No Holds Barred

Twenty-four hours had passed since the conclusion of Void’s hellish tournament. For eighteen of those twenty-four, Rouga had slept. 

It didn’t really surprise him when he was informed of that fact by a nurse. Though his body had by no means been in as sorry a condition as Kyouya’s was by the end of that grueling two-day period, there was no denying that on top of a re-opened stab wound and a rather nasty burn courtesy of Void, Rouga had been put through the emotional wringer. Inflicting on others–on his best friend–a pain that no one should ever have had to experience, especially when those same people had already been through so much both here in Hive and in their lives prior…it was tiring, and the mere thought of those battles made a part of him wish for nothing more than to return to sleep. Even so, he got up.

He had to check on Kyouya, after all–see for himself that he was in safe hands and getting the treatment he so desperately needed. The others as well, if they were here…and to do that, he needed to know their room numbers.

It was with this in mind (and against Cerberus’s wishes) that Rouga left the relative comfort of his hospital bed.

Two corners later and still one or two floors from his intended destination, Rouga stopped.

“… Tasuku.”

There he was…standing right in front of him as if the last time Rouga had seen him hadn’t been sickly pale, unconscious, and slung over Void’s arm. As if the last thing out of his mouth Rouga had heard hadn’t been his agonized screams… Honestly, couldn’t he at least pretend to be unhappy with him…?

That was what he thought, but his feet were already moving before he so much as finished the sentence…and his arms thrown around Tasuku’s small shoulders in spite of it.


Robot Configurations

Locomotion | TARS is basically a robotic Kit Kat bar. His four “fingers” can execute a two-legged gait, a “crutch walk,” a scissor kick, and a full-on four-legged gallop.

Appendages | When the bot articulates, his fingers can subdivide into smaller, identical appendages. In the movie, we see three subdivisions, but the CG team prepped up to five. By that point, the extremities were like toothpicks.

Personality | You could describe TARS as the film’s comic relief. In collaboration with Nolan, actor Bill Irwin decided to play the character ”somewhere between a marine company commander and a gym teacher.”

Special Effects | F/x coordinator Scott Fisher, whose team built the eight robots used for production, estimates that 80 percent of the bot footage in the final cut was shot in-camera, no CG required. “When things fold out in a way that’s impossible,” he says, “your eye catches it and you know it’s fake.” CG was reserved for acts of extraordinary robotics, like when a bot named CASE turns into a massive asterisk and tumbles through water.

Materials | Weighing almost 200 pounds, TARS is an aluminum skeleton skinned in stainless steel. It took six weeks and about $20,000 to build. But a real-life TARS? “It’d definitely cost more,” Fisher says. Accounting, ya know, for the whole AI thing.

Performance | Tars’s dialog wasn’t dubbed after the fact—Irwin recorded it live. But that’s not all: He also operated the hydraulics that controlled the heavy machines. (Irwin is a few inches taller than TARS, which meant erasing his forehead in postproduction.) During filming in Iceland, Irwin had to work in thigh-deep water, and the robots’ metal corroded so badly that two models had to be disassembled and rebuilt.

Face | TARS isn’t supposed to have a face, but he does have screens. The cast couldn’t help themselves. “It was a natural point of focus for them,” visual f/x supervisor Paul Franklin says. “Despite our attempts to erase all traces of humanoid form from it, people look for faces.”

best moments in classical music

(imo obviously)

  • the four bars of intense polyphony in the finale of the jupiter symphony
  • the interrupted cadences and resolutions in the kyrie and lux aeterna of the mozart requiem
  • the plottwistwe’rehypeaf beginning of tchaik 4 movement 4
  • the transition from Nacht to Sonnenaufgang in Eine Alpensinfonie
  • the modulation to D major in Till Eulenspiegel right before it switches to the funeral march
  • the buildup and climax (cadence) of the Vorspiel to Meistersinger
  • the Bm/C# climax in movement 5 of mahler 2 (although there are lots of dissonant climaxes in mahler 2 that are nice af)
  • the one consonant climax in mahler 2 at aufersteh’n
  • the tierce de picardie in the finale of dvorák 9
  • the joining of the two melodies in the 2nd movement of shosty 1
  • the moment in shosty 7 when it finally stops playing the repeated military motif
  • the finale of shosty 7 where it reaches C “major” again
  • most of the cadences in shosty festive overture
  • the joining of the two melodies in the march from holst suite in E-flat
  • the scream chord close to the end of uranus from the planets suite
  • the innocent woodblock in the middle of slava! overture all on its own
  • the modal-bach-chorale finale of maslanka’s give us this day

I can’t say the job made me this way. More like me being this way made me right for the job. I used to think about it more, but you reach a certain age you know who you are. Now I live in a little room, out in the country behind a bar, work four nights a week, and in between I drink. And there ain’t nobody there to stop me. I know who I am. And after all these years, there’s a victory in that.

  1. A man in a white tālēt (Sephard)
  2. Two girls pose in traditional clothes (Daghestan)
  3. Barnaby Yeh of the Sino-Judaic Institute leads morning prayers (Kaifeng, China)
  4. “[Haredim] Jews of the Belz Hasidic Dynasty attend the wedding ceremony of Rabbi Shalom Rokach, the Grandson of the Belz Rabbi, in traditional dress” (Jerusalem)
  5. Four boys at a bar mitzvah (Abujah, Nigeria)
  6. “ As a Jew of color, you’re this mythical creature that supposedly doesn’t exist. He’s been writing a book about his life that’s going to be called Thoughts From a Unicorn.” -Gulienne Rollins-Rison (United States)

If you have any corrections about the images, sources, or the terminology used, please notify me directly as to opposed to reblogging so I’m more likely to see it. 

EDIT: I have been informed that the term “ultra-Orthodox” is a offensive term and that the word “Haredim” is preferred. I copy-and-pasted from the original source, who used the term, and I was unaware of the connotation of the word, being non-Jewish myself. I have changed the world here and I apologize to those who were hurt by my usage of the word.