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Empty Tiki Room by Dominick Tabon


This is Karsu!Sho. Or you can just call him Sho.

He likes to sit on people’s heads (especially if their hair is fluffy and/or if they have wild hair) and food! He will peck at anyone who hurts his friends! Put a small scarf and/or any small hat and he’ll wear it! He can be stubborn if he wants to, but really, he’s just really tiny (he can fit in your palm) and cute and needs to be protected.

this little fella is going to be representing me! …well, not really representing me. Karasu!Sho is the character that I always use a lot for personal use since I don’t draw myself?? I find I very hard to draw me for some reason, so…

Karasu!Sho for @reimeijennoir ‘s  #servampfandomavatars! I hope this little guy is acceptable:,D….
Impact Zone - Chapter 2 - AniPendragon - RWBY [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 2 of Impact Zone! In this one: we meet our VIPs and some other characters, and James isn’t paid enough for this shit.

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Get ready to visit the Mushroom Kingdom and more IRL! Nintendo is coming to Universal Parks & Resorts in Osaka, Orlando and Hollywood!


“Meg, can you describe your thought process as you tackle a new drawing?”

*pushes up glasses*

Why, yes. It’s the simple formula of, “How can I make two characters groping each other in the fluffiest way possible? I call it The Shmoopy Octopus.”