four wheeler mudding

Aesthetics for the Signs

Aries: Beanies, side-swept bangs, black hair, cigarettes, skulls, purple, hipster glasses, being tickled, inside jokes, fried chicken, an addictive laugh

Taurus: Opinions, politics, religion, spirituality, business attire, working from home, golf, beady eyes, empowering voice

Gemini: Rednecks, camo, fishing, bragging, fun stories, forced laugh, sweet tea, four wheelers, trucks, mudding, falling off motor scooters

Cancer: Roller coasters, red wine, maui maui, lake house vacations, family oriented, family game nights, loving stares, strong stature

Leo: Boisterous, medical field, intelligence, giving advice, Grey’s Anatomy, binge watching, heels, gold jewelry, small yet fierce

Virgo: Red hair, flannel jackets, tumblr, broken necklaces, independence, tempers, bus rides, stubble, a dazzling smile

Libra: Long brown hair, caring eyes, tan skin, skateboarding, relationships, being reckless 

Scorpio: Glares, building walls, shutting down, dark clothing with occasional burst of colors, makeup, piercing eyes, soul reading, energies, the arts

Sagittarius: Flower crowns, floral dresses, band, kindness, sassy remarks, teaching, daring looks, tight hugs, baking, traveling 

Capricorn: Musical talents, college, black grand pianos, ties, putting a guard up, careful, sarcastic attitudes, weird faces, messenger bags

Aquarius: Tight black dresses, modeling, white smiles, beauty marks, bikinis, popularity, vegan apple juice, Chinese food

Pisces: Crystals, pugs, tiny voices, addictive personalities, perfect teeth, dreamy daze, being distant, pushing away, playful smiles, corny puns