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セーラー戦士 x 四天王


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sooooo I was supposed to have finished all four of the Shitennou weeks ago but university issues decided to show up all together…
Hence….only NOW i could “finish” Jadeite… I say “finish” cause i’m still not 100% happy with it, I want to add something more and maybe make the symbolism heavier on some kind of frame…but I still had no moment of enlightment regarding that…

Well in any case, here is Jadeite, the Azure dragon of the east, represents the element of wood and his flower is the white Lily, flower of beauty and purity.

The Four Heavenly Kings

Okay, so in Buddhism, there are four heavenly kings, and they look after the four directional points, namely, north, east, south, and west. 

They look somethin’ like this:

These gods can be found in many countries that have Buddhists, including Korea, Japan, Burma, VIetnam, Tibet, Mongolia, you get the idea.

Anyways, lemme introduce them to all of you.

There’s 多闻天王 Duō Wén Tiān Wáng, who looks somethin’ like this: 

This dude here, is, obvsly the leader and the protector of the north. His special weapon is, well, an umbrella, and if you think it’s a lame-ass weapon, it actually proves to be useful in battle (more about that later.) He is also another god of wealth and is associated with green and yellow.

Then, there’s this guy, Zēng Zhǎng Tiān Wáng, or King of the South

He’s the dude who is also the ruler of the wind, and makes sure that roots grow. This dude has a sword, and he’s associated with the colour blue. Oh and uh, his responsibility is guarding the Dharma of the southern continent.

It’s a complicated word, but in this case, it means cosmic law and order, yo.

This guy is Chí Guó Tiān Wáng

He is King of the East and has a bad-ass guitar  pipa  as a weapon. He’s the kind dude who wants everyone to chill and convert to Buddhism with his tunes, and he’s associated wit’ the colour white.

And of course, the last guy, the King of the West is Guăng Mù Tiān Wáng. He’s a parseltongue snake handler, though sometimes, the snake is shown as a red cord that changes into a dragon. He is associated wit’ the colour red, and is in charge of seeing who hasn’t converted, and then, persuadin’ them to be Buddhist, fo’realz. His name means, “dude who has wide objectives“.

Next: The Four Heavenly Kings Do Battle.


Here’s something that I’ve been wondering about for a while.

The Top 4 Wizard Saints are called the “Four Emperors of Ishgal” in English, but in Japanese they’re イシュガルの四天王. The term 四天王 usually refers to the Four Heavenly Kings, four Buddhist deities that are extremely well-known in China/Japan/etc.

In addition, one of the Four Heavenly Kings is known as “he who causes to grow.” Now I know that this refers to many things that aren’t plants, but isn’t it plausible that Warrod might be based on him? And could this mean that the other three of the top four wizard saints might be based on the other Heavenly Kings?

Listen up, people from THAT side of the fandom who are bitching about whitewashing.

Please explain to me, how is it possible for Kunzite to get whitewashed in Crystal? Because unless you didn’t understand the picture, Sailor Moon Crystal is based on the manga.

The manga is the first version, the original version, of Sailor Moon. That means that anything that is different from it in another version that’s based off of it would be going against what the creator of Sailor Moon intended.

Now tell me, if Kunzite is light-skinned in the manga, and then he gets adapted in Crystal as light-skinned as well, where is the whitewashing?

Because so far, all that I’m seeing is a racebent Kunzite only in the 90s anime. Oh, a friendly reminder, the 90s anime is NOT the original version of Sailor Moon, and Sailor Moon Crystal is NOT going against what Sailor Moon stands for when it doesn’t make characters a race they weren’t in the source material, neither is it whitewashing.


Mamoru and the Shitennou | Warriors

Song: Imagine Dragons - Warriors
Footage: Sailor Moon Crystal
Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Toriko: 4 Heavenly Kings as Kids

Okay, for a while now, I had this picture in my head, and all I could think was about how much these four lovely dorks have grown.

But then I suddenly remembered that Coco was the oldest so Zebra, Toriko, and Sunny must have once looked up ( not physically, Zebra and Toriko are still tall compared to him) to Coco as a big brother. That’s just a headcanon. We don’t quite know. But just like him, he’s acting so smart and mature it makes my heart beat.

But just imagine that.


But let’s continue on. I think that as these guy grow taller and the height gap and weight gap increases, Coco suddenly sees how much they’ve grown up and it’s like ‘woah, Zebra and Toriko are lots taller than me and now I weigh the least out of all of us.’  It’s like a huge transition you know, to suddenly see that you’re a bit behind everyone else and physical standards.

I imagine Zebra starting to learn foul language and just uses it more and more often, and everyone who didn’t know at the time what cuss words were just thought it was normal, but Coco probably knew something and maybe Zebra’s a sailor and Coco just cringes at them. Toriko and Sunny wouldn’t know until someone told them.

Toriko would be more of a I’m-so-proud-of-where-you-are result for Coco because I honestly feels like they’re closer than the other 4 because Toriko is a respectful person with some pretty great traits. Maybe Coco would look and realize how much he’s grown.

Sunny might become more and more of a priss, but Coco probably just sorta goes along with Sunny’s get-away-poison-freak act while knowing deep down, Sunny cares for all of them.

I just kinda see Coco as the mature older brother who appreciates all his younger siblings despite suddenly kinda shrinking compared to the other guys.

I just think they all care for each other, and that’s just really sweet, you know.

So here’s some fluff for your day, cause Coco is one of my children.

Have a good day!