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How to contact FOX about renewing Brooklyn 99!

It’s been an awful few months of waiting patiently and anxiously to hear about a b99 season 5 renewal, and I discovered there was a way we could directly tell FOX how badly we want b99 to get renewed!! Feel free to copy & paste this message exactly, write your own message, or alter it in any way, and e-mail it to ! Be sure to put “Renew Brooklyn Nine-Nine” in the subject line! Here’s a little message you can send them:

To whom it may concern,

I am contacting you in regards to the future of your show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This show has been on for four years and it has been very successful. For many people, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the only show they watch on FOX. Furthermore, it would be an absolute shame if it were to end prematurely. There has been no news on whether or not it is going to be renewed for season 5, but I am writing to tell you that it should! Brooklyn Nine-Nine is my favorite show on TV right now, and has so many benefits. Andy Samberg is able to attract the young adult demographic, while Andre Braugher brings in the older viewers. All the other actors/characters each bring something valuable to the table as well, which cannot be forgotten. In addition, if another season is added, it will reach syndication and will air older episodes on TBS. This will not only bring in even more viewers, but it will also bring in more revenue. Additionally, streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu have helped Brooklyn Nine-Nine reach viewers all around the world, widening its scope even more! Not only in America, but all over the world, people love this show. It has been said by critics all over the world that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an important show, especially given the current general attitude towards the police, and needs to keep airing new episodes to prolongate its impact on the world. It would be a disgrace to end a show as great as Brooklyn Nine-Nine in the middle of its greatest run of episodes yet. In conclusion, please do not cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine. There are more benefits to keeping it than cancelling it, and I urge you to take that into consideration. Thank you for your time.

Pluto Through the Houses of Astrology

Pluto is a generational planet, it takes a long time for it to transition into a different sign, it takes somewhere from 14-30 years, so it doesn’t take part in our daily life. Although, where it’s placed in the houses is far more important than the sign, because that changes by the hour. I will start off by explaining what exactly is Pluto? Well, Pluto is the co-ruler of the sign Scorpio. Now, we all know something about Scorpio ;) (hehehe) There are 5 main themes of Pluto. One is transformation, two is destruction, three is intensity, four is rebirth, and five is obsession. Pluto is also known to be the ruler of the underworld which can be very intimidating and powerful. He’s mentioned in many books, and my favorite mention of Pluto is Inferno by Dante Alighieri, where Plutus is the lord of the 4th Circle for those who are the Miserly or Prodigal, which means people who sinned by trying to control money and fortune were to be in the 4th Circle. As many of you may know, the 8th house rules other people’s money, due to Pluto being the ruler of that house along with Mars. Now that we’ve learned a few things about Pluto, I will explain what it means when it goes through each house!

Pluto in the 1st house: The 1st house is the house of your identity, public persona, first impression, personality, and physical appearance. So when Pluto is placed here, you can be a bit of an intense person because you come off as different from society, you don’t mind hanging in the shadows. Being in the public eye and having everyone know about you can annoy you a little. You change a lot, whether it’s weight, height, style, personality, so on. Each person thinks of you differently because of that. You can have a bit of a dark atmosphere hanging around you, and your eyes are hypnotic, demanding, and very powerful. You can seem a bit power hungry yourself, always trying to be in control. 1st house also represents the story of your birth, and early childhood. Your birth could’ve been painful, intense, and transformative for your mother. In your early childhood, there could’ve been a war in your birthplace, or some sort of deep conflict that later brought enlightenment.

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#SaveWOY Recs

@ao3org ’s International Fanworks Day might be over, but #IFDFest continues!

For this rec post, I’ll be deviating from my usual fanfiction recs to instead recommend the entire SaveWOY movement and other Wander Over Yonder fan projects.

It’s amazing all the hard work, time, and dedication people across the board have put into getting Wander Over Yonder a third season and keeping fans hopes up as the months since its cancellation drag out. So without further ado:

@peepsqueak has been absolutely dedicated to saving WOY:

There’s no way for me to know just how much she’s done for the fandom and the movement, but I’m so grateful she’s put all this together, stuck to it for so long, and given fans the chance to #SaveWOY.

