four legged woman

Fandom vs. Canon: Steven universe edition
  • Fandom garnet: p cool mom with split personality
  • Canon Garnet: p cool mother figure and the strong leader. Also a fusion.
  • Fandom Amethyst: a huge meme
  • Canon: an upbeat crystal gem with an issue with confidence
  • Fandom pearl: selfish, salty, basically Satan. Thirsty 24/7
  • Canon pearl: occasionally jealous of people who got attention from the woman she died for recklessly countless times. Elegant and a perfectionist.
  • Fandom Steven: some kid who likes memes or something. he's not very interesting.
  • Canon Steven: an upbeat child who is training with the gems. Hopes to be like his mother who basically died for him to live.
  • Fandom Lapis: sweet precious child who loves Steven to death and Peridot's booty call
  • Canon Lapis: freed prisoner who was imprisoned shortly after. Despises the gems and sees Steven as a friend. Tries to protect him from jasper by staying as a four legged green woman.
  • Fandom Peridot: MLG gamer who also needs to be protected. Completely trusted by the gems and even lives with them. Lapis' booty call.
  • Canon Peridot: despises the gems for destroying her stuff, wants all of them dead. Probably just wants a paycheck and to be safe.
  • Fandom Jasper: a garnet clone with an orange color swap.
  • Canon Jasper: an escort for peridot with a short fuse. Very violent and strong. Wants everyone dead.