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Stiles Stilinski:

A World I Wouldn’t Want To Live In // Stiles Stilinski AU *

Mischief and Babygirl *

When I Was Your Man *

Echo House *

Not a Threat // Stydia Imagine 


1. Friends With Benefits 

Part One (I Don’t See Why Not) *

Part Two (Guilty Pleasures) **

Part Three (The Flick Of A Switch) *

Part Four (The Unthinkable Truth) *

Part Five (Risk and Reward?)

Part Six (Million Reasons)

Epilogue **

2. Somebody Else (collab with @sarcasticallystilinski)


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four *

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven 

Part Eight *

3. The Color Of My World (Soulmate AU)

Coming Soon…

Part One (The Color Of My World)

Part Two (Midnight Memories)

Part Three (Pulsing Heartbeats) *

Part Four (Feel Real) **

Part Five (Another Heartbeat) **

Part Six (The Weight)

Part Seven (The Night We Met)

Part Eight (Fragments) *

Part Nine (The New Color Of My World)

Dylan O’Brien:

Fire and Ice *

Stoned On You *** (collab with @stilinski-jpeg)

Play Me *

I’m Not His, I’m Yours *

Wedding Night *

Filling The Void *

New On Set 


1. Misguided Texts

Part One *

Part Two *


Behind Closed Doors **

Mitch Rapp:

Beauty and The Assassin **

Yes, Sir *


1. The Preacher’s Daughter

Part One (One Of Those Nights) *

Part Two (About Last Night) **

Part Three (Exposure) **

Part Four (When The Truth Comes Out) *

Part Five (Everything Has A Price) *

Part Six (The Price Of Everything) *

Part Seven (The Ultimate Remedy)

Some of these imagines were written when I was first starting out as a writer, so they may not be the absolute best. But, either way, I hope you enjoy them. 

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Is anything tough enough to survive on Mars?

Researchers at the University of Arkansas recently took a step toward answering a question for the ages: Is there life on Mars? Answer: they can’t rule it out.

Two recent publications suggest that life, in the form of ancient, simple organisms called methanogens, could survive the harsh conditions found near the surface of Mars, and deep in its soils. Using methanogens to test for survivability is particularly relevant because scientists have detected their byproduct, methane, in the Martian atmosphere. On Earth, methane is strongly associated with organic matter, though there are non-organic sources of the gas, including volcanic eruptions.

Scientists aren’t yet sure what the presence of Martian methane means. But one possibility is that tenacious life flourishes on Mars despite the rocky soil, thin atmosphere and scarcity of liquid water.

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Zillmann and Bryant (1982)

The question: what are the consequences of continued exposure to pornography on beliefs about sexuality in general and on attitudes towards women?

The experiment:

Part One:

  • 80 male and 80 female participants are divided into four subgroups

  • Massive Exposure Group: saw 36 short, non-violent porn films (about 5 hours of film) over six weeks.

  • Intermediate Exposure Group: saw 18 short, non-violent porn films and 18 regular films over six weeks.

  • No Exposure Group: saw 36 regular films.

  • Control Group: saw no films, not brought in till the second phase.

Part Two:

  • Participants read about a rape case and were asked to recommend a the length of the prison sentence for the rapist.

  • They were also asked to indicate their support for the women’s rights movement on a 0 to 100 scale.

  • Finally, they were asked to estimate the popularity of various sexual acts among the general population.


  • In recommending a prison term for a rapist, folks in the Massive Exposure Group chose, on average, prison terms that were half as long as terms recommended by the people in the No Exposure Group. (A five-year sentence versus a ten-year sentence)

  • When asked to rate their support for women’s rights, men and women in the Massive Exposure Group indicated about half as much support as participants in the No Exposure Group. (38% versus 76%)

  • Finally, men and women in the Massive Exposure Group rated anal sex, group sex, and bestiality at least twice as common as did the No Exposure Group.  (For example, the Massive Exposure Group estimated that 30% of Americans had group sex, while the No Exposure Group estimated only 11% did.  The Massive Exposure Group also estimated that 12% of Americans were having sex with animals.)

Conclusion: Zillmann and Bryant conclude that massive exposure to pornography made rape appear a more trivial offense, which seemed also to parallel a drop in support for women’s rights.  Also, intensive porn-viewing led to beliefs that unusual sexual acts are far more common than they really are.