@savewoy is one of the main hubs for information on the movement, and all the mods (including Peepsqueak) have done so much to make it work and keep everyone updated and involved, and is the original source of Operation Fanboom.

@woyseason3 is another really great information hub that keeps fans’ posts circulating and on @disneyxd ‘s radar.

@savewoygiftexchange and the mods there are constantly organizing monthly gift exchanges for fans. They’ve done it for four very successful exchanges already, and I hope are able to for months to come. Also, they reblog all the gifts so take a gander through the archives. Here some gifts made for me:

@dontgetusedtoit put together the wonderful #WOYtober prompt list that I had so much fun doing and produced some really amazing works from such talented people. WOYtober was a great event all around, and here are some of my favorite pieces:

And here are still more projects, old and new, complete and ongoing, SaveWOY and just for fun, by other fans throughout Tumblr: @woyvillainleaderboard@woyprompts@thewoychallenge (though currently defunct, I really enjoyed when I was able to contribute to them), @sargentnicole ‘s WOY OC Week that I got half-way through but still want to complete, the #saveWOY Sunday and #season 3 Saturday tags, @zzyzxresorts zine for the crew of WOY, the @galacticbuddies MAP tribute, the @disarmedwander comic, the WOY Ao3 page (ofc), and others.

Fans are pouring their hearts into Wander Over Yonder, a show near and dear to so many of us, and I absolutely and without reservation recommend every fan’s contribution to this fandom. Big or small, complex or simple, art, writing, memes, whatever you post, you are keeping WOY alive. So for anyone reading this: recommend a story, a project, a WOY blog you love, or anyone in this fandom who you think deserves some recognition. Without fans, there wouldn’t be a fandom, and there wouldn’t be #SaveWOY.

Oh, and last but not least: thank you, @crackmccraigen , for creating Wander Over Yonder, and everyone who worked to bring us this wonderful show.

Requested by anonymous: “can you write a Spencer Valentine’s Day one?”

HECK YES! It’s Valentine’s Day and sorry if this is really cheesy but I want to marry Spencer Reid.

Warnings: none maybe??

“Nope. No.” You shake your head.

“Why?” Spencer asks you with an innocent look on his face.

“I hate Valentine’s Day.” You state, folding your arms. “We can go out to dinner or buy each other gifts any other time. Why does there have to be a certain day of the year to do it?”

“While some believe that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the middle of February to commemorate the anniversary of Valentine’s death or burial–which probably occurred around A.D. 270–others claim that the Christian church may have decided to place St. Valentine’s feast day in the middle of February in an effort to “Christianize” the pagan celebration of Lupercalia. Celebrated at the ides of February, or February 15, Lupercalia was a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, as well as to the Roman founders Romulus and Remus.” He says.

You stare at him in bored and not understanding what he just rambles on about.

“Spencer if you really want to go out to dinner tonight I will. Not because I want to but for you.” You say.

“I really want to.” He says.

You sigh, placing your hand on his cheek before kissing him.

“You do love me don’t you?” He smirks and you roll your eyes.

“Most days.” You joke.

After you finished getting ready you made spencer wear a tie that matched your dress.

You didn’t want to go but if you were being forced to you’re going all out.

In all the four years you and Spencer had been dating he had always had to work on Valentine’s Day which made it easy for you.

You had always thought of Valentine’s Day as such a stupid thing. Like you had to celebrate it or your relationship was doomed to end.

This is the first year you and to worry about it with Spencer.

By the way you two were dressed up it was most likely a fancy place. He took your arm and escorted you into the car, being his usual gentleman self.

When you got to the restaurant you smile.

“Spence!” You gasp.

The place you two met, it was a nice Thai place. You were here celebrating your dad’s birthday and Spencer was here with the team. You kept making eye contact with him the whole night and just before you were about to leave you slipped him your number.

That felt like just yesterday but now the Doctor was your whole world. You two had been through so much together you don’t quite remember life without him.

He made reservations and we were sat at the same table I was sitting with my father just years before.

“Do you hate the idea now?” He asks looking at his menu.

