four sowrds


I think it depends on how serious the wound is and what the situation leading up to it was like.

Minor injuries, sparring accidents, well, that happens.  They bandage each other up afterward, it’s no big deal.

Even with Blue’s temper, I don’t think he would deliberately cause serious harm to one of his teammates.  If he did accidentally… I think he would be very shaken, and very, very sorry, but he would have a hard time expressing it.  ‘Cause he’s Blue, and possibly allergic to emotions or something.

If the accident happened while they were sparring, not actually fighting, I think he’d be able to apologize and move on.  But if he was actually angry at Green when it happened, if he felt like it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t been angry… the guilt might be paralyzing.  He’d probably need someone to snap him out of it.  Fortunately, Red can be very persistent when need be.