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How To Decide On a NCT Bias
  • Brain: Jaehyun looks hot in the Fire Truck dance practice tho.
  • Me: Ten is my bias.
  • Brain: That black hair makes him look flawless, plus that side shave is fuckboy needs right there.
  • Brain: OOH remember curly hair Jaehyun with brown hair he looked as delicious as chocolate.
  • Me: TeN Is mY BiAS!
  • Brain: Those dimples are deeper that the ocean.
  • Me: TEN IS
  • Brain: His nickname is Jeffrey and he lived in America for four years.
  • Me: MY BI-He looks so excited and cute when they call him Jeffrey tho
  • Brain: ikr
  • Me: Sighs
  • Brain: about Yuta Nak-
  • Me: nO
Not A Girlfriend

Summary: Ian stops by Mickey’s work, and everyone finds out that he’s gay.

Word Count: 1036

Notes: Thanks so much for almost 400 followers :) I’m so sorry I meant to post this so long ago and I forgot it was in my drafts

Mickey’s been working at a mechanic shop for the past two months, and he liked the environment, he just prefered to keep to himself. No one really knew anything about him. His coworkers were very friendly and often made small talk with him, but that was the extent of it.

When people did start asking about his personal life, he got anxious and paranoid as usual. “So how come your girlfriend don’t ever come around?” Rich raised his eyebrows at Mickey.

Mickey snorts uncomfortably. “Because I don’t fuckin’ got a girlfriend,” he snapped.

All of the other workers shared the same confused expression. “Then how come you walk in with hickies every week?” Rich asked blatantly.

“And you– who never smiles– walk in with a big grin on your face every morning. That has to be from someone,” his manager, Lydia, presses. Why the fuck are they so nosey?

“Didn’t say I don’t got someone. I do have someone,” Mickey informed them and their eyebrows seemed to raise even higher. They aren’t the brightest bunch so none of them would assume he’s gay.

Rich opens his mouth again. “Well can we meet the girl some day?” He seems over interested which lays weird with Mickey.

Mickey rolls his eyes at their stupidity and gets back to work. He has plan of having Ian drop his lunch off at work one day during the week so people know– because who wouldn’t want to show off the beautiful Ian Gallagher. Anyone who has a problem with it will have to face the two of them.

* * *

Two days later, Mickey walks into work with a genuine smile on his face. Ian gave him the best hummer before he left for work. “That a smile on your face, Milkovich?” Lydia asked with wonderment.

Mickey chucked the middle finger at his manager, but maintained the grin. “Fuck off,” he said with no threat or meanness in his voice.

“Must be that girl you guys were talkin’ about the other day,” Isaac chimed in. He was a nosey little fucker just like the other two.

Lydia shook her head. “He says he don’t got a girl,” she says to Isaac who a baffled tone. “Clearly he does though– I mean c’mon, Mickey, you’re not fooling us.”

“I don’t,” Mickey chuckles and starts working.

The next couple hours go by extremely quickly. When Mickey checks the time he knows that Ian’s going to be here any minute, so as everyone started to eat, he busied himself.

Suddenly the door opened and in came a tall redhead with shining green eyes. “Damn,” Lydia breathlessly whispered which propelled Mickey to make it known that Ian was his.

“Hey, Mick,” Ian started. “I got your–” He gets cut off by a long and welcoming kiss. When they separate there’s a big smile on both of their faces. After all their time together they never really got used to public signs of affection.

Mickey grabs the lunch bag from Ian’s hand. “Thanks for the lunch.” Ian nods.

When the two boys turn their gaze to the other three workers, they have extremely wide eyes.The workers seem to be at loss for words until Rich opens his mouth. “You have a boyfriend?” He asked in shock.

Mickey nods. “I got a fuckin’ boyfriend, and if any of you assholes got an issue with it, say it to my face.” His voice is threatening, and Ian can’t help but smirk from behind him.

