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My Shot - Arthur Pendragon

Fic #3 of the Hamilton Prompts
Song: My Shot

You woke up to the sunlight shining in your eyes, which was confusing for two reasons. One: usually one of the servants woke you up before then. Two: Arthur wasn’t in bed next to you. He always got you up when he did. He was in the room, however. You could hear him changing behind the screen. You picked up your pillow and threw it at the screen. It knocked over and Arthur shouted.

“What the hell?” he asked, poking his head out. You shrugged and smirked at him. He shook his head and was clearly trying to fight off the smile growing on his face. 


“Good morning,” he said, walking out from behind the screen. He pulled his shirt over his head, so you only got a glimpse of his abs. 

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

“I wanted to watch you sleep.” You snorted. “I also was waiting for this to arrive.” Merlin stepped in and handed Arthur a rather large box. Merlin waited there, an eager smile on his face until Arthur shot him a look. You gigged as Merlin walked away.

“What’s that?” you asked.

“For you,” Arthur said, walking towards the bed. He sat down on the bed and handed you the box. You twisted your lips and studied him.


“I can’t just by something because I love you?”

“No, you can and that’s a very kind thought, but I can’t help but wonder what your ulterior motives are.” Arthur looked at you plainly, clearly trying to show you that he was being honest. 

Normally, you wouldn’t be this demanding when Arthur did something sweet, but you two hadn’t been getting along so well lately. Arthur was challenged to a duel with a man who had already killed four knights. You begged Arthur not to take it up, but he wouldn’t hear of it. He said if you didn’t like it you didn’t have to be there. 

Ever since then, he had been trying to make up for that exchange.

“Well thank you,” you said, lifting the lid off to reveal a gorgeous green gown. “Oh, Arthur, it’s gorgeous.” You leaned forward and hugged him. Arthur held on to your back firmly and didn’t let go for a longer time than usual. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” he said after kissing you. “You’ll wear it today?”

“Sure.” He grinned and stood up.

“Good. I’ll see you a little later, okay?” You nodded and he was gone, off to a meeting with some of his knights.

You had changed into the gown and had spent time helping out Gauis. A week earlier, a village on the far side of the kingdom had lost all of their crops in a large fire, so you were housing them and healing the burn victims. However, it was past noon now and you hadn’t eaten anything yet. You expected to find Arthur in the throne room to invite him to lunch with you, but as you were walking back towards the castle, your attention was drawn by a sword fight. 

More accurately, your attention was drawn by a sparring between the knights. This was odd because they usually trained in the morning, not the afternoon. You walked towards them, finding that Arthur was facing Gwaine right now. You stood next to Elyan who smiled over at you.

“Hello, Y/N,” he said. A second later, his smile fell and everyone looked over at you. Arthur and Gwaine even stopped fighting. Arthur pulled off his helmet and looked at you.

“What are you doing here?”

“Am I not allowed?” you asked, looking around nervously. 

“No. Of course you are, we were just-”

“Busy,” Gwaine said. You looked over at him and he smiled. 

“Busy training?” you asked. He nodded and your head snapped back to Arthur. “I thought we were past this,” you said. He rolled his eyes and walked towards the other side of the field. He took a drink, but you didn’t stop looking at him. “Arthur.”

“Now’s not the time.”

“When would you like to talk about this? Later today when you’re slain.”

“I’m not going to die!” he yelled. Your face hardened and you shook your head. Now it made sense why he had given you the dress. You continued to shake your head to stop yourself from screaming or crying and walked towards the castle. “Y/N. Wait.”

You didn’t. You were already inside when Arthur finally did catch up to you. He grabbed onto your arm when you didn’t turn around, but still you pulled your arm away. 

“Y/N, please,” he said. You sighed. You were already half way up the stairs. You caved and looked at him.


“I didn’t want to hide this from you.”

“I don’t know how you thought you could have. I live here, too.”

“I know. It was foolish of me to try.” You sighed and smiled a little. “But I have to do this.”

“No you don’t.” He sighed and sat down on the steps, putting his head in his hands.

“You don’t understand.” You mimicked his movements and sat next to him. You scooted closer until your knees were touching.

“Explain it to me. What don’t I understand?” He looked up at you and you nodded once, encouraging him. 