“I hate that you had to wait until Valentine’s Day to do something this sweet.” You bite and he scowls at you.

You blow a kiss back and it makes his crack a smile. You end up even ordering the same thing, you and your boyfriend talk about the first time you saw each other.

Granted you were doing most of the talking he just seemed to watch and listen to you.

“I remember when I gave you my number you looked so confused. I could have never guessed you were a genius.” I tease.

He smiles and looks around. Almost as if he waiting for someone else.

A female waiter walks up, “Excuse me can we get a dessert menu.” Spencer asks and she nods.

Swinging around and as she does a glass of water falls off her tray and nearly on Spencer.

“Oh my.” You say, standing to your feet.

“It’s okay. Why don’t you go get some paper towels from the bathroom.” Spencer says smiling.

Is he finding this funny? You don’t argue though, you walk in the direction of the bathroom. Going in and retrieving multiple paper towels before walking out.

When you got back to the table Spencer was no longer there and the water was almost fully cleaned up.

You look around for Spencer, maybe he went to go get paper towels too.

You hear the screech of a microphone and the whole restaurant goes quiet.

“Hello.” You recognized the voice of your boyfriend. He is staying at the front of the restaurant.

What on earth is he doing?

“Hello I’m Dr. Spencer Reid. I’m here with my- my girlfriend her name is y/n. I know it’s Valentine’s Day so I’ll try not to take up too much of your time.” He stands up on a chair.

You wanted to smack him for drawing so much attention to you. You were naturally just a very shy person and he knew you hated other people’s eyes on you.

That’s when you start recognizing familiar faces. Derek and his wife are sitting at the table just feet away from where Spencer way. JJ and Will at the table next to them.

Okay. Now I’m curious to what’s going on.

“So I met y/n just over four years ago here in this very restaurant. She was with her father and I was with some coworkers. As soon as I saw her walk into the restaurant I was so fascinated by her. She looked like how I imagined this girl would look like in my favorite book. Her eyes were curious and wondering the room and right away I wanted to know her. Which is quite weird actually. My whole life has been haunted by statistics and up until that night all I was thinking about were the people who never get married. More or less the people who spend the rest of their lives alone.” He looks at you.

You couldn’t believe this was happening. Had he planned this the whole time? Was what you were expecting to come next actually going to happen?

“Today there is only 51% of adults married. Which is a drop from 72% in 1960. Being 30 years old and still single 5 years ago scared me more than I would admit. Most of my friends were married or in a relationship then there was me. So when I came here that night and met the love of my life I knew almost right away I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.” Spencer continues.

I cover my mouth, tears collection in my eyes. I jump when someone touches my shoulder. It is one of the employees, pushing me towards the front of the restaurant until I’m next to Spencer who hops off the chair.

I start to fully cry when he reaches into his pocket. Pulling out a rectangle shaped box and getting down on one knee.

“Will you marry me?” He asks.

I’m at a loss for words. All I can do is nod for a couple seconds until my voice finally comes back to me.

“Yes.” I practically scream.

Everyone in the restaurant starts cheering. Spencer smiles like an idiot while slipping the ring on my finger and he stands up to hug me. I hug him tighter than ever.

I knew a long time ago I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Spencer. I want to have his kids and grow old with him.

“I love you Spencer Reid.” I say into his ears as the everyone cheers for our future.


Hi! I’m Shasta, and I was living on the streets, pregnant, when I found myself at the shelter. Then my beloved friends here at NorCal Bully Breed Rescue in Lincoln, California, took me in and gave me perfect care until my babies were born.

I was a wonderful mama and my babies all found equally wonderful homes, but that was four long years ago and I’m still waiting. Some people just have no imagination to see what a perfect good dog I am and how wonderful our lives would be if we were together!

I’m around 4 years old, very healthy, housetrained, friendly, good with kids and other dogs, and very mellow – hanging out with my humans is my favorite thing to do! I also give very excellent kisses.

So, what do you think? Can you help me find a home by reblogging me? Or do you want to meet me and try out one of my excellent kisses for yourself? I would be so happy if after all this time my person finally came!