“No! We don’t have a problem with it! Just shocked is all,” Lydia comes to her own and her workers defense. “What’s your name, hot thing?” Lydia smiles at the redhead.

He chuckles. “I’m Ian,” he waves at everyone.

Lydia nods and introduces herself and the other workers. “So how long have you been together?”

“Twelve years,” Mickey told them. He was oddly okay with telling them about this private part of his life.

Everyone shocked expressions turn to amusement and even more confusion. “How’s the even possible? You’re still young,” Isaac says in disbelief.

Ian chuckles. “I was fifteen when we got together.” His voice is proud.

“Oh, shit! So you two are like in it for good now,” Rich says. Mickey and Ian both nod, sharing a pleased look. “Who the hell would of thought the scariest and rudest guy in this shop has a soft spot?”

Once again, Mickey chucks the finger at his coworker. He can’t deny the statement though. Ian fondly smiles at the interaction between Mickey and the other workers. “No one ever gets to see that side of him but me,” Ian informed them.

“Wait, wait. I got a real question,” Isaac started with a grin that Mickey immediately rolled his eyes at. The couple knew what question was coming for them. “Who tops?”

Lydia and Rich burst out in laughter at their friends question. “It’s gotta be Mickey!” Rich says.

“Fuck no! It’s definitely Ian. Mickey’s probably a bossy bottom though,” Lydia says in a convincing tone.

The three other workers then stay in an argument about who tops and who bottoms, which Mickey normally gets angry at but he knows it’s all jokes. He turns his head to Ian who is looking at him in an unexplainable way. “The fuck you lookin’ at?”

“Just proud of you. I know you still worry about coming out and all,” he responds. “And it’s nice seeing you interact with people other than our family,” Ian says jokingly, but Mickey knows he means it.

“It’s nice being safe for once,” Mickey says with a dry chuckle before Ian kissed his forehead. He didn’t realize the other three workers ended their pointless argument to watch and listen to them until they heard the sound of Lydia’s joyful shriek.

“Awe,” Lydia dragged out. “My husband doesn’t kiss my forehead like that anymore and we’ve only been together for four years,” she wiped away fake tears to emphasize how cute she thought it was. “So fucking adorable!”

Ian laughed happily and Mickey blushed. Thankful was short of the correct feeling for Mickey right now. Though he wouldn’t outright show it, he was ecstatic that his coworkers accepting him as the person he was.

Scorpio & Pisces
  • Pisces, looks up from writing in her journal: Hey babe, do you think that the world is gonna get better?
  • Scorpio, looks at her while scrolling down her phone: We don't know the future, and can only look at the past. So what do you think?
  • Pisces, thinks for a moment:
  • Pisces: We are high key repeating the past. But I know it will be better, since I have you by my side.
  • Scorpio:
  • Scorpio, laughing: That was cute.

I am an SPN fan. I like the show. I’ve loved Jared, Jensen and Misha for over four years now. I think Genevieve is very cute and has nice sense of humour, although her current blog mode is too clean and neutral for my taste. I think Danneel is pretty and reserved, learned to control her emotions online, but is most likely fun. I’ve read Vicki’s book and find her interesting and witty. I don’t care if the wives are beards or not. I tend to think they aren’t, but everything is possible on this planet. I am okay with any pairings and don’t think any ships are wrong or deserve hate, if there isn’t anybody too underage involved. Personally I like J2 fanfiction, or any poly fanfiction. I love watching panels with any combination of actors. There are some great J2 panels, awesome Cockles panels and hilarious Mishalecki panels. I am interested in what all three of them have to say. I like their different senses of humor, too.
Guess this all makes me a weirdo, in this fandom, huh. I have to have a label and contain a lot of hate.

Deuteranopia || Joe Sugg Imagine

“You look cute today,” Joe whispers wrapping his arms around my waist as I cook us some pancakes for breakfast.

“No, I don’t. I have no makeup on and I have pigtail braids in my hair. I literally look like a three-year-old,”

“Nah. You look like the girl that I feel in love with when I was twenty-one,” He grins kissing my neck making giggle.

