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Are You Jealous?

Wanna One’s Lai Guanlin X Reader

Fluff, angst 

TW: use of explicit language 

Word count: 3062

• you’re jealous

• boyfriend! Guanlin 

• ft. created solo idol, Hung Aeri  


hEeyy tiME TO TAKE ON MY BIAS AGAIN i love soft guanlin, thERE’S A LACK OF GUANLIN IN MY LIFE Fun fact: Guanlin has wrecked Sanggyun and Justin for the place of bias when it was still broduce 101 days….actually I was inCreDIBLY JUSTIN AND YUEHUA OBSESSED IN GENERAL pls stan them and go support my TOPPDOGG sons ;) 


Hung Aeri. 

You’ve known her for majority of your life, being classmates in high school and even sharing the same lunch table. It didn’t come as a shock when you found out she had debuted under Cube Entertainment as a solo idol, the whole school knew just how talented she was. She could sing and dance well and her bubbly and kind personality was incredibly attractive, it was the icing on the cake. 

Aeri never forgot her friends even though she had the busiest schedule, the two of you had gone out to try a new waffle bar recently. She even invited you over to her house, just for old times’ sake. You often found yourself waiting outside Cube’s studio in the evening for her and you would go out for dinner together. On occasion, Aeri would invite other trainees or artists. 

She practically introduced you to your current boyfriend, Lai Guanlin. He was a tad bit shy and awkward at your first dinner out as friends, Aeri only made the situation worse as she kept winking and sending sending suggestive looks but he warmed up to you and grew to love you. You owed Aeri so much, she pretty much got your life plan on track. 

So why were you feeling so bitter when Guanlin told you he would be working on a track with her? 

 It hurt, deep down inside. 

As much as you wanted to be happy and as excited as they were, you couldn’t bring yourself to, yet you still faked a smile and congratulated your friends. Guanlin was anticipating the song so much, his debut with Seonho would be happening soon and this would definitely give them a boost as Aeri was a well known singer already. 

“Jagi, why the sad face?” Guanlin poked the sides of your face, grinning. You were curled up on his couch in his living room…in his huge castle-like house. He had invited you over to hangout, nothing much. 

Your mind drifted to how many times he had brought Aeri over. 

Snap out of it Y/N, you scolded yourself. Let’s not think about that. 

You smiled back at Guanlin and reached for his hand. “Nothing, just a bit busy with school, that’s all. Final years are tougher than they look.” Your eyes caught a peep of something that was well hidden by his sweater sleeve, it seemed like ink. Tentatively, you pushed the material back to reveal a realistic looking tattoo. You gasped, glaring at Guanlin. He only chuckled, “Y/N, calm down. It’s only a temporary one. Aeri noona and I got bored and stuck on one part of the song so we looked temporary tattoos up and ordered some ink. Do you like it? Aeri noona did this one for me!” His smile only seemed to widen the more he talked about Aeri. 

Ahhh, the multi talented Hung Aeri. You remembered the times when the teacher caught her doodling in her sketchpad during classes and since you sat next to her, your hand often became a drawing block. She was very quick with small scribbles but the one she did on Guanlin’s arm was intricate and clearly took quite some time. 

The jealously monster in you was being fed very well today. “Ahh, Aeri unnie is good at these kind of things. Yes, it’s very pretty,” you praised, and it was the first truth in awhile. 

Guanlin tucked a stray lock of hair behind your ear. “Never as gorgeous as you,” he declared. “Nothing will ever compare.“ 

You blushed at his cheesy words but that didn’t help the guilt and envy bubbling inside of you.


"Hi! I’m a friend of Hung Aeri and Lai Guanlin. I brought them some cupcakes, could you pass them-”

“Just go in. They’re in studio four.” The annoyed staff who sat behind the counter typing absolutely nothing on her laptop said, dismissing you without a reply.

You rolled your eyes once you were pass the counter, what great security they have here. Or…it could be that you’ve visited too many times everyone here knows you by name. Still, shouldn’t they at least check my ID or get me to sign in? Nevermind. 

“Huh? Y/N!" 

You nearly jumped at the loud exclamation that was made, then realised who it was. 

