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The equestrian AU owns my soul now ��

The judge’s box is in shade so cooler than it is under the spring sun. By the time Castiel makes it over, Dean has started doing some over-fences schooling, taking four footers with ease. The horse is even more beautiful up close, too, muscles bunching under a shining obsidian coat, a thin white stripe down her nose. Castiel knows, without any particular reason, that Dean rides a mare. Dean needs the challenge.

“Hey, Cas,” Dean says, circling the horse near the fence where Castiel is sitting.

“Hello, Dean,” Castiel says.

“Here for Anna’s lesson? Or did you decide to get back on the horse?”

Castiel scowls. “I told you I can’t ride,” he says.

Dean, strangely enough, grins. “My bad,” he says. “If you change your mind, man, let me know. This is Impala, by the way. She’s my baby.”

“I can see that,” Castiel says. “You’ve done very well with her.”

“Thanks.” Dean beams, and it lights up his face in a way that makes Castiel blush and look away.

Before Castiel can come up with an answer, Jo, Charlie, and Anna all come out of the barn with their horses in tow.

“There’s mud on that gelding, Winchester!” Dean hollers.

“I didn’t have time!” Charlie hollers back. “He’s clean under the saddle, sir!”

“Take him back and clean that up!”

Charlie scowls, but turns around and takes the bay back to the barn. It’s a different horse than she was riding last time; Castiel makes a note to ask if she has her own or just rides school horses.

Dean drops his reins and stirrups and watches as Anna and Jo mount up. Dean says, “Let’s see some pretty circles at every corner while you warm up. No fucked up parallelograms, Jo.”

“Parallelograms, really?” Jo says, checking her girth as her horse starts walking.

“For your lip, you are doing extra work without stirrups tomorrow,” Dean says.

Anna is quiet, but she gets Digo in a nice working walk, gently adjusting him to working in frame, and manages some nice circles at each corner of the arena.

“Good, Anna!” Dean says from his place on Impala’s back. “You look great. Jo, pay attention to that, and we might make a rider out of you yet.”

After the riders make it around the arena twice, Dean calls out, “Annnnnd sitting trot! I want to see asses glued to those saddles. Keep up with the circles in the corners.”

Dean snarks at Jo – and eventually Charlie – the whole lesson, but is kind and gentle with Anna. Castiel appreciates it, that he knows how to handle different types of learners, and he’s sure Anna does too.

Once the lesson is over and the women have cleared out of the arena, Dean beckons to Castiel. “Come in here.”

It’s a long walk to the gate, but Dean meets him there with Impala in tow and a mounting block in his hands.

“You’re getting on this horse,” Dean says.

“I –”

“Don’t tell me you can’t. I don’t want to hear that. I want to see you on a horse.”

“Dean,” Castiel says, a little panicked.

Dean just gives him a look and stands there, waiting patiently for Castiel to get it together. At last, Castiel says, “I’ll get on, but that’s it.”

A fleeting grin touches Dean’s mouth and Castiel wonders what he would have to do to make it stay.

“I don’t know if I can even do that,” Castiel warns. “My leg.”

“It would probably be better to do this on a smaller horse, but I have a feeling you’d refuse to get on one of the school ponies. So let’s do this. Mount up and I’ll spot you.”

#Imagine you’ve been Friend with 5SOS for years . You know them cause you go to  school with them . So on your birthday they decided to surprise you . You woke up with a little bit shock. There is a four six footer in front of your bed wearing hats and holding some instrument . But their facial expression is so serious . you were wondering why “ Why so serious guys . You guys scares the shit out of me ” you giggled but their face is still the same . “ That’s because You’re getting older and we don’t want that to happen.” said Calum “ Yeah look at our little girl growing up ” Ashton stated . and they all started to laugh . Luke that have a little crush on you started to sing happy birthday for you. And everyone joined .They even brought you a huge birthday cake and presents . You enjoy the whole day . You know you wouldn’t have a better birthday