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[If the sea is full of the equivalents of land creatures, as believed by so many early modern peoples, why not have land equivalents of sea creatures?]

This rugose creature looks something like a dolphin with a ridged armored shell on its upper surface.

Gorphins, called “land porpoises” by some, are burrowing dolphin-like creatures that swim through earth as if it were water. Rather than fins, a gorphin has four short, clawed legs. The claws are broad and spade-like, being much better suited to digging than to combat. A gorphin’s teeth are more varied than those of true whales due to its omnivorous diet—it has peg like incisors for grabbing moles, birds and other small ground animals, but has crushing molars to handle roots and tubers as well.

Gorphins are of human-like intelligence, and recognize other intelligent races as either potential allies or threats. Miners and those who lay deep foundations are frequently viewed with distrust, and may be harassed by gorphins seeking to maintain their territory. Simple farmers are usually able to interact peacefully, and if communication is established, they can form mutualistic relationships. The gorphins can patrol for and consume burrowing pests, and the farmers pay for them with a portion of their crops. As gorphins can swim through solid rock, they sometimes find precious stones and ores, which they bestow on particularly favored bipeds.

Gorphins are highly social creatures and are most commonly found in sizable pods. Baby gorphins take five years to reach maturity and are doted upon by all members of the pod for that time. Female children tend to remain in their mother’s pod and males tend to disperse to find a new pod, but these are not hard and fast rules. 

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fluffball-samurai122  asked:

I finally read the rules. I had ro do it from my labtop but I did it^^ Anywho, I would like to request headcannons for reader-chan being a college student and Just cute little hc for Dazai, Chuuya, Fukuzawa and Ranpo deciding to surprise her by showing up at her campus for the day. Their relationship can already be set up or not, maybe a mix for each. You can decide. Um, thank you and have a goodnight^^

four characters, a bit short.

Dazai Osamu

  • he tried. he really tried
  • you don’t know if trying for him is the same as trying for you - you’re the one who pulls all-nighters to figure out exactly how to solve that damn physics problem in a million variations, and he’s the one who just rolls over in bed and is struck with the answer in his dreams.
  • but whatever the case is, he shows up in front of your class, a grin on his face and a wink sent your way and suddenly you realize that he’s the one teaching the course today
  • “how did you manage that?” you ask, later
  • “if i tell you, then it’ll lose its spark,” he says. you wonder if he’s had enough sleep the night before, but you don’t pry.
  • after all, you don’t want to find out if your professor ended up in a car accident because of Dazai’s sudden whim to teach. (luckily, that wasn’t the case.)
  • but like
  • the thing is, you understand the biochemistry course. for once in your life
  • “what did i tell you?” he asks smugly, after you tell him this. “you should just drop out of college and let me teach you.”
  • “but my degree - “ you protest
  • “a degree’s just a paper,” is his dismissive reply
  • easy for him to say

Nakahara Chuuya

  • literally it can’t get better than this
  • who wouldn’t want their favorite person in the world showing up after a lecture with the most perfect lunch you have ever seen in hand? aside from the fact that you’re starving, you probably skipped breakfast, and probably the entire population of your college is now smitten with your boyfriend, it’s everything you could have asked for at the moment
  • to be fair, it makes up for his surprise
  • you’re easily startled, which he should know, but you assumed he thought it would alright to just…kind of…pop out right in front of you while you were exiting the lecture hall and 
  • um
  • suffice to say, Chuuya is now buying you the latest Surface Pro to replace the one he broke
  • kind of
  • “this is your early Christmas gift,” he grouses on your way home
  • you hit his shoulder affectionately. “it’s not like you have enough money to buy an entire street block and then some”

