four seraphim

Fave character chart from @ thescarfinator.  This… was really hard OTL.  I have too many faves.  And also I tried to diversify things.  Like, my favourite for Couple, Female, Deuteragonist, Royalty, and Healer are all the same person lol.  So I forced myself to only use each character twice at most.  Some other things:

- I picked Elize for best Healer not because she’s my fave character (though I love her) but because she’s the best at healing and the most reliable healer.  

- Kratos is one of the Four Seraphim, along with Mithos, Yuan, and Martel, and therefor he qualifies as a Seraph =P

-The fact that I chose the pair of siblings full of angst and regret says a lot about the relationships I get invested in lmao

-Idk about best design.  Most Tales characters have a kind of clunky design but I picked Leia because before I knew anything about her character she stood out to me as The Pretty One and I like how flowy it is.

Okay, so as a fan of the Four Searphim, I have to say something. I know it seems like a lot of their fans can be apologists and perhaps it seems that we’re trying to justify what they did, but that’s not the case. I run in these circles and speak with these people day to day, and we see Four Seraphim as people. People who made mistakes and need to pay for those mistakes, whether it be with their lives or their happiness, but people none the less. 

Their reason is not a justification for their actions and none of us think that what Mithos, Kratos, or Yuan did was right. Kratos’ choices at the Tower of Salvation fill me with grief because he’s making a mistake that he is going to spend the rest of the game suffering for. There’s no getting around what they did. But not all of them are currently monsters, completely monsters, and certainly they haven’t always been monsters. Kratos and Yuan are deserving of a second chance because they are willing to correct their mistakes and grieved by their pasts. Mithos is only the TRUE VILLAIN because he chose the path for himself and refused to repent, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have REASONS. They don’t justify his actions, but they do make him relatable, and a lot of us relate to that humanity, to that depth, because we’ve made mistakes, too, and perhaps it’s difficult for us to move on from them, just like it’s difficult for the Seraphim. 

That’s why maybe some of us are so willing to forgive Forcystus, Pronyma, and Magnius and believe that they deserved a second chance. It’s not that we don’t recognize they they blackmailed and committed murder and other heinous crimes, it’s because we’re also fans of people who are villainous to varying extents, and we believe that if they had ever shown remorse, they could have attempted to change their course. 

goodbyemagilou  asked:

Does Krat enjoy cold or hot showers/baths more? Or is he okay with a medium temperature? Does he not care at all? im going to bed good night

Kratos likes showers more, of the hot kind, to release the tension in his muscles after a long day of working hard —

But he doesn’t get them often so he’ll settle for a hot bath. 

He was always so picky about everything bathing related that Yuan and Mithos let him go first if they had to bathe. 

What was he even thinking when he agreed to help him?

If Half Elves are that hated, either they had remarkable evidence or Kratos was not as bigoted as most people.

I think it’s probably a bit of both, actually. Kratos is far too practical to betray the person employing him without reason (or, to put it in other terms, abandon the person he clings to for hope and solidarity), but he’s also so no bullshit I doubt that he’d care much for lineage and focus mainly on their merit.