“I love you,” I sigh leaning my body into his closing my eyes.

“I can bet that I love you more,” He mumbles against my skin making me sigh in contempt.

“Probably,” I tease making him laugh.

“Mhm,” He says spinning me around when I let go of the frying pan.

“What?” I ask smiling softly.

“You’re so gorgeous,”

“Shut up,” I feel my face redden at his cute remark.

“I’m glad that after four years I still have the same effect on you,” He says kissing my cheek softly.

“You always will,” I say, pulling myself out of his grasp to finish making breakfast.

After breakfast were sat together on the sofa, laptops on our laps.

“I need to tell you something,” Joe says startling me from the silence from the comfortable silence we were once in. I close my laptop screen, sensing that this conversation was important, I turn my attention to him. I place my hand on his thigh.

“Whats up?” I ask.

“There’s something,” He trails off searching for the right word, “Wrong with me.”

“What do you mean, Gorgeous?” I ask shuffling over so that were sitting closer together, I trail my hand up to his hair my fingers playing with his locks absentmindedly.

“I’m color blind,” He says softly, I watch as a single tear falls from his beautiful blue eyes.

“Okay?” I say moving closer to him again, “So?”

“Do you hate me? Because I’m weird?”

“No, I love you. All of you.” I say assuring him.

“I love you so much.”

“Can you tell me about it?”

“The easiest way explain it is that I see one color for Red, Orange, Yellow and green all look the same to me. They’re just names that everyone else seems to agree on. My condition is called Deuteranopia.”

“Cool,” I say simply.

“Cool? You don’t think it’s weird?” He asks, his voice slightly hoarse.

“Joe, I love you. I don’t care if you’re color blind. You’re you and that’s what matters right?” I say staring into his eyes. His hand makes its way up to my face, his large palm caressing my small face.

“God, I love you so much,” He says before closing his eyes and pressing his lips to mine softly.

A conversation between me and one of the kids I babysit
  • Francis(4yo): We all need to stand in order.
  • Me: What order?
  • Francis: Tallest to smallest.
  • Me: Okay, so what order is that?
  • Francis: Daddy, you, Elouise, me.
  • Me: ...You know the order, so why do we have to stand in line?
  • Francis: We don't, I just enjoy the process.
Snow Day (A Billie and Chris Drabble)

A/N: (Approx. 323 words) A special thanks to @theycallmebecca  for motivating me to write this cute little drabble since I’m trapped in the house and we got over 2 feet of snow here in Upstate New York, and I figured it would be nice to write some fluff since Billie and Chris are still at odds in my other story.  This story is set a few years into the future, and Leila is now four years old!
And I borrowed cute picture is from **mundo-dos-bebes.

Snow Day

Billie woke up to the sounds of pots and pans clattering, which meant that Chris and Leila were in the kitchen. She figured that they both woke up early to watch the snow falling down, but she wasn’t in any rush to get out of her warm bed. She had been feeling queasy for the past few days, and the blizzard outside was the perfect excuse to be lazy.

However when she heard her husband yell “FAHKING SHIT”, she quickly jumped out of bed and rushed downstairs. And to her horror, she saw that he had sprayed cake batter all over the floor and cabinets.

“You turned the mixer on high again, didn’t you?”

Chris insisted that he had everything under control and that he was making blueberry muffins for breakfast.

“I told Daddy to wait for you to wake up, but he wouldn’t listen.” Leila said while sitting on the counters.

Billie told her to stay put and she grabbed the mop out of the mudroom. She was too tired to be angry about the mess and she knew that Chris wasn’t that great at baking. In fact, he was downright awful. But she loved that he was always trying to prove her wrong. And she thought it was sweet that he was trying to help out since she was under the weather.

“I’m sorry Bumble Bee.” 

“Accidents happen…” Billie said as she rolled her eyes, “ But how about you take cuddle bug outside and I’ll finish up?”

“Yay! That means the muffins won’t be burnt.” Leila said.