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Day 188 of 365 by slangerphotography1
“Portrait of a Jellyfish”

I recently obtained a rubber jellyfish, and I knew that I would photograph it one day. There are countless images online of Medusozoas, but I knew I would not be filming underwater. With that in mind, I attached a string to the top of my plastic friend, hung it from a stand, and built an atmosphere around it. They are frequently shot in tanks with lights from behind in order to show their iridescence…so I went with this idea. However, because I was not shooting underwater, there would be no element through which the light could create those lovely shafts. Enter…..canned smoke!! The smoke (or even dust) would give the light something to illuminate, creating a cloud of interest. Next came the bubbles. I was going to mist the scene as I have done in the past, but I discovered that if I blew the bubbles aggressively, the soapy substance would provide its own mist. Lastly, I added a blue gel to the strobe, offering just a bit of color to the scene. In the end, the image was a composite of four exposures. For the life of me I was unable to trigger the camera remote (located in my mouth), blow the bubbles and fire the canned smoke at the same time. Just lazy, I guess. Thanks for swimming by!!

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Messier 45 The Pleiades. This was 92 minutes from Bel Air Maryland. I snapped 23 four minute exposures at ISO 400, 200mm, f/3.5 and No light pollution filter. Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker and edited in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. At 200mm focal length the cluster is quite small, so this has been considerably cropped. I chose this focal length because it enabled me to shoot at f3.5 which would give me over 8x as much data in the same amount of time. My alternative would have been 400mm @ f8. Not only would the lens pass ½ as much light though at f8, but it would also be spreading the nebula out over 4 times as many pixels. Thus resulting in 8x less light hitting each photo diode on the camera sensor. Now to my advantage I had great weather this night. It was party to mostly cloudy all over Maryland and for whatever reason, the entire time I was imaging I was under a hole in the clouds giving me exceptionally darker skies since the clouds everywhere else were holding down the light pollution. I did not use dark, bias, or flat frames to create this. 

The Pleiades is an open star cluster containing middle-aged hot B-type stars located in the constellation of Taurus. It is among the nearest star clusters to Earth and is the cluster most obvious to the naked eye in the night sky.

Solar eclipse daguerreotype by a Mr Berkowski from Königsberg, Prussia, on July 28th, 1851. First ever photo of the solar corona.

Photographing a rare event such as a total eclipse posed unique challenges for early photography, including the extreme contrast between the corona and the dark shadow of the moon, as well as the unusual angle to which photographic equipment had to be oriented. Prior to the eclipse of July 28, 1851, no properly exposed photograph of the solar corona had yet been produced. 

For this occasion, the Royal Prussian Observatory at Königsberg commissioned one of the city’s most skilled daguerreotypists, Johann Julius Friedrich Berkowski, to record a still image of the event. The observers attached a small six-centimeter refracting telescope to a 15.8 centimeter Fraunhofer heliometer, and Berkowski made an eighty-four second exposure shortly after the beginning of totality.

Firefly Trails and the Summer Milky Way : A camera fixed low to a tripod on a northern summer’s eve captured the series of images used in this serene, southern Ontario skyscape. The lakeside view frames our fair galaxy above calm water and the night’s quintessential luminous apparitions. But the trails of light are neither satellite glint, nor meteor flash, nor auroral glow. In the wide-field composite constructed with four consecutive 15 second exposures, a pulsing firefly enters at the right, first wandering toward the camera, then left and back toward the lake, the central Milky Way rising in the background. via NASA

The Gamma Gene Theory

So, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than talking about Gamma Radiation? Okay, so, this is primarily based off of high school biology and the Incredible Hulk comics (U-616, and a few other comic universe, especially the Old Man Logan [U-807128 or OML]), both ones I’ve had the opportunity to read and those I haven’t. There’s some spoilers but I don’t think anything too recent, because I haven’t been able to read the most current issues. I will also cite the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes [U-8096 or EMH] and the Avengers Assemble [TRN-123 or MAU5] television shows. There isn’t enough examples in the Marvel Cinematic Universe [U-199999 or MCU] to have enough evidence. I am going to pretend to be a scientist in the Marvel multiverse (IE no “well, it’s fictional” type of answers), instead of a geeky autistic kid that’s been obsessed with Bruce Banner for at least three years. I will still try to date the discoveries based on our dates, since comic book time is fluid (EG - Bruce Banner became the Hulk in 1962). I will also use many abbreviations, which I will elaborate on the first usage and then continue to use as just the abbreviation. For the sake of convenience, I shall refer to the genes in my theory as singular genes, but am aware that such things would likely be sets of multiple genes that regulate it.