You can talk to my friends about me at… come on! I need your help… and I know you can’t turn down my puppy dog eyes!



Hm… I’m actually debating whether or not to make a post discussing why I’m both infatuated with the ending while also interpreting / needing to interpret it as Seto being able to return. The problem is doing so directly challenges the other interpretation, and I don’t want to be a tyrant over what people draw happiness from. I sincerely feel people have a right to take away whatever they wish from fiction. I’d like a discussion, not “””discourse””“.

Also, I give Takahashi a giant A+ for crafting such an elegantly debatable ending.

I guess you can consider the above a sort of disclaimer. I have no intention of dictating the interpretations or emotions other fans carry, whether of the characters or the film. Everybody has reasons for why they feel as they do, and they’re absolutely entitled to those feelings. These are simply my own thoughts. I apologize if it seems dismissive. (Yes, I take this all far too seriously. What else is new?)

The end of the film can be interpreted a dozen different ways and as I’ve watched it be discussed up and down by various people, it’s apparent just how meticulously crafted the finale actually is. It was designed to stir speculation, and it’s achieved that goal beautifully. What’s aesthetic, what’s metaphorical, what’s literal?

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40 DAYS OF MY FAVORITE MFU EPISODES- DAY 34:      The ‘J’ for Judas Affair (S4 E3)

Being an UNCLE agent is not an easy task at all, not only because of the organization’s stinginess; a boss who thinks you are expendable, or in this case, several very uncooperative “innocents”. Maybe it’s because I love Napollya so much (I know I said this a million times already XD), I get annoyed when other people treat them with extreme rudeness. Aside from that, I think this is a very interesting and suspenseful episode. Even though we all know season four features a lot of bad guys disguise as innocents, this episode doesn’t make it too obvious (at least during the first half of the story).

thedracokick8  asked:

What kind of creatures do you like and Dislike?

My favorite creatures are mostly the bizarre and less known, but I also like some more known creatures such as Minotaur, Gargoyle and Gorgons/Medusa, because those were the reasons I started to like Myth-monsters. I like Succubus, Wendigo, Scylla, Banshee and Manticore as well, back in the early zero’s many people didn’t know about those monsters, now they are kinda famous, and I like that!

My ultimate favorite creature will probably always be Nuckelavee, so bizarre and so cool. Jubokko, Valravn, Papinijuwari, Raiju, KumihoPeryton, Empusa, Nguruvilu, Qalupalik, Cu Sith, Abaia, Aatxe, Mngwa, the four Anaye and many more come very close though! I also love many Yokai. I do seem to have a weak spot for fake mythology monsters, like juboko, peryton and a bao a qu are all fake myth monsters…

I think that if anybody would find me a monster based on a mantis (that is from mythology) that it has a very big chance of becoming my favorite myth monster. Mantis are my favorite real-world animals, and they aren’t anywhere in myths, spare for a shapeshifting trickster God in Africa, and I don’t really care for Gods.


I dislike most creatures from Lovecraft, but I do like his Colour-out-of-Space and Nightgaunt, most others I never cared for. Kaiju and VERY BIG monsters are also creatures I mostly ignore because I don’t like monsters that are impossible to defeat. Other than that I like most monsters, from movies, myths, cryptids, and other media, just don’t like lovecraft and biggies.

Also I really hate (which is a big word I know) Hippogriffs and Mermaids, I don’t like that Mermaids get so many artwork while other much more awesome creatures aren’t drawn at all. Hippogriff I have always hated, I wanted to rip the wasted pages from my D&D monster manuals because I hated the book has both griffon and hippogriff in it, which in my (then young) opinion was a very big waste of space. If you want a friendly Griffon, try the Pegasus (which was ALSO in the same monster manual btw, almost turning it into a friendly aerial mount book in my view)

I dislike the ghost named Hupia, because a person I really dislike kept on wishing for that creature, so I came to find that (in my opinion) boring creature annoying. Hupia are just ghosts without a navel. 

Also not a fan of pretty-boy vampires and love-sick werewolves, and if I see one more zombie-apocalypse movie, I think zombies are next on this list.

