four legged walk cycle

Some basics for making a 4-legged walk cycle

This is about as far as you can possibly simplify a four-legged walk cycle. These are the four key frame poses I start with.

Forward –> Middle –> Back –> Bending Middle 

Notice that the back leg and front leg go through the same basic motion, just at opposite times. This is also true for the right and left sides, so the front right leg is synchronized with the back left leg.

Another detail, which is really simple, but harder to catch is that when the legs are pointing directly down, the body is higher up. (A flag pole that’s directly vertical will reach higher into the air than one that’s leaning against a wall)


Slow motion animation reference of a hyena walking. The video is shot at 240 fps, about 10x slower than normal speed. Reference for animators and animation students.