four heavenly kings


セーラー戦士 x 四天王

sooooo I was supposed to have finished all four of the Shitennou weeks ago but university issues decided to show up all together…
Hence….only NOW i could “finish” Jadeite… I say “finish” cause i’m still not 100% happy with it, I want to add something more and maybe make the symbolism heavier on some kind of frame…but I still had no moment of enlightment regarding that…

Well in any case, here is Jadeite, the Azure dragon of the east, represents the element of wood and his flower is the white Lily, flower of beauty and purity.


美少女戦士セーラームーン (PC Engine)



Listen up, people from THAT side of the fandom who are bitching about whitewashing.

Please explain to me, how is it possible for Kunzite to get whitewashed in Crystal? Because unless you didn’t understand the picture, Sailor Moon Crystal is based on the manga.

The manga is the first version, the original version, of Sailor Moon. That means that anything that is different from it in another version that’s based off of it would be going against what the creator of Sailor Moon intended.

Now tell me, if Kunzite is light-skinned in the manga, and then he gets adapted in Crystal as light-skinned as well, where is the whitewashing?

Because so far, all that I’m seeing is a racebent Kunzite only in the 90s anime. Oh, a friendly reminder, the 90s anime is NOT the original version of Sailor Moon, and Sailor Moon Crystal is NOT going against what Sailor Moon stands for when it doesn’t make characters a race they weren’t in the source material, neither is it whitewashing.


Mamoru and the Shitennou | Warriors

Song: Imagine Dragons - Warriors
Footage: Sailor Moon Crystal
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