Pi’s Theory of the Genetic Aspects of Gamma Radiation OR The Gamma-Gene Theory

17 March, 2015


The basis of this theory is that gamma forms, both the forms themselves, and the ability to have a gamma form is genetic. I propose that there are three genes (that I know of), that would have been discovered in this order:

  1. Gamma Gene 3 (γG3) - This gene regulates a GTP’s (gamma-transformed person) form. This is most likely to be a set of numerous genes that controls the exact appearance and abilities of a gamma form. There are perhaps an infinite number of mutations of this gene, but I will specifically be referring to:
    1. The “Hulk” mutation - characterized by superhuman strength, durability, and size, with green skin and large muscles, while still appearing humanoid. The most famous form of the gene and also one of the rarest. GTPs known to have this form include Bruce, Skaar, and Lyra Banner, Jennifer Walters, and Benjamin Tibbits.
    2. The ”Abomination” mutation - characterized by superhuman strength, durability, and size, with (usually) green or greenish-grey scales and spikes growing from the body, with webbed ears. One of the more famous (and common) form of the gene. GTPs known to have this form of the gene include Emil Blonsky, Rick Jones, Florence Sharples, Ethel Gaxton, and Jamie Carlson.
    3. The “Harpy” mutation - characterized by bird-like features and wings. A lesser known form of the gene. Individuals known to have this form of the gene include Betty Ross and possibly Marlo Chandler.
    4. The “Leader” mutation - characterized by extreme intelligence, green skin, and a disproportionately large head. A rare but somewhat well known form of the gene. GTPs known to have this form include Samuel Stern and Timothy Wilkerson.
    5. The “Sampson” category - characterized by limited physical change accompanied with assorted superhuman abilities.
  2. Gamma Gene 2 (γG2) - This gene controls whether or not a GTP’s body produces gamma radiation, and is linked to, but independent of γG1.
  3. Gamma Gene 1 (γG1) - This gene controls whether or not a human can survive exposure to gamma radiation. It comes in four forms:
    1. Off/Off - This is the unmutated version and the most common form of the gene. With this form, a human will die if exposed to gamma radiation.
    2. Off/On - The most common mutation. With this form, a human will transform into a GTP but will eventually die of gamma poisoning.
    3. On/Off - The rarest mutation. With this form, a human can survive exposure to gamma radiation but is not transformed by it.
    4. On/On - The best known mutation. With this form, a human will transform into a GTP when exposed to gamma radiation.

Discovery, Summary, and Evidence


    The first gamma gene to be observed was γG3, when Bruce Banner was accidentally exposed to a gamma bomb detonation in 1962, changing him into a being known as the Hulk. Since then, there have been many attempts to replicate the Hulk, almost all of them ending in the death of the subjects. The first success was in 1967, with Emil Blonsky, who became the Abomination after exposing himself to a gamma blast that exceeded the amount Banner was exposed to. The first successful new Hulk was Jennifer Walters, who inadvertently became She-Hulk in 197_, after her cousin, Bruce Banner, donated her some of his blood. Many other attempts would follow that lead to various GTPs.

    I came to theorize that gamma forms were genetic because, with the exception of Benjamin Tibbits, all Hulks are members of the Banner family, which originated in France. Several people have become GTPs after being exposed to gamma from Banner family’s blood, bodies, or genetic material, but only Tibbits resembles the Hulk. Conversely, all gamma-affected members of the Banner family are Hulks. I believe it is possible that Tibbits is a distant relative of the Banners, or, less likely, has the same rare mutation of γG3. This genetic link to gamma forms also lends credence to Brian Banner’s “Banner family monster gene” theory. Also, of Bruce Banner’s children, two are Hulks and two are not, and this lends to my theory, because a child is biologically one half of each parent’s DNA. The “Leader” gene is shown to be genetic because Samuel Sterns altered the DNA of Timothy Wilkerson by adding some of his own, which induced the same mutation in the young boy. There is no known familial ties to the GTPs affected by the “Abomination” mutation, but the affected all have strikingly similar appearances. This makes it arguably the most common form of the γG3 mutation.


    The second gamma gene to be discovered was γG2 in 1998 following the death of Bruce Banner’s wife, Betty Ross, of cancer caused by gamma poisoning. It is commonly held that she developed this due to prolonged exposure to her husband, but I do not believe that is the case. Betty Ross had previously been exposed to gamma and had taken on the gamma form of Harpy in 1973, which was later cured by Banner. I propose that the serum works by silencing the γG3 gene, but also had the unaffected consequence of also switching off the γG1 gene, while leaving γG2 active. Since these genes had not yet been discovered, Banner had no way of knowing that such side-effects could happen. Due to this serum, Betty Ross no longer had the ability to take on a gamma form and was now susceptible to harm due to gamma exposure, however, her body continued to produce small amounts of gamma radiation on it’s own, making it only a matter of time until her death. Her death was still, technically, due to Banner, but the blame also falls on M.O.DO.K. and AIM, who caused her to mutate into Harpy in the first place.


