four eyed turtle

Guardians Angel

Raphael X Aria

SUMMARY: Aria had been knocked out. Not only has she been rescued but also taken under the city to heal resulting in a unlikely friendship.




Aria felt her cheek swell and tingle. She got hit hard. She had very faint memories…metallic eyes, large arms and….THE BUS!

SHE GOT ATTACKED COMING OFF THE BUS! But how did she get here and where exactly was here? She felt confused and irritated. How could she let this happen? She was taught better than this.

She slowly sat up, looking around. Where was she?

She was on a very large bed…maybe 2 Queens put together, with a rather odd imprint on it. She looked around the room, it was dark but she could hear the city noises above her…luckily. The room had a stale, rainy smell to it. She can barely make out shapes but she did recognize weights layered on the floors and thanks to the gleam of the streetlights above she saw a very used punching bag across the way, with tape covering most of it.

“I got ya..” That memory punched her in the side of her head from a few hours earlier, competing with the current pain. She was curious on who was behind the thick New York accent but she remembered feeling out of danger…she believed him then passed out. Her head shot with pain. She let out a small moan, cradling her head.

“Easy there,” she heard the voice again but this time he wasn’t from her came from the shadows. She gulped trying to adjust her eyes to the darkness.

“Are you in pain?“ The voice growled out. “Yes,” she faintly whispered. “My head…” was all she could get out.

She watched as the figure appeared from where he hid. He walked a few feet towards her then stopped abruptly before the streetlights could hit him but she saw a few things. Green skin it looked like and some tints of red and maybe black armor? She couldn’t be sure.

“Did you save me?” She blurted out when she got a surge of curiosity.

“Yes,” the voice trailed on a little hesitant. He seemed more afraid of her then she did of him.

“Where am I?” She squeaked out. His face seemed to tilt down. He didn’t answer. Maybe if she seemed more confident he would too.

“My name is Aria..what’s yours?”


“Thank you Raphael for saving me..I don’t remember much…I remember coming off the bus then being grabbed…I-”

“Do you remember what I look like?” Raphael interrupted, a little uneasy.

“No…not exactly. I remember being held tightly and seeing your eyes and..hearing your voice.” Raphael’s face shot up only being slightly hit by the streetlights. She recognized the goldish gleam and his look- so powerful, filled with concern and anxiousness.

“I am happy you are ok, I can have my brother take a look at ya..I’ll bring ya home if ya want me to but…” His voice fell back. “ We are..I’m not exactly what you think I am.”

“Well…you aren’t human.” His eyes snapped towards her. “Your silhouette is too large. I am not exactly sure what you are. I can’t really see you.”

He corrected his posture to make him look even bigger. She felt slightly intimidated but not afraid. Was he testing her reaction?

“I’m not afraid of you, you saved me…you are my guardian.”

“I’m no guardian,” he growled.

“To me you are, please let me see you.“

He took a big breath and she watched his body tense as he took a step into the light. She studied his foot as it trailed up his colossal leg to a muscular torso with black straps held tightly to his body. He was rough looking, resembling a turtle. He had a red bandana covering half his face with only his eyes showing. She felt a sharp pain hit her side trying to process him but she knew if she reacted to it….he would be reluctant. She swallowed the pain.

“Are you afraid yet?“ Hhis voice deepened, noticeably staring right through her.

“No.” She stood up meeting his stance, almost challenging him. She was trying to feed off his energy. She stepped a little closer to him. “Should I be?” She heard him swallow, causing her to slightly grin. That softened his face a little. She studied his chest and his arms. He definitely was a turtle. She hesitantly touched his chest, trying to memorize every texture she encountered on him. He did a sharp inhale as she gently touched up to his neck and down his shoulders, biceps and hands.

“You’re incredible,” she whispered. Raphael looked at her shocked . Her eyes were so tranquil as she peered into his. He couldn’t help but wonder if this was real.

Aria felt her legs give out as she landed on his chest. He scooped her up as fast as she fell.

“I’m sorry..” Aria whispered. “That took a lot out of me.” She rested her head on his shoulder. He sat down with her in his lap, cradling her firmly. She felt safe again, beginning to doze. “No! Don’t close your eyes on me, Aria!” She could feel him tremble. “Donnie! Help!” She heard the door smash open, followed by heavy foot steps.

“ I told you to get me If she woke up, Raph!” She heard an unfamiliar voice say coming close.

“I know but…”

“Raph….” Aria whispered under her breath.

Then everything fell silent.