It was your other good friend, Yoo Seonho. 

"Hello Y/N! You look very pretty today,” Seonho complimented, nearly knocking you over with his famous bear hugs. 

“Aye, you’re only complimenting me because I have cupcakes with me but thank you,” you replied, but softly because Seonho was squeezing the life out of you.

“I missed you Y/N! I’ve been working hard on our debut song! Do you want to hear it?” Seonho offered, taking your arm and strolling to his workroom anyway. 

You laughed and agreed to listen to the song. Knowing how much effort the boys put into it, it was bound to be worth it. Just as you predicted, the music was melodious, it was perfect. “It’s amazing! You will do so well! I’m so proud of you, Seonho,” you praised. “I’ll buy you another box of cupcakes!" 

Seonho perked up at this. "Really? You will?" 

You nodded your head with vigour. "Let’s go right now!”


You felt a sharp nudge in the ribs as you were paying for the cupcakes, you opened your mouth to reprimand Seonho but he put a finger over his lips and bobbed his head to the left. You took a glance at whatever he was looking at.



The two walked close together, giggling and whispering to each other with coffees in hand and her bag in Guanlin’s. They walked pass the cupcake shop Seonho and you were in but barely looked away from each other to take note of their surroundings. 

Your eyes nearly turned green with envy, it took a lot of effort to play it cool.

They’re just friends, Y/N. you reminded yourself. It’s nothing you should be worried about. 

You took Seonho’s arm and walked out of the shop. Guanlin and Aeri had disappeared long ago and you guessed it was back to Cube. 


“Y/N…” Seonho began in a small voice. When he had caught your attention, he continued. “Are-are you jealous of Aeri noona?" 

The response was immediate, you shot him an ‘oh, c'mon’ look. "What? No way. They’re friends too and I’m super excited for their track! My best friends are working on it together! It really couldn’t be any better. I’m not.” You said it loudly in an attempted to convince yourself too. 

Seonho eyed you, slightly alarmed by your outburst but he shook it off. 

It was a silent journey back to the Cube building - minus Seonho already ripping open his box of cupcakes and devouring them. 

You were refreshing your message inbox, hoping for a message from Guanlin but of course, there was none. 

“You shouldn’t lie to yourself Y/N. I know you are not okay with it.” Seonho’s words cut through the quietness like a knife. 

The both of you reached Cube’s front door, Seonho pushed it open. 

Your jaw dropped. Was I that transparent? But I’m really okay with it. You twiddled your thumbs together. 

“Y/N….you can never lie to me,” Seonho said. 

“Am I that bad?” You asked, ashamed. 

Seonho shook his head and smiled. “No, I’m just one very observant friend. Have you gotten past Guanlin hyung or Aeri noona with your lies?" 

You had to think hard about that one. 

"I think they knew but let it drop. This isn’t something you can let go easily. It’s hard but trust me, Guanlin wouldn’t cheat on you. Believe that." 

Then Seonho spun away and vanished into his workroom with his box of cupcakes like he was never standing in front of you. 

Your mind wandered to what your good friend had said. 

Am I jealous? 


The answer to your question came on Thursday night when Guanlin called you just before you fell asleep. 

You had answered in delight, wanting to talk to him too and it was a rare moment for his busy schedule kept him occupied every minute. You didn’t understand how he could balance so well, it was a blessing. 

However, your happiness was short lived and so was the call. 

Your boyfriend had only called to tell you that he wouldn’t be able to make it for Friday’s date night. He sounded regretful, apologetic and exhuasted so you let it go and told him to rest. Guanlin told you he was still in the studio, still working on the track. You asked about Aeri as you hadn’t talked to her in a long time too. Guanlin replied with a simple ‘she’s tired too but we’re happy to be working together. We’re more than just colleagues now. She misses you as well,”. 

He ended the call and you couldn’t help but have a restless night, knowing that both your friends were beyond bone-tired but still worked so hard. Unable to sleep, you checked Guanlin’s Snapchat story at 1.43 am and found that they were recording, it made you smile. But you couldn’t help but feel you were left out, Aeri had brought along tons of fantastic snacks that seemed to vanish quickly. 

