Tesco will start to sell what it claims is the world’s largest avocado, nicknamed the Avozilla. Weighing an impressive 1.3kg, the South-African-grown fruit, a vivid green colour, is five times bigger than an average avocado. Tesco described the fruit as extremely rare and said it came from just four trees grown by one of the world’s biggest suppliers of avocados. They will be priced at £3 each. (Source)

Nomadic Crown depicting trees of Life, 2nd quarter of 1st century AD, Gold, imitation turquoise.

This crown was found in the tomb of a high-ranking nomadic woman. The ingenious design allowed the crown to be dismantled and easily transported. Golden birds appear in the upper branches of four of the five trees, which represent the Tree of Life, a common theme in nomad beliefs. This type of collapsible crown, with tree and bird motifs, has many parallels among nomadic peoples who occupied the steppes of northern Central Asia.


Caspian - ASA