fouracesdave-deactivated2014021  asked:

HI (I nearly typed ho omfg)

(you think i’m a ho don’t lie i know you were my hate anon i know your secret)

  1. First impression: I really want to touch your hair it looks like a soft dark cloud
  2. Truth is: I was super happy when I realised how weird perthstucks are and that we touch people’s hair and it does feel like a soft cloud a+
  3. How old do you look: 17
  4. Have you ever made me laugh: yes so much
  5. Have you ever made me mad: no you are way too cute for that
  6. Best feature: your haaair 
  7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nope
  8. You’re my: adorable friend
  9. Name in my phone: Sharni (perthstuck). I’m sorry I haven’t upgraded you from perthstuck acquaintance to true friend I will now
  10. Should you post this too: yeees