I’m sure i’m gonna lose some followers for hating on Hippogriff (famous because of Harry Potter), Kaiju and Lovecraft critters, those are pretty much the fan favorites of the world lol. I don’t mind, I just like to be honest. 

The Ride

here’s some information you may want: (Masterlist coming soon)

  • Will probably consist of 10 parts, hopefully.
  • It’s teacher!dean AND teacher!cas, because it was brought to my attention on prompt hunting that the trope that both people in an otp are never really written as teacher/teacher is very rare. I decided to do something about that.
  • Will only be posted on tumblr instead of cross posting on AO3 like I usually do, unless I find that people want it over there too.
  • Coming soon to a dashboard near you. (May.)

summary: Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak are both teachers at the same school. Everyone’s favorite history teacher and the cute raven haired art teacher have been married for four years, but this is the first time they’ve actually worked at the same place. This series is all about the journey of marriage, and working with your spouse. Buckle up, keep your hands and feet in at all times, and please enjoy The Ride.

If you want to be tagged, please let me know!

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Still listening to this and the social reciprocity behaviors tried in one of the studies that showed improved interaction with autistic children (basically when you imitate how the kid plays and go along with what they want to do) is what I already did with my younger autistic cousins and my family is always mystified like “your cousin likes you so much I think you’re their favorite person in the world no one connects with them like you do” and its just like … we play the games they want to play and I … pay attention to what they want to do.

Sometimes that means watching my cousin play minecraft, sometimes that means letting my other cousin drive me around on a golfcart on a tour of the farm, sometimes that means running in a circle or playing tag and then watching Taylor Swift music videos for four hours and doing a Let It Go sing along.

Very few people did that for me when I was a kid and the people who did were the People I Instantly Attached Myself To.  My bus driver listened to me rant about Lord of the Rings for Four Years and treated me like I was worth listening to, and I still remember her name, life details, and most of the bus route she drove.

It doesn’t seem like rocket science to me, but its good to see it validated.

Though some of the descriptions of ‘therapy’ (that the writer rightly drags) are pretty, uh.  Scary.

Rules: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours, and when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you… and most importantly, have fun!

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a - age: 19
b - biggest fear: ending up with a bad rep that i can’t fix?
c - current time: 3:25pm
d - drink you last had: water, lol
f - favorite song: Shape of You
g - ghosts, are they real: probably
h - hometown: idk somewhere in cali
i - in love with: i…. really love animation tbh ….
j - jealous of: people my age that draw better than i do
k - killed someone: very likely
l - last time you cried: lmao i dunno tbh
m - middle name: Danger
n - number of siblings: 1 older sister
o - one wish: fame, in a way
p - person you last called/texted: my sister lol. she didn’t realize that i was sitting across to her and she wanted me to come down for breakfast
q - question(s) you’re always asked: How did you dye your hair? (with hair dye, tbh. I have blue hair. )
r - reasons to smile: my gayass friends???
s - song last sang: my sister says that my singing kills pandas in china
t - time you woke up: 7am, but i went back to sleep after 
u - underwear color: probably blue 
v - vacation destination: i actually landed in canada yesterday. i’m here for spring break
w - worst habit: i’m an asshole when i’m stressed 
x - x-rays you’ve had: just the teeth stuff
y - your favorite food: potatooeess
z - zodiac sign: virgo haha

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pandorem  asked:

I just have to say that Designation Miracle is personally responsible for me retrying Kuroko no Basket and the reason I even heard of and started watching Big Windup. I came for the original Haikyuu fic, but got curious enough to read the rest of the series and fell in love with Midorima and Takao and everyone else. Thank you very much for that. Also I have now read your series like four times going on five, because I love it so much. (part 1)

Thank you so much, friend! I am always so, so happy that people are willing to check out other shows because of my fic, largely because I want everyone to watch all the sports anime ever! And Kuroko no Basuke and Oofuri are both some of my absolute favs (along with Haikyuu) so yay!! And I am very glad you enjoy rereading the series!!

Also, thanks for your question/suggestion! I LOVE Mob Psycho 100, it is rapidly becoming one of my favorite series of all time. And because I am absolute crossover trash, I also completely adore Kageyama and Mob as cousins.