Fukuzawa Yukichi

  • it wasn’t planned
  • not really
  • okay, maybe it was planned, maybe Fukuzawa pushed for having his schedule overlap with your class hours so he could not-so-slyly show you the cat he had decided to adopt
  • despite the fact he’s overlooked your slight allergy to cats, it’s a pleasant surprise
  • you’ve decided to name the cat Bean, despite his protests, because okay, if he’s going to interrupt your tutor session with some poor first year by handing you something that will leave you sneezing for an hour straight on a bad day, you have every right to name the cat
  • “can i - can i pet the cat?” your student asks timidly
  • “if you can solve for x, you can,” you say sweetly, the smile on your face somehow threatening enough for Bean the asshole cat (it’s only been ten minutes and you can already tell that he’s one of those) to decide that he likes you very much
  • Fukuzawa is almost reluctant to leave you, but probably because you’re holding the cat

Edogawa Ranpo

  • um 
  • it’s not him coming to surprise you
  • it’s you, barreling down the hallways, textbooks in hand and phone in the other, towards the campus shop and when you arrive you’re casually dropping the weight in your hands on his foot
  • it’s the last time you’re ever letting him near your wallet
  • the idiot was going off to buy sweets at your campus store and everybody knows that place is trash and everything there are rip-offs
  • okay, Ranpo doesn’t know that, so maybe it’s your fault he’s using your credit card -
  • wait, how did he even get past the signature part????
  • whatever the case, he’s reluctantly paying you back with a meal at the ramen house across the street
  • “don’t do that again,” you say, irritated. “i have better things to do than this, like criminology homework.”
  • he only blinks at you innocently and you realize that he had finished that packet yesterday
  • leave it to the “greatest detective” to do criminology because he’s bored and actually feels like working
  • you’d appreciate it if he didn’t do your homework though. at this rate, you’re going to flunk your final.
WLStS Satinalia (4/4): Wassail

Prompted by @thesecondsealwritesand the final of four related Satinalia short works. :) Also available on AO3. Full disclosure: I may have laughed way too much writing this one.

Thea was utterly exhausted, but she was happy.

There was still a seed of guilt in the back of her mind; she hated how much she stressed out this time of year, and she hated how much it worried the people she cared about. Really, she had tried to be mindful of it: she’d tried any number of herbal teas designed to calm the mind, deep breathing exercises, and even meditation, but she’d never been terribly good at sitting still without something to occupy her mind. Meanwhile, the people she loved most had done their best to make things easier for her, and to get her out of her own head for awhile.

It was why, despite her exhaustion, she had agreed to their annual pilgrimage to The Hanged Man for Satinalia songs and boozy eggnog. They had settled in on her favorite worn and comfortable couch in front of the small stage, and at the moment she was nestled up against her husband’s chest as his hand moved in a gentle pattern up and down her arm while Cat and Nathaniel were curled up on the other end. Her cousin had agreed to drive, and Thea was on her second eggnog and just barely starting to feel the warmth of whatever Ravenna Hawke had added to the drink. They were family, so Ven always took a little extra liberty with her creative side when mixing Thea’s drinks, and Thea loved her for it.

“Feeling better, Sweetheart?” Loghain asked quietly, leaning down to press a kiss to her forehead.

“I am, actually,” she admitted. “Despite the unnecessary stress, I had a lovely day with the people I love the most, doing the kind of silly holiday things I only get to do once a year. And if I can survive the party tomorrow night and dinner the next, we have a whole week to ourselves up in the mountains.”

“You do have a fairly good track record of surviving holiday events,” he pointed out, and she could hear the faint smile reflected in his voice, “But if it will give you added incentive, I have spent the last few days thinking about little else other than having you to myself for a week.”

“Is that so?” Thea tilted her head up and brushed a kiss against his lips. “I suppose that might be enough to keep me relatively sane over the next two days.” She settled back against his chest, breathing a sigh of contentment as she sipped her drink and half-listened to Sera and Dagna sing an enthusiastic and utterly incorrect rendition of the Twelve Days of Satinalia. Thea wasn’t certain, but she did not remember anything in the original about the “nine pies for arseholes” or the “seven bees a-stinging.” She also wasn’t entirely sure this version wasn’t better, though, so she simply decided to enjoy Cat’s feigned horror and Nathaniel’s smothered snickers.