“It’s time that I prove myself to the people. Not just a handful of them, and not just with my name.” 

“Arthur, you’ve already done that.”

“On a small scale. But with this tournament, I could finally prove myself to them.”

“But you won’t get to prove anything to them if you die.”

“You don’t have any faith in me.”

“Yes I do,” you said, taking his hand in yours. “But I also care about you and love you. I don’t want to watch you kill yourself just to prove something you don’t have to. You’re already a great king, Arthur, you don’t have to do anything extra. Just wait, the-”

I’m past patiently waiting, Y/N! I’m going to passionately smash every expectation set on me. Every action I take is an act of creation. I’m laughing in the face of casualties and sorrow, for the first time, I’m thinking past tomorrow.”

“So am I. I’m thinking about a tomorrow without you.”

“Think about a tomorrow with a better king.”

“You already are a better king than you were yesterday. I already imagine you like that.”

I’m not throwing away my shot, Y/N,” he said finally. You frowned and looked down at your entwined hands. 

“I know.” You released his hand and stood up. He looked up at you hopefully as you walked up the stairs. You went into your room, and Arthur didn’t follow. You sat there for a long time until it was nearly tournament time.n;t 

Although every fiber of your body was telling you not to go, you went. You found Merlin and had him bring you to the tent where Arthur was getting ready in. He looked surprised to see you, but still smiled. 

“Hi,” you said. 

“Hi. Could you give us a minute?” he asked Merlin. He nodded and scooted out of the tent.

“Need help?” you asked, already walking forward to tighten his armor. He stood still as you worked, and smiled when you pulled away.

“Thank you. I didn’t think you were coming.”

“Of course I came.” You held your breath as you looked at him. He frowned a little and you immediately ran into his arms. It was hard to hug him like this. Arthur was muscular, but he was soft and warm to hug. Every part of his body would curl and form into yours - yet, in this armor, he was hard and closed off. That didn’t stop you from holding on tight.

“I love you,” he said.

“And I believe in you,” you whispered. He hugged you tighter, which you didn’t think was possible. A horn sounded from outside, signaling that it was time for the match. “Time to take your shot,” you said. He nodded. “Good luck.”

You walked out to the stands and took a seat. You watched as Arthur walked out onto the field, and waited for the other night. You felt your breath catch in your throat when you saw him, and tried to remember how hard and cold Arthur felt when you hugged him. No one could hurt something like that, you told yourself. 

You watched in horror as they fought, each blow making you flinch. Near the end, you were sure you were about to watch the love of your life die, but the knight’s sword slipped magically and Arthur delivered a killer blow. The crowd went insane, but you couldn’t scream. In fact, you felt like crying. 

Arthur pulled off his helmet and nodded at you first. You nodded back and you could see him sigh. Arthur rose up, and he would continue to rise up.

Timing is Everything

The famous Cleveland Street scandal, which involved the discovery of a homosexual male brothel by London police, began in July 1889. Sex between men was illegal; clients faced persecution and social exclusion if found out.

Arthur Conan Doyle met Oscar Wilde at a publisher’s dinner in August 1889, during the height of the Cleveland Street scandal. Conan Doyle liked Wilde; afterwards he called it “a golden evening.”

The Sign of Four appeared in print in February 1890. In the story, John Watson, previously a bachelor, is presented with a potential (and eventual) wife.

The Picture of Dorian Gray was published in July 1890; the original version contained a reference to the Cleveland Street scandal. The novel was later used against Wilde at his trials for the text’s allusions to homoeroticism.


Reader and John are going on a blind date together. But bump into each other before they get to the restaurant

“Do I have to go!” John yelled from the kitchen. Arthur and Polly walked in. Arthur laughed and Polly smirked.

“Yes. You fucking do! Or do you want to be scared of women your whole life?” Polly told him with a slap on the back.

“Shut up. I’m not scared of women!” John yelled at Polly. She laughed and lit her cigarette.

“Is that why you haven’t had a proper fuck with a girl in what is it? Four years. You can’t mourn forever.” Arthur told him.

“Shut up!” John retaliated.