Chris called her a traitor and he playfully picked her up off the counter. And as the two left the kitchen, they began to sing “Do you want to build a snowman?” from Frozen. Billie giggled and she quickly cleaned up the kitchen. Then she made herself a cup of coffee and watched Leila take down her dad in an epic snowball fight.

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invderjade  asked:

can you write au were as a new baby tom was thrown out of hell by his father and stent to earth and found by the the diaz's and raised with marco in a loving home.

Awwww! Of course I can! I hope you don’t mind, but I made Tom four in this. I didn’t know how to write it as him as a baby, because I felt like how would a baby find his way to earth? I’m a bad writer lol, I can’t do much haha. I hope it’s still okay though! Enjoy!

“Angie, come look at these.” Raphael smiled and showed his wife the other stand with handmade knick-knacks. Angie smiled and the two looked at the table. “They don’t have so many shops in Echo Creek.” Raphael tolds her. Angie laughed.

“Well New York is a big city, I still can’t believe you’ve lived in America for this long and haven’t traveled to these places.” She mused. Her husband laughed.

“Angie, not everyone travels the whole nation.” He told her.

“I know that, I just find it odd. When I first moved here you seemed like you knew everything. So I guess I still find it odd when I remember you’re just as clueless as we all are.” She teased, hitting him with a hat that said ‘The Big Apple’. She smiled and peeked over, as she was doing every few seconds, to check on her son who was only a few feet away. “Marco is very interested in those snow globes.” She smiled. Raphael did as well.

“It’s his first time so far from home, should we get him one?” He asked, gushing at his cute four-year-old son. Angie rolled her eyes.

“He has enough tourist junk, we’ll get him a real keepsake by the end of the week.” She assured, laughing at his excitement. The coupled kept looking at the tourist type objects set on the table and Angie looked up, she gasped when Marco was gone. “Raphael! Where did Marco go?!” She cried. He husband jumped.

“He was two feet away a minute ago!” He cried. The couple looked around and called Marco’s name frantically. They both sighed in relief when the little boy poked his head out of the alleyway that was so close all this time.

“Mommy, daddy!” He called, with a big smile. The couple went over and Angie picked up her son.

“Marco, I told you not to wander like that.” Angie scolded. Marco frowned.

“I’m sorry mommy.” He said.

“What were you looking for?” She asked. Marco didn’t answer, she then saw that Marco had something in his hands. It was a raggedy and soiled stuffed rabbit. It looked like it may have been pink at one time, but it was filthy. “Marco! Put that down.” Angie cried, tossing the gross stuffed animal aside. She assumed her son found it discarded in the alleyway. “I told you not to pick up trash.” She reminded.

“It’s not trash mommy, he gave it to me to hold.” Marco explained. Raphael took his son from Angie.

“Who gave it to you Marco?” He asked, placing the boy on his shoulders. Hi tone was a teasing one, like he assumed his son had made an imaginary friend.

“The three-eyed purple boy!” Marco giggled. Angie smiled.

“Did you make friends with the three-eyed purple boy?” She asked, teasiung her son and patting his head. Marco nodded brilliantly.

“Yeah! He’s my new best friend!” Marco giggled. “Can he come over for dinner tonight?” Marco asked. Angie and Raphael laughed, and he placed the toddler down.

“Of course, son. Go invite you friend.” He gave permission. Marco beamed and ran into the alleyway. The married couple laughed at the little boy and watched him talk to a trash can. Marco smiled at them and left the alleyway.

The couple looked up at their son and gasped in shock. Exiting the alleyway, Marco was followed by a three-eyed purple child. He was real. Standing there, a real living thing. Holding the tarnished pink rabbit. Angie stood there with her mouth hanging wide open while Raphael tried to stutter out a coherent sentence.

“His name is Tom!” Marco exclaimed. Tom waved and whispered something to Marco. “He doesn’t like talking.” Marco explained. “He says he doesn’t like adults.” Marco finished. He looked over at the raggedy boy and smiled. “Don’t worry, my mom and dad are nice.” He assured. He took the creature’s hand and brought him forward.

