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I have waited seven years for this sequel.

Ruined Surprise (Michael Clifford)

     You’ve been feeling bad all week. Deep down you knew what the problem was, you just didn’t want to admit it. Michael is gone a lot and you’re both still young. On top of all this you’re not sure how he’ll react. You’re not even sure how you’re going feel once you finally confirm it.

     Deciding that you didn’t want to take the test alone, you call Bryanna to come over. Not knowing how you were going to feel afterwards, you wanted someone to be there to comfort you since you didn’t want Michael to know just yet. In case it was just a scare. When she arrived, you got straight to it, not wanting to waste any time.

     You sat there leaning up against the bathroom wall, Bryanna sitting right next to you. Neither of you said anything, both just waiting for the timer to go off. Once your alarm shrilled you took a deep breath, standing up, and taking the few steps to the counter. Grabbing the stick you closed your eyes and took one last deep breathe. When you opened your eyes you saw the two pink lines and instantly you began to tear up. But it wasn’t because you were upset. You gave Bryanna a smile “I’m pregnant.” You confirmed with the smile still on your face. She smiled pulling you into a hug. “Happy tears right?” She questioned. “Yeah.” You replied still in disbelief. You weren’t sure why but as soon as you saw the little lines all the fears you had disappeared.

     The following week you had to act like everything was normal around Michael. You wanted to come up with a creative way to tell him you’re expecting and didn’t want him to have any idea. You even made sure the pregnancy test was gone so there was no way of him stumbling upon it.

     While he was playing his video games you would be scrolling through every website possible looking for some way to tell him. You didn’t want it to be cliché so you were really putting a lot of time and effort into this.The good thing was Michael still had no clue. After searching for what felt like forever you decided to buy some onesies and a bib you found online and give them to Michael as a present. You knew not only would he be surprised but he’d love them.

     Sadly your order would take up to two weeks to come in so you still had to wait around and hope it would come in early. You made sure to tell Michael you ordered some shoes, just in case the package arrived when you were gone. You knew he wouldn’t be curious and open it if you told him it was just shoes.

     A few days later the other boys came over to have a boys night in Michael’s man cave. Ashton brought Bryanna along so you two could have your girl time. You showed her pictures of the baby clothing you bought and talked about how excited you both were. During your conversation there was a knock at the door. The box sitting on your steps was too small to be the onesies. You then noticed it was addressed to Michael so you set it on the counter and continued your girl time.

     The boys emerged from the cave a little later to scavenge for food and Ashton went to talk to Bryanna. You grabbed the box for Michael and handed it to him before they all headed back to seclusion. He immediately freaked out and tore into it. There were about four new PS4 games he’s been dying to play. He hugged you then rushed to tell the other boys that they had a full night ahead of them. As he ran into the man cave Ashton stood up and gave him a hug which threw Michael off guard. “Congratulations.” He said patting Michael on the back. “For what?” He questioned. “The baby.”

     Michael stood completely frozen. “What baby?” He asked with confusion lacing his voice. “Your baby silly. Didn’t Y/N just tell you?” Before he could answer the question he dropped everything and bolted toward the living room. As soon as you looked up at him, startled by his presence, he let the words slip out. “You’re pregnant?” He half asked and half stated.

     You stared up at him in shock. You glanced towards Bryanna who was the only other person who knew, but her face was the same as yours. “Who told you?” You were a little scared at this point because you couldn’t tell how he was going to take this. “So you are?” You just nodded your head, unable to speak. “That’s amazing!” He exclaimed running up to you and wrapping you up in the biggest hug. You let out the breath you were holding and smiled up at him.

     The boys all started clapping and yelling in excitement. “You never answered my question.” You told him with a raised brow. “Ashton.” He replied as you glared at Ash standing behind him. Bryanna took the courtesy of smacking the back of his head. “Ow what was that for?” He exclaimed while rubbing his head. “Ruining the surprise.” Bryanna told him. Everyone laughed at their continued bickering and for the rest of the night you all sat around discussing possible names and having arguments over what instrument they would play.

     The baby clothes arrived the next week and Michael was in love with them. Maybe not quite as much as he was in love with you or his future little one but close enough.

I got super carried away with this one but I really like it and now I want to have a baby with Michael. xx Megan