“She’s a nice girl. I made sure there wasn’t any dirt on her, she lives around here but her father owns a factory so she cleans up nice. But she’s a brummie through and through, wouldn’t leave her home even when her father got loaded and moved to a big house. She’s nice but wants to meet someone. She won’t know it’s a Peaky Boy so don’t scare her.” Arthur told him.

“Sounds like a stuck up bitch if you ask me.” John muttered and Polly hit him.

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aliciatheanimefreak  asked:

USUK proposal gone wrong but in the end it it turns out okay, please.

thank you for the prompt! this was really fun to write, i hope you like it! ;3

Will you…? 

They were leaving the mall’s food court, hand in hand and smiles on their faces. It was their fourth year anniversary, and as such they had decided to do the exact same thing they had done during their first date, all those years ago.

First, they had walked around the mall, looking around stores and trying to win prizes in the arcade, obviously just losing money instead. Then, a quick meal at the food court - a good old Big Mac and milkshake for dessert. After that, they’d go back to Arthur’s apartment, where they would watch a bad movie and make out. That’s what they were doing when Alfred just stopped walking. Arthur turned back in surprise, his eyes widening when his boyfriend grinned and then kneeled before him, taking a small box from his pocket.

Behind him, some strangers stopped walking and held a huge poster saying “WILL YOU MARRY ME, ARTHUR?”

Arthur froze.

He looked around and there were many eyes on them. On him. Waiting to see his reaction. Arthur saw one of them draw a phone to take a picture and that was it. That was too much. He couldn’t do it. He just couldn’t.

He shook his head, breathing heavily, and ran.

Alfred stood there, shocked, the box still open in his hand.

That was a no.

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No Second Chances - Alternate Ending

Summary: You were still learning to be a hunter when you fell in love with your colleague Arthur Ketch. Your situation wasn’t easy in the first place, your feelings were just making it harder. Though nothing could have prepared you for what you were about to witness. 

Words: 1807

Pairings: Arthur Ketch x Reader/ slight Arthur Ketch x Mary/ Mick Davies x Reader

Warnings: Angsty, Smut, Unprotected sex, oral sex

A/N: So this was party requested by @bloodstained-porcelain-doll but also an idea I had while writing part three. This is what I like to describe as “What could have happened if I didn’t decide to be an asshole” and picks up at Part Three. You will find quite some passages of Part Three in here, BUT I changed a few things as well and, of course, the ending is different as well. Enjoy.


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anonymous asked:

Not sure if this has been done, but can I request 38 and 110 (Reader to Merlin)? As angsty and/or fluffy as possible! Side note, I hope everything gets better for you! You're one of my favorite blogs and I check in almost every day! Its such good content, I can never get enough!

Pairing: Reader x Merlin.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 654
Prompts: “Stop looking at me like that.” / “If you walk out that door, don’t you dare think about coming back.”
A/N: I apologise for this…

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No Second Chances - Part Three

Summary: You were still learning to be a hunter when you fell in love with your colleague Arthur Ketch. Your situation wasn’t easy in the first place, your feelings were just making it harder. Though nothing could have prepared you for what you were about to witness.

Words: 1454

Pairings: Arthur Ketch x Reader, slight Arthur Ketch x ???

Warnings: Angst, brief smut mention, blood mention, injury 


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the story of how you met: the sign of the four

1889, the year Arthur Conan Doyle sat down with an American publishing agent for Lippincott’s monthly magazine in discussing commission to create new works of fiction. At the same table, Oscar Wilde. The results of the meeting: The Sign of the Four and The Picture of Dorian Gray.

While The Sign of the Four was where Mary Morstan arrived at 221B as a client and left as Ms. Watson, the story actually began with The Science of Deduction, a chapter that brought us the following iconic moments in BBC Sherlock:

Dr. Watson’s mounting worries and frustrations over Holmes’ seven-percent-solution in TAB following this;

The little domestic at 221B in TGG following this;

And the deduction of Harry Watson’s watch which became the mobile phone in ASiP which led to this;

The chapter ended with Holmes standing by the window complaining to Dr. Watson that he cannot live without brain-work. Basically this scene from TGG without John leaving the flat.