At first I was thinking, “although I probably wouldn’t ever write that into Designation: Miracle” and then I was realizing, “oh ha, well, actually, the current arc I am working on with ‘Filthy Halls’ would actually make it incredibly easy to include that particular crossover.”

And. Dang it. I really like that idea more than I should.

(I mean, it would make a really interesting plot point in that theoretical Haikyuu sequel that I keep flinging theoretical plot points at).


ANYWAY. I’m not sure if that is something that would ever appear in Designation: Miracle, but would you like a random tumblr short that is just some other random crossover where they are cousins? Because that would be super fun to write. I can’t tell if I’m more interested in secretly!psychic Kageyama Tobio because it runs in the family, or if he’s just the incredibly athletic older cousin that Mob looks up to but he has no powers of his own.

Thanks again, friend!!

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Rules: Tell me your favorite character from 10 fictional works ( Shows, Movies, Novels, Etc.) and tag 10 people.

1. Mankanshoku Mako from Kill la Kill

2. Hekapoo form Star vs. the Forces of Evil

3. Oreki Houtarou from Hyouka

4. Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones

5. Maeve Millay from Westworld

6. Dr. Gaius Baltar from Battlestar Galactica

7. Shepherd Book from Firefly

8. Soos Ramirez from Gravity Falls

9. Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls

10. Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Not at all in any order. I just wrote them as they came to mind.

I tag: @dreamer-drop, @170ml, @sinnerchan, @heavenlypudding, @pixelpinkdreams, @sapphoiism …and anyone else who would like to do this ^w^

I feel like I’ve been incognito or something because before the Bingo Wars started my main fic endeavors were completely Freelancer centric.

But in case there was any doubt at this point: Church is my favorite.

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Things I’m currently in love with

One song: hhhnnnghhhhhh, can’t decide :<  ! *thinks* Ok, l found yesterday another version from Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey. Didn’t know about its existence but was good to find it because it turned out to be pretty cool, very catchy tune ! (link here)

Two movies: Not sure about the love but I liked the new Beauty and a Beast a lot ! then Goofy Movie because it’s my favorite Disney movie from childhood and I never get tired of it *thumbs up* 

Three series: One Piece, House and Harper’s Island

Four people: Is it like in Tumblr or in real life? 

Five foods: Sushi, pizza, tortillas (or fajitas or however you call them, there are so many terms for that !), lasagna, spaghetti and vietnamese summer rolls (even though I always fail to roll them and they end up looking… interesting xD)

Six people to tag:  aaand today the spam goes to….*scrolling*
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feel free to do or not to do, up to you mates ! :) 

So 27 years ago today a little movie called Heathers came out in theaters. Trust me when I say Kill the Boy Band would not exit if it weren’t for Heathers.

Because dark comedy has a long history, but I can’t think of a dark comedy that has surpassed the genius of Heathers. I still quote the movie all the time. (My all-time fave line might be, “Lick it up, baby. Lick. It. Up.”) For me, Heathers is the type of movie that keeps on living with you. You watch it over and over again, you tell anyone you meet to watch it if they haven’t, you read books on it and oral histories about it; you’re the nerd who watches the movie and occasionally takes notes.

Yeah. It’s very.

Kill the Boy Band pays homage to Heathers in both big (a group of boys in the book all share the same name) and small ways (When Erin asks a bartender for a coke she makes sure to make it a cherry coke, ala Veronica when she asks JD for a cherry slushy.) But probably one of the biggest influences the movie has had on the book is something that I don’t think very many people have noticed. It’s okay—I put it in mostly as a little easter egg. The color scheme.

One of my favorite things about Heathers has nothing to do with the dialogue or story—I just love that the four main girls all wear four distinct colors. It’s a candy-colored touch that makes the girls all the more mythical. Veronica wears black and blue because she’s a walking bruise; queen bee Heather Chandler wears the powerful and sexy red; Heather McNamara, the Heather in need of some courage, wears yellow; and Heather Duke, envious all the way at the bottom of the totem pole, wears green.