The married couple still were both at a loss for words. They couldn’t comprehend the demonic looking child in front of them. And how could they? They stood there for a long time until Tom began to feel nervous under their gaze and his eyes watered up. Angie gasped and ducked next to the little boy.

“Dear are you okay?” She asked. Tom mumbled something and nodded. “I didn’t mean to scare you.” She assured. He seemed very scared, and very lost. Angie looked up at her husband. “Raphael, we’re bringing this child home.” She told him.

“Are you crazy?” He asked. “I don’t even know if he’s a child. He’s most certainly not human! What sparked this?” He asked.

“He’s a little boy and he’s scared.” Angie said, pushing her disbelief and shock aside. “He’s clearly homeless and clearly going to die if he stays out here alone in the rain and snow.” She declared. “And as a mother, I’m not going to let that happen to a child.” She continued. Raphael thought for a moment and then knelt down next to the child.

“Do you have a mom and dad?” He asked. Tom played with the ears on the stuffed rabbit.

“He lives here.” Marco explained. “He said so.”

Raphael sighed and looked at his wife, nodding. “We aren’t leaving him here, bring him along.” He told his wife. “I have Marco.” He picked his son up and Angie smiled. She took her coat off and put it over the little demon child like a cloak, so humans wouldn’t see him and freak out. She scooped the boy up and the Diaz’s made their way to the hotel they were vacationing in.

18 Writing Prompts
  1. “How long have you been standing there?”
  2. “Looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while.”
  3. “Well that’s the second biggest news I’ve heard all day.”
  4. “I thought it was a one-night-stand…and now we’re married…”
  5. “I’m your husband. It’s my job.”  
  6. “You just wanted them because they light up.”
  7. “That wasn’t very subtle.”
  8. “It’s just you and me tonight. I was thinking we could have a little fun.”
  9. “You’re not as quiet as you think you are.”
  10. “She/He/They is/are four years old!!”
  11. “After everything…I’d still choose you.”
  12. “Trust me.”
  13. “You’re cute when you’re all worried.”
  14. “Marry me.”
  15. “The problem is if I kiss you, I don’t think I’d be able to stop.”
  16. “What about a compromise? I’ll kill them first, and if it turns out they were friendly, I’ll apologize.” 
  17. “I can be flexible. As long as everything is exactly the way I want it, I’m totally flexible.”
  18. “Dance with me.”

leshrug  asked:

Oh wow requests are still open, i thought the "open" status was just there but forgotten. T-T So glad. May i request a scenario or reactions where the kaijo dorks, fall for a seemingly baby faced girl mistaking her to be in their class but they find out she's actually their professor? (she just looks very young) This can be for highschool or college whichever you think fits best. -Thank you!

haha honestly, I was gonna close it sooner but with me being busy, and everyone else being busy, I figured it’d be easier to keep it open longer! Also, I’ll do reactions because this is just too cute! Note; reader is only three or four years older.. So it’s not a huge age difference and she’s a student-teacher!

Hayakawa: He was completely stunned and beat red upon learning you were the new teacher.. But.. You’d looked so young! As if you were a university student yourself! And he felt like such a fool for trying to get closer with you. But after the end of the first day, with the way you approached him with a smile, Hayakawa felt he wasn’t such an idiot after all.. Maybe.. JUST maybe.. it might work in his favour.

Kasamatsu: Wait.. W..What?! Y..You weren’t a student?! A..After having the courage to even go up and talk with you, Kasamatsu couldn’t calm his racing heart beat.. To think you were actually his professor… How in the hell could he look you in the eye now?! But he quickly learned after five minutes of class starting, paying attention to you was the easiest thing in the world, so easy he found himself imagining you as his teacher in other classes, much to his embarrassment and his class’ amusement.

