four mile canyon


BRACE FOR PICSPAM! If you don’t want to see cool photos of forests and stairs and graffiti and spooky old buildings tumblr save “Murphy Ranch Trail” ‘cause there are a buncha posts coming.

Today we decided to hike the trail to Murphy Ranch! Established in 1933 by one “Herr Schmidt”, a Nazi sympathizer claiming his psychic visions warned him America was going to lose WWII and that it was his duty to build an HQ for Hitler in the US, the compound was swiftly investigated by the FBI and repossessed by the city. Not long after, the land was repurposed into what I’m told was a right-wing artists’ colony but has sat decomposing in the woods since about the 70’s. It’s got some really interesting architectural decay and tons of crazy graffiti on a pretty leisurely four mile loop through a canyon in the Santa Monica Hills.

Here’s the start of the fire road up the side of the mountain to the scary staircases that lead 300ft down to the bottom of the canyon.