For the first time in over a week, Thea actually felt relaxed, and just peaceful. Maybe it was the eggnog, or maybe it was just that she always felt safe wrapped in her husband’s arms, or… well, the eggnog was probably helping quite a bit. She nuzzled closer against Loghain’s shoulder and was idly contemplating whether or not she could sneak back into Varric and Ven’s office and take a brief nap when she was jolted back to consciousness by Dorian falling onto the couch between her and Cat with a huff.

“I am not here with him,” he announced.

“Here with who, exactly?” Loghain asked.

At that moment, the door to The Hanged Man swung open. “HO HO HO! Happy Satinalia, everybody!”

The Iron Bull, who towered over nearly everyone else even under normal circumstances, seemed somehow even larger in what Thea could only describe as being the absolute ugliest holiday sweater she had ever seen in her life. It was bright red and plastered with an appliqué photo of an extremely fluffy, extremely cranky looking white cat wearing a festive holiday hat and a collar of silver tinsel. The words ‘Happy Satinalia’ were written in green and gold glitter over the picture, and blinking colored lights had been sewn into the garment. To top it off, the entire thing seemed to jingle with every boisterous step Bull took.

Dorian had covered his face with his hand and was shaking his head in silent embarrassment. Thea and Cat, however, were almost doubled over in laughter, and Sera and Dagna had halted their song and gave almost matching shrieks of glee as Bull approached and perched on the edge of the stage, grinning broadly at the rest. Thea glanced over at her husband, who seemed to genuinely be beyond words and was just staring, and at Nathaniel, whose jaw had literally dropped.

When she could finally breathe, Thea managed to gasp “Sweet rollerblading Andraste, what are you wearing?”

“You like it?” Bull asked brightly. “I made it myself. Don’t worry, I made one for you too, boss!” He reached into a shopping bag at his feet and passed over matching garments in a slightly smaller size to both Cat and Thea. Cat looked at hers warily, but Thea promptly began pulling off the demure white sweater she’d had on.

“Oh you are not…” Loghain began with a sigh, but Thea cut him off before he could finish.

“Oh I absolutely am,” she corrected. “Are you saying I can’t pull it off?”

“That is not what I said,” he shook his head, his thumbs running over the band of exposed skin between her jeans and her cami as she pulled the sweater over her head. “I am saying that absolutely no one can pull that off and that it is, in fact, probably a crime against the Maker that it even exists.”

“Hey,” Bull protested. “Where’s your holiday spirit, Mac Tir?”

“Must have left it in Gwaren,” Loghain replied drily.

“See?” Dorian sniffed. “Clearly some of us just have better taste than others. I am fairly certain that garment should be grounds for divorce.”

“Oh come on,” Cat spoke up, and Thea saw that she too had donned the festive apparel. “No one is getting a divorce over a holiday sweater. Even ones with as much… character… as these.”

“Why,” Nathaniel pinched the bridge of his nose. “Why do these things even exist?” Cat leaned up and dropped a whisper light kiss on his nose.

“Because it’s the holiday and most of you are less than sober and they’re fun.”

“They’re hideous,” Dorian protested.

“Well I like it,” Thea announced, chin lifted slightly.

Loghain let his head fall back against the couch with a sigh. “Alright, Sweetheart. If it makes you happy…”

Thea slipped onto his lap with a giggle and pressed a kiss to his temple. “If it helps, just think about later tonight when this is the only think I’ll be wearing,” she murmured against his ear.

He was quiet for a moment, then shook his head. “No. No, that just somehow makes it worse.”

She gave him a light swat across the chest. “You are saying you are honestly going to turn down sex because of this sweater?”

“No, I am saying that sweater needs to disappear first.”

“You know you would still do it. Even if I kept it on.”

“Damn it,” Loghain muttered. “Do you know how impossible you are?”

Thea laughed brightly. “I have an idea. Which is why, when we get home, I will neatly fold my new festive garb and tuck it away in a drawer and, just because I love you, I may be wearing the black lace you like so much instead.”

“That is my favorite,” his lips moved against her shoulder.

“And you,” Cat informed Nathaniel, “Are simply lucky I am not as sadistic as Thea is.”

“Thank the Maker,” he smiled at her. “I guess it’s not a horrible sweater…”

“No,” Loghain replied flatly, “It really is.”

