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5 Reasons and a Bonus Reason Why Tommy Merlyn Had to DIE!

By LaDemonessa on AO3 or @cjjingram on Tumblr

I got into a discussion recently about the impact of the death of Laurel and the fact that she didn’t mention Tommy before she died. A lot of people thought it seemed wrong that she would tell Oliver he was the love of her life when Tommy loved her more than Oliver ever did. I got to thinking about that and how things would’ve changed this season—hell, in any and all of the subsequent seasons, if Tommy had lived.

The more I thought about it though, the more I realized that if Tommy had lived, he’d have wiped the floor with Oliver and made it the Tommy Show.

So, with that in mind, enjoy a glimpse into my twisted psyche.

For @devouringfoodandstuff and all my girls at oldbatsandyoungbitches, this one’s for you.

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