    The final gamma gene that I have discovered thus far is γG1, which is also the most controversial, as it is based mostly on a universe outside our own U-616. Although there are cases in the 616, it is in the OML universe where this gene is most obvious. Following a gamma-blast that wiped out most of the human population, the survivors were left to deal with a psychotic Hulk and the rest of the Banner Clan (all of whom Banner’s descendants and were Hulks, which further backs up the γG3 idea.). Most of the survivors were affected by the radiation and took on gamma forms, but a select few, such as Clint Barton and the granddaughter of Rick Jones, did not. I theorize that the unaffected had an active γG1, but silenced γG2 and γG3 genes.

Red Hulks and Cosmic Radiation

    This brings us to a group not yet mentioned in this article: the Red Hulks. Many view these part of the Hulk group, but they are distinct. Hulks are created due to exposure to gamma radiation and only occur in a select few individuals. Red Hulks are created with a combination of gamma and cosmic radiation and can be created out of almost anyone. The most well known are General Thunderbolt Ross and his daughter, Betty, (who notably already has a gamma form, known as Harpy) but there has been well over 200 created in a short period of time, though those were unstable is did not last long. Cosmic radiation is known to have genetically mutagenic properties, as illustrated by the Fantastic Four. Therefore, I theorize that the Leader and M.O.D.O.K. (forming a group known as the Intelligencia) found the perfect frequency to alter the DNA in such a way to resemble a Hulk, albeit a red one. Whereas most of the subjects used to try and replicate the Hulk perished, seemingly all of the Intelligencia’s subjects survived and were successful. They were even able to manipulate the wavelength of the cosmic radiation so that their army of 200 red hulks had active Off/On versions of the γG1 gene and would die twenty-four hours after exposure during the 2012 event that came to be known as World War Hulks or the Hulked Out Heroes (HOH) incident. For the latter, the Intelligencia also turned their rays on a large group of superheroes, all of whom mutated into various forms that were related to their existing powers. The cosmic rays must be the cause of this, because in most parts of the multiverse, like the OML universe, these same people were killed when exposed to pure gamma.

Other Forms of GTP Creation

     In the EMH universe, the Leader created a gamma-dome that mutated all humans inside. The inside of the dome was filled with green gas, which I suspect had the effect of switching the γG_ so that all the affected people will transform into various beings based on their γG3, but have inactive γG2, and thus revert as soon as there is no more gamma present. Notably, existing GTPs were not affected by the dome (except for those wearing gamma-boosters), and Thor was unchanged, suggesting that Asgardians do not possess transformative genes. Interestingly, of all the hundreds of GTPs seen inside the dome, only one appeared to be a Hulk: Steve Rogers. Perhaps Erskine’s formula also had an effect on the γG3 gene, which would make it the first instance of this without the use of cosmic rays.


     The Atlantis Space Shuttle Orbiter, on display at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, is the most breathtaking museum piece on Earth. I say this because Atlantis wasn’t always on Earth and I have the photo to prove it. The final photo in the set shows Atlantis in orbit around our planet during STS-117. I photographed her from my front yard on the night of June 21, 2007, at the age of 17. I was blessed to live in the southeast corner of Idaho, an area with absolutely no light pollution. When Atlantis came overhead, I snapped this four second long exposure, getting the streak of light that you see in the lower-right corner of the frame. Seconds later, she had moved across the entire sky, over the horizon and out of sight. A few hours later, she reentered our atmosphere and landed safely back on earth. I’ll never forget that chilly night. Years before that, Atlantis dragged a sonic boom across my childhood home in Georgia while on approach to Kennedy Space Center. This was the first sonic boom I’d ever heard, and it scared the living hell out of me. When I see Atlantis up close, it’s surreal to think that this is the same object that I photographed before, the same ship that sonic boomed me. Every time I visit, I fondly remember these moments. It’s like seeing an old friend.


KikiModo recently completed the renovation on this eclectic apartment located on Prince Street in New York City, designed to provide the ultimate Soho residence with four exposures that ensure a stunning view of the surroundings along with an interior that was created to require no maintenance for a period of up to nine years.

There are cast iron columns, exposed bricks and wooden beams to provide a warm and cozy ambiance inside with six large windows framed in wood to allow abundant natural light inside into the open living room.

The apartment spreads over a surface of 2500 square feet and has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a media room with a custom Murphy bed, a private laundry room and a common roof deck. The living area has a fully integrated audio and video system with a 103” drop down projector screen and an eco smart fireplace.

The kitchen is fully equipped with professional appliances from SubZero, Wolf, Fisher Paykel and Miele and the cabinets are made of cherry wood with stainless custom-made counters.