You aren’t an artist Y/N, you’re just a college student. Sigh, look at Aeri unnie, so perfect, so slim and pretty. She can sing and dance well too, what are you? Guanlin probably deserves someone better… someone like Aeri. He’s probably happier with her. 

Aeri’s story was updated at 3.27 am with a picture that made your stomach churn and heart crack. 

It appeared they were spending the night at the studio, she and Guanlin had built a pillow fort and were cuddling inside of it. 

You had never done that with Guanlin. 

There was a video uploaded fifteen minutes later. You tapped on it. 

“Sigh, Guanlin offered to crash at his house since my apartment would be locked by now but I can’t do that to him,” she said and you couldn’t help but notice the terrible eye bags under her eyes and the close proximity between them. She zoomed in on Guanlin’s face, he held up a peace sign. “Goodnight Snapchat." 

It wasn’t a good night for you. You could feel the bitterness bubbling and threatening to spill.

Guanlin’s parents ushered you into the house, they were apologetic that they had to leave for a wedding dinner soon but promised to talk another time. 

You loved his parents. 

And so did they. 

You waited for Guanlin to come home, he had left for the studio again in the morning but today was one of the last days so he would be returning early. You texted him to say that you were in his room. 

Saturdays passed by lazily, all you wanted to do was cuddle with Guanlin so he would get some sleep. 

He probably has Aeri for that. 

No, stop it Y/N.

It was around 6 pm when he arrived home, you heard the opening and closing sound of the gate and doors. 

Something puzzled you, Guanlin seemed to be talking to someone. He pushed open the door and spotted you sitting at his desk, his eyes widened in surprise. "Y/N?" 

"Hey, how have you been?” You approached him for a hug which he gave half heartedly. 

“Uh, good. Why are you here? When did you get here?” He looked just as confused as you were. 

“I sent you a text? Did you not get it?” Guanlin scrolled through his phone and nodded. “No, sorry. I did. Aeri noona was playing with my phone just now. I’m sorry Y/N." 

You dismissed it with a wave of your hand and wished all that pent up jealously and guilt would too. "Is she downstairs?” You asked. 

Guanlin nodded, “But not for long. She just wanted to drop a gift off then she’s leaving. You should go say hi,” he added. 

Your 'hi’ wouldn’t be so friendly and you really didn’t want to hurt her.

Thankfully, Aeri yelled a cheerful goodbye and slammed the door shut just as you were halfway down the stairs. 

Guanlin had changed out into a more comfortable set of clothes, grey sweatpants and a black sweater. He sat on his bed and pat the space next to him, inviting you to join him.

A comfortable yet constrained silence settled between you and him. 

“Y/N? Are you angry with me?” He sounded so nervous and guarded you nearly burst into tears. “I’m sorry I haven’t spent as much time with you as I normally do." 

"It’s okay, I bet you enjoy it more with Aeri unnie,” you snapped, then a huge bulk of unease and guilt washed over you. 

You knew Guanlin was unpredictable and wasn’t exactly the best at managing his emotions, you understood, both of you were young. Your face changes as fast as you change outfits. 

Guanlin scoffed. “Are you seriously being like is? We’re friends!" 

"Well, it sure didn’t seem like it. I didn’t know you liked noonas more.” You were upset and angry…and acting purely on emotions. 

“If I did, I’d be dating her by now. Do you not trust me?” Guanlin yelled, jumping off his bed. “Do you trust me Y/N?" 

Your mouth was clamped shut. 

Guanlin chuckled and shook his head. "I knew it. I knew you couldn’t trust me. Do you think i’m so dumb to chase after noonas even when I have a girlfriend? Thanks Y/N. I get it, Aeri noona is gorgeous, she’s talented, she’s all every man wants but guess what, I thought I was doing the right thing by turning her down and being loyal to you. Turns out, you don’t trust me at all. That’s a key point in a relationship but now that I know ours doesn’t have one…I don’t know if I want to keep it,” he growled. 

“Guanlin, wait! I’m sorr-" 

"Save it! I don’t want to hear your damn excuses.”

