four spiritual laws

choosefaithoverdoubt  asked:

Hey, I was just wondering if you had any advice on how to preach the gospel? I'm such an awkward person and I'm also super shy, but I want to share Jesus with people via more then just the internet! Thank you and God bless xx

Hey dear friend, the truth about evangelism is that it’s downright absolutely hard.  I know the church has often railed us over the head about it, but when it feels awkward: that’s exactly how it’s supposed to feel.

For one, we never think our lives are matching up to what we’re saying.

And for two, the Gospel itself sounds crazy if you simply lay it down like a sales pitch.

Actual evangelism is way harder than just memorizing Romans Road or the Four Spiritual Laws or memorizing the verses on Hell.  Those can be helpful, but in the end we need both presence and theology.  No one’s looking for a perfect Christian, and no one wants to be turned into a project or another recruitment for a church program.

The best thing I can tell you is to let Jesus happen through you instead of unnaturally forcing everything to him.  Of course we want to invite our friends to church events, to know our apologetics, to talk theology when it comes up, to share the Bible when we can.  But so often: the best theology is you.  Your time, your heart, your testimony, your life.  Sometimes that means bringing cookies and popcorn and hamburgers and going through Netflix, and other times that will mean late night conversations until three in the morning about God, faith, and truth.  Be engaged for both.

— J.S.