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Encantadia is a term coined from the Filipino words “enkanto”, “enkanta”, “enkantada”, or “enkantado” (which were in turn derived from the Spanish term “encantado”) which means enchanted beings endowed with supernatural powers.

Encantadia is a vast enchanted realm comprising of four divided kingdoms where different mythical entities thrive. These four kingdoms bear the four precious stones that holds the land’s balance. The kingdom of Adamya, Sapiro, Lireo, and Hathoria. The tranquility and future of Encantadia rests on the four gemstones of water, earth, air and fire; each being carefully kept by the bearers from each kingdom.

- Encantadia wiki

“Henry had a reputation in Europe as a king who had acquired huge riches and the Italians were anxious to meet him. They were escorted deep into the palace, through ever more richly decorated rooms, until they reached ‘a small hall’ hung with the tapestries sewn with thread made of pure gold, known as Arras. At the far end stood the king, his hand resting on a gilded chair. Henry was wearing a black cap pinned with ‘a large diamond and a most beautiful pearl’. A violet cloak, lined with cloth of gold, fell to the ground, and around his neck he wore a collar with four rows of precious stones and pearls. Standing alongside him was Prince Arthur. A month from his eleventh birthday, Arthur was tall for his age, and of ‘singular beauty and grace’. He chatted fluently to the ambassadors in Latin, confirming the view held in diplomatic circles that he was ‘a most distinguished’ future son-in-law for Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain – Henry had signed a treaty of friendship with the Spanish monarchs which was to be sealed with a marriage between Arthur and their daughter, Katherine of Aragon. Henry too was judged “gracious’ and ‘grave’, and they admired his clear and exquisite French.
—  Leanda de Lisle “Tudor”
The Alphonse Mucha Series Masterpost

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For Your Consideration: The Centipeetle-Emerald Theory

So for the past few days I have been thinking about Steven Universe and how after over a hundred episodes we still have seen no Emeralds nor even a hint of foreshadowing of their existence. Enter my thoughts on Centipeetle.

I didn’t read anyone else’s theories before crafting my own, so for all I know this whole thing is Slowbro. Click through for a long ugly post with lots of stolen images and rambling!

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