Bull just chuckled.

“Wait til you see what I have planned for next year.”

Update on machinima project

Moving forward with the project mentioned in a previous post, I’ve organized a production group under the name Studio Kinematic. We have a Youtube channel here, where we’ll be releasing content starting towards the tail-end of December and into January.

Production is moving along better than I had hoped and I work with some wonderful people on this project. Before Episode 1 of Cherokee is released, we will be releasing four “character shorts” revolving around the main members of the cast. These will be released once a week followed by the first episode a week after the fourth character short. We are currently planning an initial run of five episodes with more pending the critical response to the first five.

I’m so excited to actually get this project moving and I wholly thank those that have helped me so far. I can’t express enough of my gratitude for the chance to both make a vision a reality and to work on this with such great people. We’re still looking for more creative-minded individuals who would like to take part in this, so if you’re interested in:

  • Doing a voice role
  • Helping film in Garry’s Mod
  • Or have experience with writing or editing of any kind

Please do not hesitate to drop me a line either here on Tumblr, through the Studio Kinematic Youtube page or by sending me an e-mail at!

Outside of the homophobic hate against In a Heartbeat, I’ve seen a lot of straight people say “it was cute I guess, but it was boring” or “the story didn’t reach out to me”.

And I can’t help but laugh at how obviously straight these comments are. Of course it was boring to you, you couldn’t feel like you related to any of the characters in the four minutes something the short lasts. Of course the story didn’t reach out to you, it’s impossible to feel your heartstrings been pulled when sherwin is outed because you have never been through that and will never be.

My point is that, after so much time of close to nothing in terms of representation, lgbt people finally have a popular thing for us (how long its popularity will last i don’t know, but at least it did make an impact). We have a story made by us, for us, about us, and, I mean, you can be straight and enjoy it, of course. But you’re gonna have a harder time understanding or relating to it because it doesn’t, for a second, include you. And the way the story resonates with us… You’ll never get that first-hand.

Which, by the by, does it ring any bell? To a certain issue that always happens in reverse? And we are told to just shut up and suck up?
Marvel Is Making An Animated Movie Full Of Diverse Superheroes
Ms. Marvel! Squirrel Girl! Miss America! We're getting them all.
By Susan Cheng, Keely Flaherty

Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors is part of a new, multi-platform animated franchise starring the next generation of Marvel heroes set to launch in 2018. The program will launch with six, four-minute digital shorts (which will follow Spider-Gwen with her new secret moniker, Ghost-Spider). Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors will premiere later in 2018.

We have Kathreen Khavari as Ms. Marvel, Cierra Ramirez as America Chavez, Milana Vayntrub as Squirrel Girl, Chloe Bennet as Quake, Dove Cameron as Spider-Gwe….I mean Ghost-Spider, Tyler Posey as Inferno and Kamil McFadden as Patriot. The heroes will be mentored by Captain Marvel, Tippy Toe and Lockjaw will be animal sidekicks.

While this is awesome news, I need to bring up some cynical things because I’m me.

One: The article calls Kamala Marvel’s first Muslim superhero. She is not - she is first Muslim superhero with her own series. I know, sounds nitpicky but I don’t like when people erase characters like Faiza Hussein, Monet St. Croix or Dust to make Kamala look more important. Guys, she IS already one of the most successful characters of the decade and an amazing character in her own right, you don’t need to bullshit people to hype her more, she is the hype already and you just end up undermining her.

Two: This design for Daisy is bugging me. I mean, first I saw the head and I thought it’s supposed to be Gogo Tomago, then I saw the purple gauntlet and thought it’s Nico Minoru and only when I noticed stuff coming out of the gauntlet something in my head connected that it’s probably Quake.

Three: Whoooo boy, if Eli Bradley fans didn’t hate Rayshaun Lucas already, they sure will if he made it to the movies before Eli. Also, @keeper-of-the-lore , who has found this news, made a good observation that this explains why Shaun is now Sam Wilson’s sidekicks in Falcon, while Jacquin Torress has disappeared - this was probably already in the works.

