four for you rtd

It really fucking irritates me that Moffat stans are all “god RTD did stupid shit too” and make people criticizing Moffat feel like they have to put down RTD or defend themselves in some way.  But it’s just such complete bullshit, for a couple of reasons.

For one, we all fucking know RTD wasn’t perfect.  I have plenty of issues with his messianic Doctor theme, even if the point was to cut it down regularly, and there’s plenty of ways characterization could have been improved or done differently.  Everyone knows that.  That doesn’t change the fact that Moffat is a complete fucking misogynistic prick and has not problems puking it all over his writing and then trying to hide it in lens flare.  And that’s still a fucking problem.  Cutting down the previous showrunner won’t change that.  Quit fucking whining.

For two, it never ceases to amaze me how much of Moffat’s era is this lukewarm, desiccated version of RTD’s.  Because the things RTD did right you’re now praising Moffat for, even though it makes no sense now.  So much of what he does is really awful self-fulfillment fanfiction.  He takes moments that were innovative or at least original with one Doctor and Companion mix, and then destroys it trying to recreate it.  Even the line in the trailer, “I’m the Doctor, and I save people” is from fucking NEW EARTH.

Maybe we would stop praising RTD’s storytelling over Moffat’s if he a) wasn’t shit and b) didn’t try to make up for being shit by warping everyone else’s creations.