four legged family

The Lebeau Clan’s Four-Legged Family Members

Oliver a.k.a. THE ASSHOLE

There’s no way around it, Oliver’s a fucking awful cat. He’s learned to put up with Rogue and the children, but he’ll only ever truly love Remy. He issued a silent protest when Anna moved in by peeing on every surface of the apartment. Rogue, in retaliation, kept scaring him with a cucumber as soon as she confirmed he’s one of the cats that hate them. He has rare moments when he’ll play nice, most of the time, though, he’s ornery and unpleasant as hell, and Rogue can’t help but think that that’d be exactly how she’d be if she were a cat. In Oliver’s universe, He is at the very center of it, Remy as a distant second, and miles away, Rogue and their young, which to his credit is still light years closer than everyone else.

Lucifer a.k.a THE MORON

Lucifer’s exhausting. He is an unbearably sweet cat, when he’s not fucking shit up, especially next to the gray demon spawn, but he breaks everything he touches, and 93% of the time he’ll just look at you in the wake of his disaster with a face that just lets you know he’s truly stupid. He spazzy and playful, and everyone reluctantly adores him.


Figaro is an uber chill cat. He sleeps like twenty hours a day. He’s not particularly affectionate or ill-mannered. He likes to feel important though, and he’s super convenient with his affections. It goes something like this: Food? purr Attention? On someone that’s not me? PURR

If you try to ignore him in an effort to ‘teach him’ a ‘lesson’ he’ll throw up in your shoes.


Thibodeaux: The deaf Pitbull

Never mind the fact that she’s a female pitbull, Thibodeaux’s name stems from the occasion, many years before, when Rogue was told by Gambit that while he’d never want the “white picket fence or a dog named Thibodeaux”, he did want a future with her.

Remy finds it hilarious that he’d essentially ended up getting it. Or at least, as close a version of it a man like him would ever get. Rogue wanted to call her Daisy, but Gambit insisted.

They got her because Oli really, really wanted a puppy, and Anna had always been more of a dog person. The minute they saw her at the pound and learned about her background, well, Rogue related to the sweet pup, and that was that.

Tibby is a shy rescue dog. She was intended to become a fight dog, but she was really bad at it. She’s got scars all over her muzzel to prove it. She was also born deaf. She’s timid and sweet. The cats were wary of her at first, but she had no problem submitting to the little shits, so they allowed her to stay. She cries during storms, is terrified of balloons, and weirdly enough pineapples.

It’s hard to lose a friend, especially one as loving as Sundog was for @deoxyrebornicleic. While he’s no longer here on Earth, I’d like to think he’s up among the stars where he can chase comets and shine down on Deo.

Take the time now to appreciate and love your four-legged friends and family members. Pet your dog or cat, spend time with your hamsters and snakes and crickets. Every pet is a friend and it’s easy to forget that they may not always be with us.

R.I.P. Sundog. You’ll be remembered for the bright ball of joy you are.

Warning: Animal Abuse. Please help get justice and reblog this post and sign the petition! Every signature helps!

Hey guys, it would really mean a lot if you could all sigh this petition and reblog this post. Please help get justice for this family and their 3 dogs: Effie, Robin and Simba. Thank you so much!

October 20th, 2013, near Melfort Saskatchewan, Canada, three of our family members, our beloved dogs, were brutally killed, right in front of our driveway. These ‘dogs’, were beyond the definition of a pet, they were our children. Effie, Robin, and Simba (a loved foster dog) were all rescues, and came with us on every holiday, canoe trip, camping expedition, slept with us, and filled our days full of joy. With no exaggeration, our home life is dedicated to the happiness that comes from caring for our four legged family. Now that the anger has subsided, our life today, is very different, unsettled, and empty. The late afternoon of the 20th, after a visiting friend had left our home in the country, we never realized that our three dogs had followed the visitor’s car out to the grid road in front of our place. It was only minutes later, that someone driving on the grid, with no heart, no humanity, or concern for the archaic laws in Saskatchewan, intentionally ran down Simba dead, shot Effie only feet away, and then chased down Robin, who ran for his life and while still a puppy, shooting him dead. Three innocent lives, who only knew kindness, no fear, and love, died feeling fear and pain. This kills us. Our family members are gone, a sorrowful daily reality, which we are not over, but there are many others in this province that have been shot, abused, and neglected. Nero, the 7 week old puppy that was set on fire after having a tar like substance wiped on him, the Saint Bernard puppy that was shot by his neighbour, right in front of the owners’ children, the countless number of dog culls that happen in Northern Saskatchewan, a dead coyote stuffed into a grocery cart, and a back pack full of kittens placed under a bus tire with cruel and dire intentions, are just a few examples in a short period of time, of the cruelty animals face in this province alone. Canada’s federal animal cruelty laws have remained largely unchanged since 1892. Recent amendments (Bill S-203) increased penalties, but the scope and application remain ineffective in successfully prosecuting abusers in the first place. "Updating and improving animal protection laws not only protects animals against abuse it also protects communities against violent, anti-social behaviours that often begin with animal abuse.” Doug Ramage
Help us make strengthening the animal cruelty laws in this country (at both the federal and provincial levels), and whether it is a family pet, stray, or wildlife, a priority. Society has changed a lot since 1892, yet this does not reflect on our current animal protection laws.
- Please sign this petition, let’s not let Effie, Robin, and Simba’s death, as well as the many others, die quietly or in vain. This isn’t just animal rights, this is also human rights, people deserve the right to be confident in the laws that protect all animals. Sign and share this petition. Thank You, Amanda Holowachuk”


Thankful to be alive and have my family(four legs too) with me today. 14 years ago, my father was suppose to be in the restaurant on the very top floor of one of the World Trade Center buildings but he felt like he forgot something so he went back to his building and just as he got there, the first plane crashed. I’m so thankful my father is here today.
My heart goes out to those who lost their family members and friends today, 14 years ago. God bless all you and rest in peace to the fallen and the heroes💕