Aria woke up to daylight peaking in gently hitting her face. She felt a lot better then she did the last time she woke up besides waking up on a rather solid surface. Her head wasn’t pulsating and felt stronger. She began to sit up, studying her appearance. Her brand new tights were ripped on the knees and her skirt was all tattered. She could only imagine what her face looked liked, probably runny mascara and tangled hair. She frowned at the idea.

Balancing on one hand she was reminded of the hard surface, she kind of remembered the texture. She peered down only to realize it was Raphael. As she attempted to move off of him his grip seemed to tighten on around her thighs, it seemed like he was preventing her from rolling off of him even though he was still sleeping.

“He hasn’t left your side, you know,” the same voice spoke from before she passed out. She looked over only to see another turtle. Smaller in size but just as tall wearing a purple bandana. He was fidgeting with a gadget. “Let’s have a look at you.” He said getting up, walking towards her. “My name is Donatello, but my brothers call me Donnie.” He grabbed her hand checking her pulse then shined a bright light in her eyes. “Your vitals seem strong, you feeling okay?”

“Yes,” she said studying the gadgets and of course the four-eyed turtle studying her.

“You obviously met Raphael. I am pretty sure he was slightly in shock he even brought you here. He seemed terrified,” Donatello seemed to grin at the memory.

“Brothers? You said you had brothers?” Aria questioned.

“Oh yes, 2 others, to be exact. I am sure you will meet them real soon,” he said running a few more tests on her and fiddling on some sort of watch on his arm.

“Not if I have anything to say about it-” Aria felt the large mass she was on begin to move. She looked down greeting his eyes but he instantly looked away. “Is she alright, Donnie?”

“Oh yes, she should be fine,” Donnie looked at Aria. His glasses made his eyes look huge. “We were worried you had a concussion the way you fell back into it, but I ran some tests, you were just overstimilated.”

Raphael stood up hoisting Aria into his forearm. She kept her balance by holding his shoulder. He made her feel like she was so light and little. Before Aria could say anything, a commotion came through the door. She watched Raphael groan and roll his eyes, preparing for the excited Tornado that was about to ensue.

“Donnie! Raph! Is master really telling the truth? Did you really save a girl? Did you really-Oh!” Another shorter but stocky turtle appeared, with pure joy on his face. He instantly shot Aria a slick smile noticing her angel like appearance with tangled curls, rosy cheeks, and big blue eyes staring at him with amusement. “Well hello there? I love me some Angelcake!” He began. Aria immediately blushed slightly turning to Raph.

“Enough Mikey!” Raph snarled turning Aria away from his brother. Another turtle with a blue bandana appeared, also studying Aria but immediately glared at Raphael.

“You brought her here?” He snapped.

“What else was I suppose to do Leo? Leave her in the alleyway? Turn the other cheek?” Raphael growled putting her down standing in front of her. She noticed the one in orange was getting closer and closer, that seemed to make her smile.

“The hospital would’ve been a good option.”

“She would’ve woken up with no explanation on what happened or even how she got there! At least now she has something!”

“Oh yea ‘big mutant turtle saved me sounds better.’ Don’t be a hero, Raph.”

“That is enough, Leonardo and Raphael! What is done, is done. She is here now,” said a raspy, old voice. She peaked around Raphael’s shell to see an elderly rat wearing a worn out Japanese robe. “Come here my dear, you have nothing to be afraid of.” He said reaching his hands to her. She steadily walked out, grabbing hold of his hands. He had long fingers but very soft. “I know who you are,” he said giving a slight chuckle. She looked at him confused. “Raphael, you sure know how to pick them. This is the mayor’s daughter, Aria right?” He gave her a sweet smile.

“Of course she is!” The turtle in blue groaned, walking away. “Good job, Raph! Out of everyone you could’ve saved. The mayors daughter!” Raphael turned to Aria and the elderly rat, with a worried looked. He didn’t want to put the family in danger but he couldn’t let her get hurt, he wouldn’t.

“You did fine my son,” he said leading Aria to Raphael’s hands. “You saved her, you two are forever connected, you two are friends.” Trying to comfort his son, she also snapped him a smile, squeezing his hand.

The turtle in orange chased after the other. “This could be a good thing bruh!! We have a in with the city! Maybe we can finally come out of hiding!”

Aria flashed back into reality, it had to be at least 9 in the morning now and her parents would definitely know something was wrong.

She turned to Raphael. “I need to go home now, please.”