Mary Morstan made her appearance at 221B then in The Sign of the Four. But in TGG, we got this instead:

Boom. The Empty House, blown up to bits. This moment marked the actual arrival of Jim Moriarty and the case of Carl Powers in Sherlock, which was being equated to the arrival of Mary Morstan and the case of Agra treasure in The Sign of the Four. It was also the birth of the smiley face that remained constant and unchanging until TFP.

Curious, isn’t it?

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I Do

“Arthur, where are we going?” You laugh as he pulls you along down the road. You had been with Arthur for six short months, but to you it felt like you had known him for all of eternity. You and Arthur had met in school, and were never really close until you were at the pub on the same day, and some mutual friends of yours were daring you two to kiss. You drunkly did planted your lips on his, which ironically  was the most sure thing you had ever done in your life, next to dating the infamous Arthur Shelby who usually scared rather normal girls like you away. You were both only 25, in love, and no one could deny you of that.

“Wait Y/N, you’ll see!” He says as you find yourselves at the opening of a beautiful field of flowers, the sun just beginning it’s color descent.

“Woah.” You manage to say, the two of you silent as you take in the sight. “This view is breathtaking!” You say again.

“Yeah, sure is.” Arthur says, his eyes never leaving you. 

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“First rule of magic: always he the smartest person in the room.”

Now You See Me 2 the settle to the surpringly good first movie is directed by Jon M. Chu (Step Up 2, GIJOE 2) and written by Ed Solomon (Bill & Ted, Now You See Me, Men in Black, Charlie’s Angels, Super Mario Bros). Let me get this out of my system now… It should have been called, Now You Don’t! But I understand that would completely fly over any audience members who haven’t seen and like the first movie. Well, for those of you who haven’t seen it, it is essentially a comedy action thriller about a group of performance magicians (like Chris Angel and David Blaine, Lance Burton, etc.) who are paired together by a mystical calling. Each one possess their own style of magic, and together they form this apparently magical super group called, The Four Horseman. The mystery element is actually quite a fun and exciting caper, with quite the ridiculously good ending reveal. There’s no way you will catch the “tell” throughout the movie, and by the end, it’s so crazy you might not have expected it. It is a fun time, with likeable characters, I highly recommend it. I own it on Bluray, if that means anything. The sequel picks up 18 months after the ending revelation of the first, as The Four Horseman are now underground, on the run from government activity and suspicion. There demand and popularity among the public are at an all time high in success. There is one casting replacement from pretty Isla Fisher to the attractive Lizzy Caplan, as apparently Isla’s character left in the movie. The rest remain the same. It will be difficult to reveal certain plot points or criticisms without spoiling it, but I’ll do my best. An old enemy comes back into their now continued successful lives, and the magical mystery begins unraveling once more, as they need to band up with new friends to discover the secret.


- Woody Harrelson (Natural Born Killers, True Detective, Zombieland, No Country for Old Men, Seven Psychopaths, Triple 9, Out of the Furnace, Defendor, The People vs Larry Flynt, Kingpin, The Thin Red Line, Semi-Pro, 2012, Rampart, Hunger Games, *War on the Planet of the Apes)

- Mark Ruffalo (Collateral, Zodiac, The Avengers, Spotlight, Shutter Island, Brothers Bloom, Foxcatcher, Begin Again)

- Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network, Zombieland, The End of the Tour, American Ultra, Adventureland, The Double, BvS, Rio, *Cafe Society)

- Lizzy Caplan (Cloverfield, Mean Girls, The Interview, Masters of Sex, The Night Before)

- Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter, Horns, Kill Your Darlings, *Swiss Army Man)

- Dave Franco (Neighbors, 21 Jump Street, Fright Night, Warm Bodies, *The Masterpiece)

- Morgan Freeman (Se7en, Shawshank Redemption, Unforgiven, Gone Baby Gone, Bruce Almighty, The Dark Knight trilogy, Amistad, The Bucket List, Oblivion, Lucky Number Slevin, Olympus/London Has Fallen, Robin Hood, RED, Lucy, Outbreak)

