four generation

“I couldn’t live a week without a private library - indeed, I’d part with all my furniture and squat and sleep on the floor before I’d let go of the 1500 or so books I possess.”  
 ―    H.P. Lovecraft

The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake (1959) - not written by H.P. Lovecraft

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Now im rly curious about how the earrings are significant~ 👀 - vixxo anon

“For some, the pain is unbearable the first time.”

“For others, they try to stake it out and keep it on.”

“Maybe they did try to stake it out, but it hurt more as they went through.”

“Maybe the only way to remove the pain is to remove the memories.”

“It’s something I’ve seen my family go through.“

“And I hope I won’t ever have to experience that type of loss.”

Reason's the government should be paying for Adamus to have forty therapists

-His own father had him put into a medical coma for the sake of deliberately breaking his mind against someone else’s

-He met a dead girl while doing this and proceeded to hallucinate her conscious memory for two or so years

-He was indoctrinated into toxic ideals at a young age and this girl led to him not only questioning but openly defying these ideals and rewriting his entire moral code on the turn of a dime

-During this medical coma he slept through his entire puberty and possibly stunted his growth

-His brother and sister both see him as a homewrecker

-Both his brother and his father attempted to kill him

-Was tossed down a ravine not once but twice

-Was buried alive not once but TWICE

-Watched two children die in front of his eyes after trying to save them

-His own mother disowned him

-His dog died

-He was forced to kill his own father who had, for eighteen years, groomed him to be his heir and successor and put an insane amount of pressure on him for something he never actually attained

-Sacrificed his entire life and culture for the sake of helping people he didn’t even know and instead of being rewarded for it he was punished along with the people that now hated him

-Literally lives in a prison camp

-He’s only nineteen years old

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10 Days of TNG: Favorite Episode
↳ “Brothers”

if i hear the term ‘special snowflake generation’ one more time i might actually scream

Random Starters!

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  • “Does your masochism extend to an enjoyment of being put in your place like the little bitch you are?”
  • “I’m going to furiously shit lava onto your phone if you text me another three hundred Japanese emoji.”
  • “What the fuck is swiping left and swiping right? I don’t fucking swipe anything, fuck that subtle shit. If I see it I take it and I don’t give a FUCK who’s looking, it’s mine.“
  • “I was using my Grandma’s computer and the last three searches on google were for the price of rat poison, some quotes on cheep funerals, and what the best dating sites are. Should I be worried about Grandpa?”
  • “Once I get paid that Hello Kitty Assault Rifle is MINE.”
  • “Godzilla must have a dick the size of a Winnebago, but we never get to see it? COME-ON TOHO COMPANY, GIVE US THE BUS SIZED LIZARD DICK”
  • “I am a gift from god himself, a treasure amongst you heathens, and I deserve to be fed as such.”
  • “Some people just, eat onions? Like they’re apples? Like they take a fucking bite out of an onion like it’s nothing? How do you fuck up as a person like that?”
  • “How do you super glue a four generation family tree back to its stump? Asking for a friend. His name is Redwood.”
  • “Nobody invited me out, which is too bad for them because my presence is a grace upon your otherwise lifeless existences.”
  • “You commit so much property damage when you’re drunk we should just call you Hurricane Fuckface.”
  • “You ever see a cake so beautiful you wanna fuck it? That’s how I felt when I ate my first phallic cake.”
  • “Having the flu isn’t an excuse to lay around all day sniffling. You know what would make you feel better? Infecting complete strangers, that’s what. Let’s go bowling!!”
  • “I!! Am not!! A person!! NO!!!”
  • “My friend tried to pull the ‘dick in the box’ joke on me, and then I kicked it. Now he’s in the hospital.”
  • “I tried to fuck an apple pie like in that one movie. It was pretty nice, until the next day when I found out I had a yeast infection.”
  • “Good morning. The cat took a shit in your shoes. Both of them. What do you want for breakfast?”
  • “Eat my food again and I’ll fling you into the sun by your ankles.”
  • “You know someone who’s like, sort of ugly, sort of okay looking, but then their personality just pushes it over the edge and they’re just ugly? That’s you.”
  • “Here lies your reputation, in the trash next to the empty bear bottles and a dead raccoon.”
  • “Yeah asshole, reading my diary was EXACTLY the key to mending our relationship.”
  • “Ever since I let you borrow my laptop, Google won’t stop giving me ads for ammonia in bulk and empty storage lots nearby. What exactly were you doing last weekend?”