Chapter 3

Raphael climbed up the building until they got to the penthouse. Aria jumoed off of his back. She has been lodged between his shell and his arms through this whole adventure. It was amazing his strength and speed, climbing up buildings and jumping on rooftops. It had the adrenaline of a Rollercoaster but much more free. Aria was happy to actually look at him in the daytime too. She noticed his skin and his scales. The anatomy was much like a humans. He occasionally caught her staring at him causing her to blush. She couldn’t read if it embarrassed him or made him mad.

Typing in the passcode to get in, she could hear Raphael pacing around.

“This is where you live?” Raphael said sounding rather impressed. She took a step back to see what he saw. It was rather breathyaking. The pool was crystal clear and very inviting with topnotch landscaping, complete perfection. It was perfect for a busy family..or just her. She knew no one was home. While she was passed out Donnie had charged her phone for her so she could make a quick phone call to end the search. Luckily, she called at the right time, her dad was about to call the city commissioner. That’s all she needed was the cops and one of her best friends looking for her.

“Yea,” she said opening the door. “We did have a mansion in the upper East side but my parents were never home to enjoy it. It was always just me.” Aria appeared to be sad talking about being alone but she managed to try and shake it off. Raphael could read right through her though. He couldn’t understand why anyone would want to leave her alone, he wouldn’t.

It has only been about 14 hours since he met her about something about her caught his attention. He couldn’t understand what it was, it was almost a sense of responsibility for her. He thought Aria was the most beautiful thing he has ever seen with her big ocean blues that always made him Jump when she looked at him, which was often. He sometimes couldn’t even make eye contact with her. How could she be so comfort with him?

“Well you’re home now, I should go” Raphael began to say almost feeling a sense of guilt. He saved her and that was it. This will probably be the last time he would see her anyway, why become attached?

“You don’t want to come in?” She asked turning to him, slightly begging with her eyes. He could feel his heart jump, again. It was a catch 22: if he went inside, what he felt but couldn’t understand would become stronger but if he didn’t he would kick himself later.

“Sure..” He said biting the bullet, Aria wasn’t sure if he wanted to or was just being polite.

“Are you afraid you won’t fit through the door?” She teased, playfully putting her hands on her hips attempting to lighten the mood. He gave a little smirk. Aria melted a little inside.

“No…this is all just a little new to me.”

“What do you mean?” Aria began only to be interrupted by phone buzzing through the TV. “I bet that’s my parents…stay quiet. I doubt my parents will be very happy about me hanging out with a guy, alone,” She smiled at him. Answering her parents in a very pleasant tone. That’s what she was worried about? About her parents seeing her with a guy not the fact that, that guy is mutant turtle? He smiled at the idea, shaking his head. She really did see him differently.

Raphael wandered around the house listening to her talk to her parents. He had a moment when he remembered her in the lair digging into her purse to find a brush and seeing the joy in her eyes as she began to fix herself up, straightening her clothes all thanks to a little pink compact mirror she kept in her bag. Even when she looked a mess in her eyes, he thought she looked flawless: she was human.

Aria stuck to her studying late story and fell asleep. She was very believable, he almost believed her. She apologized over and over again talking about how irresponsible it was. Raphael watched her movements, playing with her hair mostly, with a blend of standing on her tippy toes and laughing a lot. Her curls bounced with her movements. She was so perfect, he couldn’t help but smile.

“Alright Aria, we will be home in a couple of weeks, almost done with the Senate tour. Are you sure once you go on spring break you won’t join us? We will send a plane for you,” her dad said getting ready to hang up. She watched Raphael move across the room catching him stare at her then immediately look away. She snickered.

“No daddy, I think I will stay here.”

“Alright sweetheart, let me know if you change your mind. We love you very much and don’t scare us like that again. We thought something happened and your body would be found in the sewers.” Aria’s eyes widened, trying to let out a fake laugh. She said good bye, quickly turning off the TV.

“ Ari, huh?” Raphael teased.

“I know only my parents could make an already short name, shorter.” Aria sat on the couch and stretched. She motioned Raphael to sit next to her. His entire body including his shell took up basically the entire couch which brought Aria close to him.

“Tell me about your brothers,” she asked determined. He looked at her quizzically.

“What do you want to know?” He seemed annoyed. The last thing he wanted to do was tell a pretty girl how great his brothers were.

“Donnie is the one in the purple? He is the brains?” Raphael nodded. “Mikey is the shorter in orange. He seems like a character.” Aria smiled. “Who is the one in the blue? He seemed so mad at you…and me.” Raph tensed a little. He definitely didn’t want to tell her about Leo.

“He is the oldest, his name is Leo. Then comes me, Donnie, and Mikey,” he said trying to keep it short and basic.