If you read carefully, you’ll see that I gave the four girls in Kill the Boy Band their own colors too.  They might not explicitly dress in a particular color, but if at any point during the book an object is mentioned that has a well known color (denim, pearls, blood) it’s usually in reference to one of the girls. Any time the color red comes up it’s usually in relation to Erin, the Heather Chandler of the group. Any time you see blue in there it usually has to do with Isabel , who has the qualities and toughness of an authority figure like a cop. Apple gets orange, partly because she is in love with a boy with orange hair but also because orange represents warmth and happiness and cheeriness, all qualities that Apple possesses. The narrator gets the color white. She’s pure, innocent, blameless… until later in the story when things get a little murkier and her shirt gets stained and her color turns a little more grey.  

*sigh* I’m so glad for Heathers. Where would we be without it??

This is one of my favorite spots in Lisbon. It is a little park, with a perfect view (over the rooftops) on the Tejo and the opposite side of the river ( pictures will follow). During the whole day there’s a bunch of interesting people spending their time here, drawing, playing music or having a beer or other stuff.. I found these four girls and their music very gorgeous and am happy to have had the opportunity to hold on to the moment.

Lea :)


Yes always! V is one of my favorite characters, I can’t get enough of him!

I added different types of headcanons like parent v, general headcanons, etc
I wrote down some nsfw ones but i felt like they were awkward so I deleted them whoops.

I’m working on four different and long posts atm so this was a nice distraction and break from all that. These did turn out lazier than I wanted them to be though, So sorry!


Highschool Headcanons:

- He was never very popular in school because he was really quiet and shy

- People thought he was that one emo kid that was going through a phase

- Because his dyed hair and quietness was off-putting

- Was actually very lonely though

- Jumin was drawn to this since he was quiet and lonely as well

- So when they were paired together on a project they started talking and became pretty close friends

- He was terrible at sports

- Especially baseball

- Poor baby was the one to get hit in the face by the ball

- He was always really respectful to his teachers and it made him a teachers pet

- One of his favorite teachers was the first to buy his photography and encouraged him to pursue it as a career

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housezerothree  asked:

Do you know about any other charts like the 'Like vs. Love' one? Specially for friendships?

I did a bit of research and came up with a few!

I’ll share a disclaimer this time around: charts like these simply can’t contain all the variety we see in realistic friendships. Use them to help guide you or get you started, but allow the relationships you write about to grow beyond a bulleted list. These things apply differently to everyone, since we’re all different people and experience different things.

1. This simple chart lists a few different types of association/friendship, along with what those relationships might do for each other. Don’t let it be limiting, though. For example: Even though it’s not marked on the chart, a “fun friend” can share a common activity with you, too. But at the very, very least, they’ve earned the label of “fun friend” because they’re fun to socialize with. So use your brain and remember that the chart is skeleton, bare-minimum information.

2. It’s not an image/chart, but the information presented here could easily be turned into one. It lists a few different levels of friendship and the relationships those people might have. Again, remember that friendships are unique, and they can exist outside the four “types” listed here.

3. Out of all the things I found, this article ended up being my favorite. The writers included plenty of images, graphs, charts, etc, to help them make their point. According to their system of classifying friendships, they do so by “tiers” and break down what each “tier” of friendship might work like.

You have to read the article to see the details though, since their graphic to represent the tiers doesn’t include much information:

So yeah, go to that article if you want to read more. But that’s not it! One of the coolest parts I found was the one below. We see a lot of charts about unhealthy/problematic romantic relationships, but I feel like there’s not much on unhealthy/problematic friendships, even though they certainly exist. Again, read the article to learn more, but this is the chart they included:

And as you can see, things like “lust” and “unrequited love” are included on the low friendship health list, but the unhealthy friendships don’t have to fit that list 100%. Some bullet points will fit your friendship, and others won’t. 

After that, the article goes on to describe 10 different types of common friendships. Undoubtedly more friendship types beyond those 10 will exist, but it might help you as a guideline.

That’s what I could find! If anyone else knows of more great friendship charts, please let me know about it and I’ll repost the information.