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A long shot, but if anyone in the Lexington, KY area would like to give a comfy retirement home to some elderly pigeons please let me know! I’m taking in four myself but six more are still in need

End Up Together (Part Nine - FINALE)

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader

Summary: You are Dustin’s sister. You get roped into dealing with the events that happen and somehow you and Steve end up developing feelings for each other. You and Steve finally cement your relationship.

Warnings: slow burn (kind of), language, major season 2 spoilers, this here is your !!!SPOILER WARNING!!!

Word Count: 1567

A/N: this is the end of End Up Together! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it, it was quite fun to write! :)

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You looked up at Steve in shock. You could admit that you had feelings for him, too. Of course, you’d always had feelings for him. The boy was the most attractive guy in Hawkins High and you knew he had a softer side to him. Steve acted like an asshole before but the past year he had been getting better, which only cemented the deep-rooted crush you’d had on him since you were younger.

“I’m sorry – I shouldn’t have said that.” Steve looked away from you, into the trees behind you.

You shook your head. “No, it’s fine.” You let out a small laugh. “It’s more than fine, actually.”

Steve flicked his eyes to look back down at you, filled with curiosity. “How so?” A small smirk played on his lips.

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Loyalty (A Kraglin Origin Fic) Chapter 12/?: Desperation

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight | Chapter Nine | Chapter Ten | Chapter Eleven

Rated M for Language and Violence

It feels as though Yondu’s heart stops beating. Everything within him freezes as he numbly watches Stakar seize Kraglin’s mouth to keep him from screaming as the dying mechanic falls backwards into the snow.

But his years as a battle slave allows this emotional override for only a second. Then his heart resumes beating, climbing into a ferocious rate so that he can hear the blood pumping in his ears. A vicious, fiery whistle grows in his lungs and tears over his lips. The arrow flashes towards Stakar, stopping a hair’s breadth from his throat.

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It was one of my first anime’s yes. My body was on clock work as a kid to wake up at the ass crack of dawn on Sunday just to watch the show. My parents had no earthly idea why, out of any day of the week, it was SUNDAY my ass chose to wake up mega fucking early and them panic at me missing only to find me asleep on the couch, Cartoon Network playing.

I’m pretty sure they never found out I was watching anime between four and six in the morning (2 eps If Cyborg 009 then 2 of InuYasha) but whatever. They knew I was every Friday night when Toonami was still a thing. ZachBell and Sailor Moon and Naruto were lit back then (only one held up and Naruto wasn’t it).

Fun fact: Among InuYasha and Cyborg 009, I also watched Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! and Shinzo at these times, however they came on at like 2 am every day. And yes, I woke up to watch them. Again, my parents never knew. I was an unholy child of anime and Too Fucking Early. Probably explains why I’m so weird.


Aw shit, look who did another one!

Weh I don’t want 2018 to come because Adventure Time will be ending _(:3」∠)_

So how many times a week do you think the newsies discuss the places they sell papes and someone says “I need a better spot” and Race says “I have the best Spot” without missing a beat.

Draco is definitely not gay, part four.
  • Draco: Saw the pictures in the paper, Potter. How delightfully humiliating that you could still be so oblivious after all this time.
  • Harry: They were hiding in my shrubs under multiple concealment charms, Malfoy.
  • Draco: You didn't notice four different photographers from four different papers hiding in your shrubs while you wandered around your home starkers. I wish I found that more difficult to believe. They took 72 photos!
  • Harry: Did you... Buy all four papers? And... count out the photos?
  • Draco, studying his fingernails: Why you insist on pulling me into these frightfully boring conversations, I'll never understand. You can go now.
  • Harry: You're in my office!
The Sun in the Houses

The Sun in the first house: It is essential that you affirm your personality. You are active, egocentric, worthy and proud of your accomplishments. Success comes through your personal efforts.

The Sun in the second house: You have the practical sense, you are tenacious, interested in money, and skillful in judging the value of things. Your material goods reflect your deeper values. Financial stability is important to you, and its achievement brings you satisfaction.

The Sun in the third house: Curious and loquacious, you gather information and express yourself with ease, in writing and otherwise. Travel and brothers and sisters play an important role in your life.

The Sun in the fourth house: You are intuitive and introverted, with a strong sense of self and a strong attachment to your ancestors. The home and family play a central role.

The Sun in the fifth house: In search of pleasure, romantic, you find happiness through love, children and activities that give you the opportunity to express your creativity.

The Sun in the sixth house: It is essential for you to find a fulfilling job, because you are fully dedicated to your job and you define yourself by it. Although you are worried about your health, it is usually good. Whatever your solar sign, you tend to be perfectionist.

The Sun in the seventh house: Marriage and other relationships are essential to you, although you may waver between the fear of isolation and the fear of commitment. The balance of forces is a problem in relational life.

The Sun in the eighth house: You are a deeply emotional person whose need for exploration of your own psyche supports liberation and transformation. Sex, money and besquets of all kinds play an important role in your life.

The Sun in the ninth house: You are all your life a researcher who wants to find a meaning and broaden his consciousness through studies, religion, philosophy, and travel.

The Sun in the tenth house: Your determination to succeed and your desire for public recognition make you a natural leader, and these are excellent indicators for a professional success.

The Sun in the eleventh house: You have high ideals and high aspirations, many friends, and the ability to work well in groups.

The Sun in the twelfth house: Intuitive, solitary and secret, you prefer to stay behind the scenes, and you may be in danger of isolation. Spiritual activities attract you. You may be engaging in big institutions such as hospitals or prisons.


“The Fields Medal’s the one I’ll be winning.” ~ Lydia Martin, Teen Wolf