The biggest problem I had with this accepted sequek was that it became to incomprehensible and wacky that I lost some respect and admiration. Wherein the first movie actually gave reasoning and showed parlor tricks, giving us a hint of how things occurred, a plausibility (like a magician), the sequel was blown out of proportions. Although I will give director Chu credit with infusing his Chinese heritage in placing the story in Macau, as well as giving the movie elements of Ocean’s Eleven panache and flare, the plot was very convoluted. Every magic trick has three parts as we learn in Christopher Nolan’s best film, The Prestige: the pledge, the turn, and the prestige. Now You See Me 2 succeeds in the pledge, it falters towards the end of the pledge by not allowing us to get insight and wonder, and it fails in giving us the magical Prestige. No matter how cool and suave the acting and tricks were, I was pulling at air to understand how some of them were even possible. It seems as if the universe of the movie became full on magical, and I’m okay with that for the future, I was just expecting the movie to continue its theme of Robin Hood-esque playable explainable tricks and illusions over unknown magic.


+ Main Cast

+ Woody Harrelson

+ style

+ Special Effects

+ Security check heist sequence


- Daniel Radcliffe

- Plot

- Ridiculously ludicrous at times

Although the plot was very convoluted, bouncing around the world, literally, I had a entertaining time. I feel like I had a funner time watching this movie than Warcraft. I still recommend watching the first movie, as I feel it is superior to the sequel in both strayed and style. But yes, even with a crazy very mixed character wise plot zooming from China to US, to London, etc. the actors did very well. I really liked the group as a whole, as their comraderie was very prevalent and led their pursuits. Individually they have their string suits, and together they form a much more cohesive and slick moving unit. The one downside in the acting of the man group was that they did not get the single moments to shine. The sequel does give you a 5min intro summary to catch up, but it also expects you to already be familiarized and welcoming of the Horsemen. The first movie gave them their moments to shine alone, but that’s because they had to be depicted as selfish and isolated to get the inevitable unlikely heroes banded together vibe. The rivalry between Eisenberg and Harrelson was still present as they play around with each other, mirrored to Franco’s greenhorn rookie fitting in. New entry, Lizzy Caplan does a good job at jumping in on the already close knit group. She serves as the comedic relief, and I’d say she pulled it off rather well, along with proving to be independent in no need of the men to back her up. Each of the Horsemen have their magical specialty whether it be hipnosis or card tricks or more, and each element is thrown in. On the supporting side, Mark Ruffalo brings his A game once again, proving that he can bring heart, emotion, and intensity to any role he chooses. Opposite him, Morgan Freeman surprisingly does not phone it in, as his smooth talking, one step ahead type character was legitimately fun to hear and watch. I was a hit disappointed with Daniel Radcliffe and the lack of Harry Potter inside jokes haha. His character served as the sort of antagonist billionaire baddie with infinite resources and thugs. There were elements of a lackluster Bond villain if he were to be much younger. Radcliffe didn’t really convince me, nor did he impress really. Once again, it is the Four Horsemen you want to watch, and I’d say they deliver in the entertainment field.

Some other aspects I thought note worthy, we’re the action and special effects. They looked both stylish and very cool, but like the tricks, when questioned, you don’t get an answer or possibility out of them. Some of the scenes were so out there that you just had to role with the punches this sequel preps over the initial movie. Don’t get me wrong, when the Horsemen did their acts and magic tricks, although they were legit magic at times, I had fun watching it occur (especially the card tricks). Where all these effects and magic seem to be headed is in the direction of a full out magical element underneath our known world. At this point, it seems like The Horsemen are actual magician sorcerers who can bend rules of reality. So if the likely third installment unveils the curtain and shows us the trick underneath completely and magically, I think they’d be accepted. Continuing along the path of saying they are merely illusions is not going to cut it anymore. Just go ahead and bring us the real magic, and hell, a evil sorcerer villain. It’ll be perfectly acceptable, as Dr. Strange is going to bring us back to some magicians on screen.

Overall, I had a good time with this lengthy magician comedy heist. I definetly think it is worth a watch, preferably after you watch the first movie. There are elements carried over from the first movie, but nothing that will leave you in the blind from not seeing it. Of course, you will miss the inside jokes, group mentality, and big plot twist by not seeing the first, but it is not mandatory. I’d say that Now You See Me 2 fits into the universe of the very style over logical substance of the latter Fast and the Furious. Once again, where the first movie actually allowed us to wonder and believe soon of the tricks were real, the sequel blows out all the windows and settles for anything is possible, nothing needs to be explained. With all that said, it is exciting, fun, Las Vegas cool, and has a very likeable group of characters.

