four for a boy


Post-canon fluff with the dragon boys and the bracelet-less bracelet girls.

Inspired by @skittymon‘s post of body sharing shenanigans.

All four of the girls did it, sometimes:

A glance at the arm, or a hand rubbing at the wrist.

The brief eye-widening panic.

The slight droop of disappointment.

The boys knew that the girls were having a hard time adjusting to being four minds in one body - and the boys (or, at least, three of them) felt the tiniest bit guilty that they had kept their dragons while the girls had lost their bracelets. Which was why Yuya was now stood in the jeweller’s shop, as they tried to pick a replacement.

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anonymous asked:

agree with your last response to that anon and to add onto that imagine if all the larries just disappeared. do they know how much things wouldn't be done ? we lead so many projects, voting, calling in etc. sad how we're diminished to this

I think all the boys would be in for a rude awakening if Larries no longer did stuff for them, and that’s why I think it’s so unfortunate that we continue to be treated like absolute shit after all these years. Louis and Harry have definitely done things over the years to show that they’re grateful for us (the bears were a huge one) and more recently, Louis took special care to emphasize how grateful he is for ALL fans, but stuff like what happened today with Gemma still happens from time to time and it’s really unfair and upsetting to watch.

We lead projects and charity efforts for the boys and the vast majority of us do our best to support all four boys, but especially Harry and Louis, so it’s frustrating that we’re ALWAYS reduced to the worst and most annoying among us. Yes, there are Larries who are annoying, invasive, and rude, but there are also hets, Narries, antis, and other groups of fans who do annoying, invasive, and rude things, yet they never receive negative attention for it the way we do every single time. And yeah, Larries are a large and super engaged segment of the fandom, so you probably see it more from us (the Larry comments on Twitter and Instagram are beyond fucking annoying and they need to stop), but it’s not a coincidence that we’re the ones who are continually targeted with these types of rants and rude comments. We’ve been abused for years by “the boys” (aka 1DHQ), their friends, their family members, their beards, and other fans (who are encouraged by 1DHQ and the behavior of all those other people, of course), and having been here for nearly five years and watched this happen again and again, I’ve gotta say that it’s really fucking exhausting and it does the opposite of motivate me to be an engaged fan, which is a damn shame.

Day 2 is a centaur and @tinkerinks made me want to keep him by saying hes one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse lmao


// A R S   P A R A D O X I C A

major characters ; dr sally grissom - anthony partridge - chet whickman - esther roberts

“Today Jin-Hyung graduated from his university, but he couldn’t go to the graduation ceremony. So knowing his personality he’s probably very upset… even though he’s pretending like he’s not” - Jimin

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