four leaf clover

I am SO happy with how this came out!!! I hope @wiishu looks beautiful enough! I really do enjoy G/t stuff and thought this might be a funny idea with those jokes about Jack being a leprechaun and the little reference to the “Whose More Likley…” video. :3 

 It’s the beginning of March and spring is on it’s way, and with it LOVE! XD These two are just the best together and I really look up to Wiishu has a fellow artist. This is my first time drawing her, but definitely not my last.

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Life isn’t always perfect or fun or easy. Even though we always try to bring the funny, sweet and absurd things our little girl says to life, sometimes she says something that stops us in our tracks.

A few weeks ago we were heading up to see my mom and Harper was so excited to see her Grandma and a few of her cousins. As we pulled into Grandma’s driveway I heard a sniffle in the back of the car. I turned around and saw a tear in Harper’s eye. I wasn’t sure what was going on and said, “What’s wrong honey? What happened?” She looked at me and simply said, “Dad, I’m just so happy. I’m lucky to have this life.”

I was having a bit of a hard day and she brought me out of my little funk and turned it all around in an instant. We are truly so lucky to have this life. Thank you Harper for reminding us not to take it for granted.