7/10 & B$A


The Devil and the Dead: Chapter Seven

Based on @ectoimp‘s absorbing AU sketches (Most of which can be found here!).  

I’m giving credit and kudos to @arthur-tristan-kingsmen, @phantoms-lair, @answrs and of course, the illustrious @ectoimp for some of the discourse which guided the idea from vague AU to the story that does not want to stop running through my head. And for constantly adding new cute headcanons that are promising to make this longer.

Summary:  At first all he knew was darkness— rage, pain and the ultimate sting of betrayal.  And then Lewis opened his eyes…

Back to Chapter Six

Chapter Seven: Re’living’ History

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You can find the playlist here

The Truth      ///     James Arthur

Come Home      ///     OneRepublic

Embers     ///     Owl City

Something I Need     ///     OneRepublic

Figure Me Out     ///     The Summer Set

Superman     ///     American Authors

Won’t Stop Running     ///     A Great Big World

Raging Fire     ///     Phillip Phillips

Not Right Now     ///     Jason Gray

Somebody Who Loves You     ///     Betty Who

Story of Your Life     ///     Five For Fighting

Preacher     ///     OneRepublic

Remember Who I Was     ///     James Arthur

Hold Each Other     ///     A Great Big World

  1. “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men [ ]
  2. “Tell Her You Love Her” by Echosmith  [
  3. “Bright” by Echosmith  [
  4. “Broken” by Lifehouse  [
  5. “Hanging by a Moment” by Lifehouse  [
  6. “Look After You” by The Fray  [
  7. “Show Me What I’m Looking For” by Carolina Liar  [
  8. “Collide” by Howie Day  [
  9. “True” by Ryan Cabrera  [
  10. “I’ll Be” Edwin McCain  [
  11. “On The Way Down” by Ryan Cabrera  [
  12. “Why Don’t You and I” by Santana ft Alex Band  [
  13. “Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard  [
  14. “This is Your Life” by Switchfoot  [
  15. “Dare You To Move” by Switchfoot  [
  16. “Name” by The Goo Goo Dolls  [
  17. “Iris” by The Goo Goo Dolls  [
  18. “Slide” by The Goo Goo Dolls  [
  19. “Windswept” by Crywolf  [
  20. “Weight” by Crywolf  [
  21. “Thank You” by Dido  [
  22. “Issues” by Julia Michaels   [
  23. “Say You Won’t Let Go” by  James Arthur  [
  24. “Four Walls” by Broods  [
  25. “Scared to be Lonely” by Dua Lipa  [
  26. “Solider” by Gareth Emery  [
  27. “Hold on We’re Going Home” by Drake  [
  28. “This is What You Came For” by Calvin Harris ft Rihanna  [
  29. “Thinking About You” by Calvin Harris  [
  30. “Days To Come” by Seven Lions  [
  31. “Let It Be” by Blackmill  [
  32. “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol  [
  33. “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman  [
  34. “3AM” by Matchbox Twenty  [
  35. “Here Without You” by 3 Doors Down  [
  36. “With Arms Wide Open” by Creed  [
  37. “Falls On Me” by Fuel  [
Allies would react to s/o time of the month!:

America/Alfred F. Jones-
He’s amazing at providing two things, chocolate and rainy day movies. He happily snuggles next to you and pops Hershey kisses in your mouth. Though if you actually talk about it he gets EXTREMELY uncomfortable.
China/Yao Wang-
IDEAL. He has heated water bottles for your cramps. He has smoothies. He has ice cream. And he gives massages that can put you to sleep in four seconds flat.
England/Arthur Kirkland-
Awful. He’s actually a little afraid of you when the time comes along. Before hand he buys all your favorites and extra everything. He’s terrified. Love him.
France/Francis Bonnefoy-
Russia/Ivan Braginsky-
Just as terrified as England. He triples his affection, thinking to hug all menstrual pain away. He’ll go and get anything you ask for. At anytime.

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Ho ho ho *brings candy cane* Francis Bonnefoy? FOUR for you, Francis Bonnefoy! You go, Francis Bonnefoy! And none for Arthur Kirkland, bye!