16/10/2013: This was the first day I ever got Domino out of his stall. He was bargy, he was pushy, he was mouthy, he had no kind of respect what so ever. People were scared of him, they wouldn’t go anywhere near him, volunteers were rarely allowed to take him out, but I raised my voice and asked to do so.

10/03/2014: This was when I first started training Domino, he was still bargy, he was still mouthy, except now I was mouthing back and although he was still physically strong enough to give me a mild concussion, I came back with the intention of never to be scared of him. He was a brat that needed to learn to respect.

09/06/2014: Once a week, that’s how often I get chance to train Domino. Once a week, once a god damn week, it’s not enough and it never will be. So I stepped up my methods, I started going into the field during the day and sitting. Always sitting. Always ignoring him. Until one day he did this, he came over to me and then stood there for two or three minutes letting me stroke his face.

After that he walked away.

In my eyes, I’d won.

15/10/2014: This was taken 219 days after I’d started training him. Now once a week remember, that’s 31 days. That’s an October month of training a bargy, mouthy, disrespectful pony to not only abide by your personal space, but to not run through you and take you for a ride. To not bite while you’re leading and to stop on verbal command.

I’ve done it.

I’ve done everything I’ve set out to do.

I’ll be damned if I stop now though. I started with that pony, and I’m going to continue working with him, next is back up and turning on command. Damn that pony he won’t slip on me now.