“And the rat? He was so kind,” she said gently, she didn’t want to insult Raphael.

“Master,” he corrected.“He raised us.”

“So he is your dad?” Aria questioned, Raph nodded.

“How come you ask?” He looked at her hoping for no sign of interest in his brothers.

“Oh…they just remind me of a few of my best friends.” They fell silent for a few minutes, Raphael was trying to think of the right words to say.

“How did you find me last night?” Ari questioned, wondering if she really wanted to know. Her mood changed, Raphael sensed it.

“I was on patrol. My brothers and I take shifts. I was taking a break when your bus stopped. I watched you step out.” Aria looked at him in surprise but he wouldn’t meet her gaze. “I was about to leave when I heard a scream…I knew it was you.” Aria watched as his hands turned into fists…she immediately rested her hand on his to try and relax it. She looked up, finally meeting his eyes. He gave a tiny squeeze on her small hand. “I didn’t hesitate..”


Chapter 4 (last chapter for Guardians Angel)

Over the course of the last few weeks, Aria didn’t really see much of Raphael. He almost seemed to avoid her. His visits were brief, mostly making sure she was okay then immediately leaving. She tried of thinking of ways to make him stay but he never did. 

10:30 the clock read.

Aria was finishing brushing her hair to remove the tangles that day had left. Being alone in the penthouse was always silent and boring the only time it seemed to have life was when her friends were over. She was so absorbed in cheer and dance it luckily got her mind off her hard-shelled hero. 

She heard a hard tap on the window. Raphael. She quickly went to the window, opening it. She gazed at Raphael’s face with pure joy but it quickly diminished assuming this encounter would also be brief. 

“Hi Raphael,” she said giving him room to enter. She watched as his large frame come through the window. Aria had a large room but he always made it feel small. He looked around her room, she stood close to him waiting for him to say something…but he didn’t.

“Is everything okay?” she said after a long pause of silence. He walked to her bed sitting on it, so she followed, after her body turned to him. He looked at her in the corner of his eye, she sat perfectly still but looked so happy being by him, with the breeze of the night hitting her face. He was so brave with his brothers but not with her, not with her. He knew she was waiting for him to say something but he instantly lost his nerve. 

“I can’t…” he grunted shooting up, exiting out her window.

“Wait! Don’t go!” she pleaded racing to the window after him. Just as quick as he came he vanished into the shadows. 

A few weeks had passed and Aria hadn’t heard from Raphael but recently another foot clan attacked happened with reports of human-like vigilantes stopping them. She knew it was the guys and she was beyond relieved to hear they were okay but disappointed he hadn’t done his normal drop by.

She heard a tap on her window, more gentle then he normally does but it still made her perk up.

“I am so happy you’re okay, i read about the attack, I…” she began opening the window but instead of gold hues, she was looking into Mikey’s.

‘Aww babygirl, you missed me?” he said playfully. MIkey and Donnie began to fill in her room. 

“Hey guys,” she said happy to see them but slightly disappointed. “Everything okay?” 

“NO! IT’S RAPH! SOMETHING IS WRONG! WE NEED YOUR HELP, ARI!!” he said frantically grabbing her arms. Aria eyes grew wide in terror.

“Stop it Mikey!” Donnie said pushing him. “Don’t listen to him. Raph is fine, just odd. We think you could help.”

“Yea, he is like 10x more angrier then normal.” Mikey added.

“Me? how can I help? I can’t even have him stay with me for more than 5 minutes…I don’t think he really likes me,” she said sadly. The boys looked at each other and began to laugh.

“You think so, huh?” Don sneered.

“Yo, he is like obsessed with you. He is always here, he just makes sure you don’t see him,” Mikey joked, wrapping his arms around her shoulder. Aria looked at Donnie to clarify. Donnie gave a side smirk. “He got it bad, angel face.” Mikey continued.

“Then why does he act like he doesn’t like being around me then?”

“Raph sometimes does stuff he doesn’t mean,” Donnie insisted. “You will get use to it.”

Donnie and Mikey brought Ari back to the lair. She was happy to be back. They led her to his door. She was pretty sure she could figure out which was his room since it had a giant spray painted red skull on it, with distinct punch marks all around the door. The boys urged her to knock.

“I don’t need your dumb therapy, Don!” he shouted on the other side of the door. 

“Go in,” Mikey whispered slightly pushing her in as he opened the door.

“Raphael?” she said a little shaky. She saw him sitting at the corner of his bed slouched over, playing with his sai. 