That being said, holy shit I’m hyped like hell for this!

- Admin

America Chavez to be featured in animated movie

Today Marvel announced a new animated feature film, which will feature some of the biggest up and coming heroes in the Marvel Universe. Characters like Ms. Marvel, Miss America, Squirrel Girl, Quake, Spider-Gwen, Inferno, Patriot, Exile, and Captain Marvel will join forces against the villainous Hala, with some help from Tippy Toe and Lockjaw of course. 

Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors will launch first as a series of six four-minute digital shorts, with the full film coming to the screen in 2018. 

The Marvel powerhouse Miss America will be voiced by Cierra Ramirez. 


Yesterday at Disney’s D23 Expo, the main event was the presentation on Disney & Pixar’s upcoming films, and we got so many details from the event! However, trailers, clips, & featurettes were shown at the presentation that AREN’T available online at the time I posted this. If they get posted online soon, I will update this post (otherwise, I’ll just made a new post). 


A lot of new clips of Coco were shown at the animation panel!🎶 As we know the film will be Pixar’s first musical, and one of the songs from the movie was performed live at the panel; the new song titled “Remember Me” will be written by the Frozen songwriters Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson Lopez. We also got this new still of the main characters Coco and Hector!
“Coco” will hit theaters November 22, 2017.🎶


The actors have just started recording sessions for Frozen 2, so there weren’t any clips from the movie shown, but we did get a behind the scenes look at the team working on the movie.❄️
Josh Gad & Kristen Bell also made a special appearance to sing a song from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, titled “That Time of Year”, which will be one of the four songs in the short. FYI: Olaf’s Frozen Adventure will be the Disney short playing before Coco this November.❄️

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Time for Toy Story 4!☁️
The audience at D23 were shown a clip that shows the behind the scenes work being done on the movie! We know that the first line of the movie will be the aliens saying “Oooooh” and that there will be a character named Lulu who is a “paper-doll”! It’s also been announced that Josh Cooley will be the sole director of the film (John Lasseter isn’t directing anymore). The plot will essentially revolve around Woody, Buzz, and the gang taking a road-trip to reunite Woody & Bo Peep.
“Toy Story 4” will be released June 21, 2019.☁️

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The trailer for Wreck It Ralph 2 was shown at the animation panel, as well as a new clip from the movie!👾
The movie is titled “Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 “ and it will take place six years following the events of the first film; the story will center on Ralph’s adventures in the Internet data space when a WiFi router gets plugged into the arcade.👾
There will be a new character in the movies named “Yesss” voiced by Taraji P Henson, who is an expert on the latest trends for the website “Buzzaholic”; Yesss will take Ralph & Vanellope on a tour of the World Wide Web!👾
In the new clip from the movie that was shown, Yesss takes them to the Oh My Disney site, which looks like Disneyland! On the Oh My Disney site, we see Ralph & Vanellope interact with all of the Disney princesses (who are voiced by their original voice actors), and meet C3PO, stormtroopers, tsum tsums, and Stan Lee!
All the voice actresses for every single Disney princesses were on stage to show this clip to the audience!👾💕
Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 will hit theaters November 2018!👾


Incredibles 2 will take place immediately after the events of the first movie!💥
The beginning of the movie will begin with an action sequence against the Underminer, & Elastigirl will be the star of the action while Bob takes care of Jack Jack at home.💥
John Lasseter, Pixar CCO has said “It starts right as the first one finishes, so it just carries on. You know that at the end of the first movie when he comes up and you see the family dressed as superheroes, well that’s where [we] start this movie.”💥
Bob doesn’t even know that Jack Jack has powers yet! In the movie the Parr family will get a new house “that’s a cross between a dream house and a super lair.“ Samuel L. Jackson has also appeared at the panel and will be back to voice Frozone!💥
A new clip from the movie has also been shown at the panel, which revolves around Jack Jack & his superpowers!💥
The Incredibles 2 is slated to hit theaters on June 15, 2018.💥

We also got this great video featurette of Edna Mode, the fashion mogul.