“It’s not completely my fault! The nights spent together in the studio, cuddling! The tattoo! All those times you went out together looking like a couple! How can you think for a minute that I wouldn’t feel jealous!” You screamed, causing Guanlin to recoil in shock for you had never raised your voice at anyone, especially him. “Lai Guanlin. I’m sorry I didn’t trust you, but it isn’t my fault that I naturally felt envious because my boyfriend was constantly with another woman!" 

"So you’re going to blame me for how you feel? Is that so? Well, Y/N…I’m sorry about that but I’m sure you’re old enough to control your own emotions! God! Who knew I would be dating an emotional bitch?” He spat, running a hand through his hair and huffing in annoyance. 

You were stunned beyond words. Guanlin had never called anyone such a derogatory term. He realised what he had said and immediately, his posture changed. His face fell. “Y/N, I didn’t-" 

"I don’t care! I never thought I’d date an insensitive prick like you!” You pointed a an accusing finger at him, tears already streaming down your cheeks. “To think I wasted all my time and love on you." 

With that, you grabbed your bag and stormed out of his house, ignoring his desperate calls. 


The night reflected how you felt, it was dark and stormy, rain fell from the skies endlessly. All you had been doing was laying face down on your bed, sobbing until your eyes hurt. You were grateful your parents hadn’t posed any questions, your mother had called you out to eat but left quickly when you ignored her. 

You curled up under your blankets, wearing Guanlin’s old sweater. It swamped you but it provided warmth and comfort. The fact that you might never see him again because of a stupid fight made you feel like the worst person in the whole world. You just hoped his friendship with Aeri wouldn’t be affected. 

Knock, knock. 

You refused to answer, pulling your blanket over your head and pretending to be fast asleep despite the rebellious tears that still rolled down your face. Wait, those footsteps are too heavy to be my mum’s…or dad’s. 


You kept your mask on even as Guanlin sat next to your bed, he was pretty tall so his face was right next to yours. You felt him lean his head against your bed, his hair nearly tickling your nose. 

"Ahhh Y/N, I was hoping you wouldn’t be asleep but I suppose today’s been really rough for you,” he muttered, not knowing you were listening. “It’s really all my fault. I never meant to yell at you or cause you heartache but I suppose I did and I’m sorry. I’m sorry I called you a bitch, you really aren’t. You’re the best, most awesome and swag girlfriend I could ever ask for. You always know how to handle situations well, I must have pushed you over the edge for you to yell at me like that.” He chuckled softly. 

More tears dampened your pillow. 

“Look at my jagi, crying even as you sleep. Please stop. I hope you aren’t dreaming of what happened today but you probably are and I regret it." 

You felt his fingers brush over your face as he wiped away your tears. 

"There’s a lot I wish I could say when you’re awake but I don’t have the courage to at all. Let’s talk more in the morning. Goodnight Y/N, I love you. Please don’t break up with me,” Guanlin whispered before pressing a soft kiss to your cheek and slumping down beside your bed. 

You were sure he was knocked out cold before you declared, “I would never dream of it." 

Guanlin awoke to you peppering tender kisses all over his face and running your hands through his fluffy hair. He was shocked but pleasantly surprised. 


"I love you too. Let’s not break up." 

He beamed brightly despite how sleepy he was and pulled you in for a tight hug, rubbing circles on the small of your back.

"Goodnight jagi, sweet dreams." 

And in Guanlin’s arms, under your duvet, you sure did.

Ephemeral [2]

(adj.) - lasting a very short time; short lived

Member: Namjoon

Genre: Angst, some sort au that is tbd (i think i’ll keep it a secret for now), romance(?)

Words: 1.6k

Summary: There is a man in your dreams. You don’t know what he looks like or what his name is - you only know the sound of his voice. His voice. His voice follows you where ever you go. These dreams are your only source to see him, yet these dreams feel so real.

A/N: Part 2 going strong :) I also created a little something for the future so stay tuned :) Enjoy Xx 

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“Where did you go?” Aeri whispers in your ear as you take your seat next to her.

“Just to the washroom. The wind messed my hair up a bit. Is it starting soon?” You mentally pat yourself on the back for the subtle change in topic.

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