“Great now I am hearing her voice. Get yourself together, Raph!”  he thought to himself, letting out a big sigh.

“Raphael?” she said again but clearer. His face instantly shot up, meeting her eyes. She hesitantly began to walk closer. He swallowed hard, trying to concentrate. “Hi,” she said sweetly giving him a smile.

“What are you doing here?” was all he could manage and he seemed a bit mad, unintentionally.

“Your brothers,” she said stopping in her tracks, grabbing a strand of her hair. “They brought me to see you,” she began to play nervously. 

“I figured I would bring the therapy to you,” Donnie said from behind the door. Raph gritted his teeth, chucking his sai at the door causing it to slam on his brothers.

“Is everything okay?” she said kneeling by him looking up at his face. She gently put her hand on his knee, butterflies began to form in his gut causing him to wince. She instantly removed her hand. Raphael immediately regretted that decision. 

“Great job meathead, no wonder she is so afraid of ya,” he thought. 

He sometimes does stuff he doesn’t mean. Aria heard Donnie ringing in her head. That gave her a little hope. She scooted a little closer to him. She wasn’t sure what to ask, everything she had in mind she heard him giving a one word answer, defeating her hope. It had been more the 20 minutes the most she had ever spent with him conscious. She couldn’t help but smile.

“What are ya smiling for?” He said interrupting her thought. She looked up and he was watching her from the corner of his eyes, giving a slight glimmer.

“Nothing,:” she mumbled, blushing.” I am just happy I am here…and actually conscious.” That gave him a grin and she felt her heart swoon but just like that Raph’s eyes darkened, looking away from his radiant angel.

Raphael’s mind was poisoning all the positive thoughts he had. He would quickly remember how he was a mutant and how beautiful she was and how she deserved more then he could ever give her. He couldn’t bring her on dates,and get her nice things, he didn’t deserve her. The world was at her disposal and that sewer was at his.

“Raphael..” she began. Her eyes locked him in. “How come you never want to stay around me? Is it because I am human? Or because I am a liability since I am the mayor’s daughter. I promise I won’t tell anyone about you or your family. Did I do something wrong?”

He looked at her confused. She blamed herself? How could she think she did something wrong? 

“No, Ari,” he began trying to collect the right words. “I don’t hang around because I don’t deserve this. It would be better if you completely forgot I existed. I just got lucky meeting someone like ya. I can’t look at ya sometimes because I can see the disappointment in your eyes. I don’t want to make ya sad. It’s just hard knowing I don’t deserve ya.” 

He waited for her eyes to shift into sadness again but instead they seem to electrify. She threw herself between his legs, spontaneously hugging his neck tightly with her small arms. He instantly hugged back, inhaling her sweet smell. He intuitively nuzzled his face into her neck.

“You are my friend, Raph. I need you around.” She smiled resting her forehead on his. 

He held her tenaciously, listening to her. “Then I will always be here.”


Donnie switched off the computer screen that they used to spy on Raph and Aria. He turned to Mikey.

“BOOM! Therapy.” he grinned childishly at his brother.

“Yo Raph, will be soooooo mad if he finds out we were spying on them,” Mikey said playfully.”If Aria is going to be around, do you think maybe she has some hot friends?” 

“Well she is big in this city, goes to an all girl school. Not to mention on a travel team for cheerleading and dance. The odds are in your favor.”

Mikey slouched back in the chair. “YESSSSS!!”

It’s easy to see how the Endangered Four-eyed Turtle (Sacalia quadriocellata) gets its name. This unique species is in decline due to the use of its shell in traditional Chinese medicine. The Turtle Conservancy works to mitigate the trade in species like this, along with our captive breeding efforts.


8th grade ~

Dear Diary,

I hate myself, the way I look is never pretty. The boys call me a four eyed turtle with rodent hair.  They think its funny, but I can’t stop crying.  When will I prove them wrong? That I can be something they’ll never have.  Please help me stop crying…

Sophomore year ~

Dear Diary

Fuck them….

Senior year ~

Dear Diary

I just want to be me…if that’s alright I’m going to go now. I’m going where I can be free and nothing will hurt anymore. Tell mom, I’m sorry.

*Ok, just so you’re not lost, I wanted to show an ugly duckling transition.  This is all the same sim with different skintones and textures of make-up, nothing physically was changed just the view point. 

I’m not joking with this post, I wanted to show what hate can do to someone mentally. And just sending hate mail to innocent people can really damage them to the point there isn’t a chance of coming back from it.  Please be considerate that you are talking to a human being when you’re online. thank you….