was okay. It was just a nightmare.

Soon I fell back asleep.