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how do i break into the book world of tumblr? i adore books so much and hadnt realized until recently how many book blogs there were on here! i didnt realize they were so abundant, they were hiding from me, haha. so how do i break my way into your world and become book buddies with you all???

Step one: Have a kickass bookish url. Having a url that people can see at a glance and KNOW that you’re a book blog, you’re have a better chance at getting followers

Step two: Talk to other bookers! And not the “hey I’m new follow me follow me follow me notice me” stuff. I understand being new and wanting to wedge yourself in. Trust me, I was that girl just a few months ago. If you see someone posting pictures/text posts of your favourite book/author/otp everything else, message them and talk to them about it! I’ve followed plenty of people just because they messaged me and talked to me about books.

Step three: have quality posts. If you want to be a book blog, then post about books. Feel free to have some other stuff on there too, but if it’s going to be ¼ books and ¾ superwholock cumberpatch, you’re not going to get a ton of book bloggers to follow you, sorry

Step four: Reblog other posts but also make your own! If you love taking pictures of your books, I highly suggest participating in the lovely books-cupcakes book photo challenges. They are fun and you can get your pictures out there and get some followers that way!

Step four: if you can get a niche other than books but also being bookish, you’re golden. tilly-and-her-books’s is having like 13 billion books and taking great pictures. bookmad and c-parks are a niche of their own just because The Couple of book bloggers. the-book-ferret has ferrets. I have ducks. what-lovely-books and books-wrote-my-story have being my bffffff’s or something. Having a niche gets people to notice you. Do you know how many people I have never even seen on Tumblr have sent me a message calling me Ducky? I don’t even know who these people are and they know me for ducks.

Step five: Just remember that your follower count does not dictate if you are a good blogger or not. I follow some people that have less than 200 followers but are like MY FAVE. On my personal blog I followed people with like 7K followers and just sucked tbh. If you have 100 followers but are having fun and talking to great people, you re doing a good job. If you have 25K followers but don’t talk to anyone or are rude to people that talk to you: why????

If/when you make your blog, let me know! I’d love to follow you. Good luck, pal