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VFD in every book | The Grim Grotto

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What do you make of SIr's pajamas being monogrammed L.S., "presumably for 'Lucky Smells,'" according to Snicket's narration in TPP? Could his initials be LS? Or are they Lemony's pajamas for some reason??

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A ripple of astonishment went through the pajamaed crowd, and the children wished they had thought to put their sunglasses back on. “The Baudelaire orphans?” cried Sir, whose pajamas had the initials L. S. stenciled over the pocket, presumably for “Lucky Smells.” “I remember them! They caused accidents in my lumbermill!”
[The Penultimate Peril, Chapter Ten]

The idea that Sir stole Lemony’s pyjamas amuses me. I mean, it IS canonical that Lemony had asked Kit to book him a room at Hotel Denouement that night… So it’s actually possible that Lemony’s luggage was mistakenly delivered to Sir’s room because they share the same initials?

I am on my way now to the Valley of Four Drafts, in order to continue my research on the Baudelaire case. I hope also to retrieve the aforementioned evidence at last. It is too late to restore my happiness, of course, but at least I can clear my name. From the site of V.F.D. headquarters, I will head straight for the Hotel Denouement. I should arrive by/ well, it wouldn’t be wise to type the date, but it should be easy for you to remember Beatrice’s birthday. Meet me at the hotel. Try to get us a room without ugly curtains.
[The Slippery Slope, Chapter Five]

The case of the elusive pyjamas. Forget the sugar bowl, this is what the fandom should just focus on right now.

On a more serious level, I think the occurence of the L.S. initials is a clever joke on the author’s part. The Baudelaire orphans just met a mysterious taxi driver but didn’t realize he was actually Lemony Snicket (Link). So one chapter after that they come across the initials “L.S.” and fail to see what else they could stand for.

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The bachelors/bachelorettes drunk? Maybe quotes from them or if they have a crush on the farmer.

Alex - “I’m the strongest man in the wourld!! Lemme pick you eup!”

Elliott - “Your eyeeeas are like the berihgts star in the ignight ski.”

Harvey - “I thinkyou’re really reallyb cute.”

Sam - "Did you knwo i can twrek like th ebest of hte m?”

Sebastian - "So, liek, how do yo unot die of ehat in the famr?”

Shane - “I think i’m gonan burp s.”

Abigail - “Wanana play vidoe gamesa ? I”ll kinkc oyour asssssss.”

Haley - “WE hsoudl bpic ut oyo in pigtails!! You’d be so cute!!”

Leah - “I feel bad for weidner dogs. Theyr’e legsta re so short!”

Maru - “Iw anna bruld a ray gun.”

Penny - “Let’s bo back to my place and wiggle ina bed. And by that i Mean sex.”

Emily - “What i f mean ahd four nipples?”

A Series of Unfortunate Read-Throughs - The Carnivorous Carnival

VFD References

  • VFD insignia in first picture
  • 121 - children figure out the insignia for VFD
  • 155 - last surviving VFD HQ in Mortmain Mountains
  • 156 - VFD Disguise Training - veiled facial disguises, various finery disguises, voice fakery disguises
  • 156 - Olivia is a member of VFD
  • 202 - vineyard’s famous donkeys (also mentions vineyard of famous (g/d)rapes
  • 261 - Valley of Four Drafts

Other Important Book Notes

  • 15 - description of the hinterlands sunset + carnival
  • 90 - first time Sunny shows interest in cooking
  • 101 - déjà vu
  • 114 - mention of the sugar bowl
  • 136 - mention of Duchess + the pony party
  • 141 - picture signed R (Duchess) or K (Kit?)
  • 251 - bald man + Olivia killed by lions

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Sherlock Holmes Books + BBC Sherlock

Is Quigley Quagmire a liar?

Every self-respecting Snicket fan has entertained the theory of a deceiving, villainous Quigley Quagmire at least once. In honor of this cherished tradition, the Snicket Sleuth is now proud to present a variation on this idea.

The character is suspicious and mysterious; however, it’s not that easy an accusation to prove. Quigley has numerous occasions to betray the Baudelaire orphans throughout the story and doesn’t seize them. And, although the stories he tells them about his life after the Quagmire fire are full of holes, his allegations are largely confirmed by other characters (Kit Snicket, Captain Widdershins, etc).

More reasonably, we can therefore assume that Quigley is not a liar per se. He could, however, be guilty of retaining important information from people who need it the most. He may have a variety of motives, but he seems to do it mostly out of shame. Quigley’s past actions may indeed have (unwillingly) caused Jacques Snicket’s death. Let’s start our trial after the cut.

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Mists of Pandaria: Valley of Four windsThe Jade Forest, Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Dread Wastes, Kun-Lai Summit, Townlong Steppes and Krasarang Wilds


Two Days In Yosemite

I awoke in the pre-dawn hours discombobulated and delirious to a very distinctive gargle and flap of the wings. As I pried my lids open I found myself in a world where the air was so crisp you could see your own breath and so still you could hear the leaves falling to the ground, all covered with a thin blanket of campfire smoke serenity. I love fall in the Valley.