[Ficlet] Nicknames
Pairing: Dazai/Atsushi

“A what?” Atsushi slowly lowered the cup he’d brought to his lips.

Nickname, Atsushi-kun! Nicknames!” Dazai said, happily clapping his hands together and looking at Atsushi with an expectant gleam in his eyes.

“Ah,” Atsushi put down his coffee and picked up his pen again. Hopefully Dazai would leave it alone should he pretend to be busy with this report – which he was – but Dazai only leaned down further, practically hanging over Atsushi where he sat by his desk, innocently performing his duties at the Agency.

“Well, Atsushi-kun? Well?” Dazai pressed on, his tone of voice could only be described as giddy.

Atsushi’s shoulders lowered as he sighed and looked up at the other man. “Honestly, Dazai-san, I don’t really see any need for us to have nicknames for each other.”

Dazai made a sound, sounding vaguely offended, and dramatically put his hand over his heart.

“Atsushi-kun! I’m hurt! A nickname is an important pillar of any relationship!” Here he grabbed Atsushi’s hands to hold them against his chest instead, Atsushi still holding his pen in a loose grip. “Especially since I can’t make you stop with the honorific, these things are super important!”

Atsushi blinked owlishly, for the moment swayed by Dazai’s – dubiously authentic – performance while being relieved they were alone at the office at the same time.

“They are?”

Dazai nodded, encouraged by Atsushi considering the idea he grabbed a chair and sat down, leaning his elbows on the desk while still holding the other’s hands.

“Yes! We’ve been dating for – ah, three months now-“ Dazai stopped and smiled softly at him, Atsushi gave a small smile back, “- and I think we need to take this a step further.”

F-Further? You mean-?”

“Yes, nicknames! So, I’ll go first.”

“Dazai-san, I’m not sure this is necessary-“


Atsushi blinked, then frowned. “What?”

“Darling, honey, cutie pie,” Dazai kept listing names. Atsushi could feel a headache coming. He dragged his hand over his eyes and groaned.

“You’re not making any sense.”

Hmm,” Dazai made that offended noise again and Atsushi felt him taking his other hand – maybe to once again bring it to his chest and proclaim about the foundations of a functioning relationship. Atsushi peeked through his fingers and watched as Dazai elegantly held Atsushi’s hand in front of his own lips. He blew warm air over the skin, and something inside of Atsushi’s stomach fluttered.

Dazai dragged his lower lip over Atsushi’s fingers and then met his eyes. They seemed deep and warm in the sharp light of the afternoon sun.


The butterflies in Atsushi’s stomach turner sharper, he might’ve made a sound because Dazai’s gentle smile crooked; became smug. He leaned closer, close enough for Atsushi to catch the faint fragrance of tea and cologne over the beating of his heart that’d escalated quickly.


“You like that?” Dazai’s voice sounded smooth despite his smile, his eyes twinkled. “Sweetheart?”

A furious blush stretched against his cheeks, Atsushi could feel it. The more it grew the bigger the grin on Dazai’s face widened, and Atsushi felt a strange feeling of losing – what he didn’t know, only that it frustrated him. He tried for a response but could only sputter helplessly.

Dazai chuckled and released his hand. “So that’s it, huh?” He said victoriously.

Atsushi jerked his head up and took hold of Dazai’s hands in a poor imitation of Dazai’s earlier actions. Heart in his mouth Atsushi said with a slightly squeaky but serious voice:

“My love.”

Dazai froze. He looked from their intertwined hands up to Atsushi’s determined face. Unblinking, he opened his mouth, then closed it.

“Well,” Dazai rasped and tried clearing his throat, “that’s it then.”

He got up, strange expression on his face, and then walked towards the exit.

“Dazai? Where are you going?” Kunikida met him in the door, looking up from his bunt of papers at Dazai’s retreating back.

“Oh, nothing. Just going to question the meaning of life!” Dazai answered, his laughter stiff.

What?” Kunikida yelled after him. He turned his head and stared hard at Atsushi. “What happened!?”

Then he stopped and, stupefied, looked down at his papers, “and why am I even acting surprised?

Atsushi groaned and hit his head on the desk.