Kise: When you were in a rush to get to class, Kise thought you were just a normal student who liked being early. He really didn’t expect you to walk in the next period, all smiles and well mannered and introducing yourself at the front of the class.. He was so shocked, he nearly stood up and made a fool of himself in front of the class. Despite this, he continued to watch you the entire class period, resulting him in getting detention for not paying attention to the lesson.

Kobori: He’d feel really embarrassed for ever assuming you were the same age. He’s never been one to judge people based on looks, but you’d been so mature, he didn’t seem to make the connection or think you were that much older than him. He can’t deny the attraction he feels for you, though he tries to be more discreet, as he’s already embarrassed about crushing on the teacher.

Moriyama: His jaw would drop, and he’d be completely mortified for hitting on you before even finding out more. Usually it wouldn’t bother him to be turned down, but since you’re his teacher, he’s going to see you EVERYDAY and be reminded of how much of a fool he was towards you. But he’ll shape up his attitude, and be a huge suck for a while until things die down.

Nakamura: He can’t meet your eyes when he learns the truth. To think he treated you like a regular student, only to learn you were his teacher? He now has to live with the pure embarrassment that is mistaking you for a girl his age. Although he finds that with your way of teaching, the lessons aren’t as bad, and it seems to make more sense.. Or maybe he’s trying to distract himself from things other than you.

You were sat at the back of the convention hall, your daughter on your knee, while Misha was doing his solo panel. You were going to be waiting in your room for him, but Annie insisted on watching her daddy on stage. You just prayed that he didn’t say anything that would scar her.

“Thanks for answering,” the fan at the mic said. “I love you.”

“I love you more,” your husband said into his mic, and your daughter took a deep breath.

“I love you most!” she called out, causing everyone around you to ‘awww’.

It’s something the three of you often said to one another, so her calling it to her father shouldn’t have surprised you as much as it did.

Misha’s eyes scanned the crowd as everyone continued to fawn over your four-year-old.

“Who is more cute than me?” he accused, causing you to laugh, getting to your feet with Annie on your hip.

“Your daughter,” you called back, making your way to the stage as his face lit up.

“I thought you were in the room?”

He grabbed Annie and she clung to him like a monkey, hanging from his side as he readjusted how to hold his mic.

“She wanted to see her daddy,” you shrugged, “And so did I.”

“Well get up on stage then,” he grinned, and you did as you were told, sitting in Misha’s chair. “Okay, now who has a question for my wife?”

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Stolen Moments

Hogwarts AU! Tell me what you think. HP pick-up lines from here

On AO3

Bellamy is made Head Boy and he noticed for the first time Clarke Griffin at the prefects’ meeting in the Hogwarts Express.
Yes, he is an idiot who spent four years not noticing the cute blonde talking with Wells.

Bellamy feels like being punched in the face. Nostalgia is overwhelming him. He’s on the Platform once again and for his last time as a student. He’s about to ride the train to Hogwarts for the last time.

Here he stands, oblivious to the buzzing of students and parents around him, the new badge on his already-put uniform. He still doesn’t really believe he got it. He didn’t believe it when Miller assured him he will get it at the end of last term. He didn’t believe it when his letter came and his old owl dropped it on the floor and he heard the loud ‘cling’. He didn’t believe it when Octavia literally hit him on the head when he told her it must be a mistake. You’re the best suited. Everyone knows it. It’s time you begin to believe it. She had pecked him on the cheek and said ‘I’m proud of you, big brother’. Bellamy had spent a good twenty minutes just staring at it after that. And over the summer, his astonishment didn’t diminish. Miller just wrote him a ‘I told you so’ when Bellamy had sent him a letter to break the news.

And now, here he is. In front of the train like he stood every year since he turned eleven. With the same feeling he’s sure students before him felt, the need of making this year matter.

He lets out a long sigh and smiles.

‘I knew you got it too’ and he can hear the smirk in her voice.

‘I should have thought you were going to be Head Girl’ he responds without turning. She makes her way to stand next to him and elbows him gently.

‘Congrats, Head Boy.’

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