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Oh Sehun//Love Thy Neighbor

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Summary: You move into a new apartment after your boyfriend leaves to go abroad, making your relationship long distance. You’re tired, stressed and missing him - and your next door neighbor isn’t making life any easier. (Part 1/Part 2)
Scenario: neighbor!AU, slightly angsty
Word Count: 3,712

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The sound of the door slamming doesn’t quite echo, but it sounds enhanced somehow, like the emptiness of the place makes it louder. Nursey knows it’s a big space, but it looks huge without anything in it.

It’s a little scary, at first. It seemed a lot more manageable when it was staged and full of furniture. This, though, this is different. This big, empty house.

Home, he corrects himself. This big, empty home

Their big, empty home.

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enj and R 77 pleaseee

“Are you jealous?”

Rumour had it Enjolras was not a cat person. Rumour had it, Enjolras was not a dog person either. Sources varied, but apparently his affections didn’t extend to decorative plants and other cacti and succulents. That why his decision to foster a litter of adoptable kitten raised than one eyebrow.

“Are you sure?” Joly had asked as Enjolras had announced the news at an ABC meeting.

“Yeah. Feuilly says the shelter is crowded. His apartment doesn’t allow pets, but mine does. It’s a temporary situation that helps everybody.”

There were four kitten in total. And although Enjolras had been told not to name them, he couldn’t help it. What was he supposed to do, call them One, Two, Three, and Four? Surely cats weren’t like dogs. They didn’t recognise their name of anything. Right?

Robespierre was a fiesty one. He liked to climb on Enjolras leg and viciously mauled toys put at his disposition. Desmoulins was very vocal, which was both sweet and infuriating when he decided to make himself known at 5AM. Danton was an acrobat and part-time snorer, enjoying occasional fights with Robespierre.

Saint-Just was Enjolras’ favourite, though he disapproved of his own favouritism. His white fur was soft, and he always settled by Enjolras when he read on the couch, purring all his heart’s content. But if Saint-Just was Enjolras’ favourite, Enjolras might not have been Saint-Just’s.

Grantaire, evidently, was Saint-Just’s favourite. Whenever he popped by, the kitten forgot up to Enjolras existence to rub himself against Grantaire’s legs, demanding all his attention. When Enjolras called, he ignored him royally, perhaps purring too loudly in Grantaire’s hands to hear him.

“I don’t know what it is about you, but Saint-Just just deserts me when you’re here!”

“Are you jealous?” Grantaire smirked, giving the white kitten a belly rub.

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

Saint-Just once fell asleep on Grantaire’s jumper, and since neither Grantaire nor Enjolras wished to disturb him, the jumper stayed. It was soon covered in white hair, but much beloved. Enjolras almost forgot it was Grantaire’s, up to the day he washed the jumper and slipped it on. It was too big for him. It felt strange, but in a good way. Perhaps he too liked being wrapped in Grantaire’s clothes.

He showed up to the next ABC meeting wearing it. Grantaire choked on his drink.

spider-man: homecoming headcanons

as brought to you by myself and @superspideys  

• peter is bi and trans

• michelle is a lesbian

• liz is pan and dating michelle and peter (they’re in an open relationship and peter and michelle are obviously not dating)

• ned is gay 

• michelle has two dads

•  peter and ned and michelle and liz go on double dates

• michelle and liz are nature gays and they always go on hikes or play volleyball, baseball or mini golf 

• peter and ned always stay in for dates working on the suit, doing IT stuff or watching movies

• michelle and liz always bully peter and ned for never doing anything

• ned and peter’s first date was rogue one and both of them ugly cried after

• michelle genuinely slaps peter for standing liz up at the dance

• but peter makes up for it by having their own makeshift homecoming (and actually gives liz her corsage) 

• aunt may is bi 

• she has them all over for pizza to explain the nature of their relationship 

• (peter freaks out 5 minutes before but he has his gf, bf and best friend to comfort him. he ends up okay)

• michelle buys peter a binder

• tony pays for peter’s testosterone shots, which he protested at first but really couldn’t turn down

• all three of them are there when he has his first shot 

• michelle is incredibly defensive of peter and shuts down anyone who misgenders him or anything of the like 

• michelle and liz meet in the library 

• michelle always sketches liz when they’re supposed to be studying

• for their first date they go to a second hand book store (see: they met in a library) and an art museum 

• liz takes michelle to craft stores and buys her sketch books and new pencils 

• michelle always sketches peter, ned and liz

• the four of them go to dog shelters 

• (michelle is a cat person but liz looks so cute with the dogs she can’t help but begin to love them)

• michelle and liz have sleepovers at liz’s house and they have picnics there and stargaze when it gets dark

• liz is big on astrology and tells the group their horoscopes every day at lunch

• all of them have plants that are kept at michelle’s house (she’s the only one who remembers to water them) 

• liz tries to teach michelle to play volleyball but she’s not that good and she tries so hard and gets >:( when liz laughs at her but liz kisses her nsoe and tells her she’s doing amazing

• michelle acts like she’s mad and flips liz off but secretly blushes bc her gf is so cute!!! she can’t believe how lucky she is 

• michelle wears a suit to homecoming

• liz calls michelle darling and michelle calls liz honey and pretty girl 

• michelle only calls liz pet names in private but one day she accidentally calls her smth at school

• they don’t make a big deal of them dating and they don’t make a big deal of coming out bc they shouldn’t have to 

• when michelle is comfortable she speaks really passionately about social issues and peter, ned and liz just stop and look at her bc they all love her so much 

• peter and ned wear matching sweaters like “if lost return to ned” “i’m ned” 

• sometimes peter likes to wear his suit at home cause it makes him feel more masculine 

• ned makes mixes for peter (like for real mixes, on cassettes) 

• ned and may are very close 

• peter and ned go to $15 concerts together 

• ned patches peter up after missions

• he also bought a drone so he can keep an eye on peter and builds peter an in-ear for him so he can tell peter what’s coming his way, kind of like JARVIS in the iron man suit

• peter and michelle both wear glasses

• michelle and liz are big on ig themes and they both have the day they started dating in their bios 

• “what the hell”

• liz stress bakes

• study nights that turn into sleepovers

• they make a bunch of short films

• michelle makes a time lapse of liz’s senior year for her to have when she goes to college

• tony builds a binder for the suit (peter cries)

• peter has inattentive adhd and attends special education classes

• peter also sketches a lot, mostly during class but keeps them private

• michelle & peter are both taking spanish and peter is absolutely in love with the language and he and michelle are always neck to neck on tests, and they do their presentations together

• michelle and liz are in a bunch of ap classes together

• peter and ned buy each other new sw lego sets annually and stay up all night building them

• michelle loves classical music & she played the violin and flute when she was younger

• michelle is also adopted

• her dads encouraged her to learn and expand her mind and never forced her to do or believe anything

• she loves them so much (so does liz)

• they are all happy and in love

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Kitty prompt? Hmmmm... How about the three kitties protecting kitten Virgil from a dog. Could be a gentle dog, could he a excited dog. Up to you.

//you assume that these cats can “protect,” just as they assume. in case anyone DOESN’T know what the cat au is, here

Rooooooman!” Virgil mewed loudly, pouncing onto the older cat’s back.  Roman toppled to the ground with a dramatic squall.  

You have vanquished me!” Roman cried in mock pain, “Ohhhh, the pain!”

You alright, Ro?” Patton asked, licking the top of the maine coon’s head.  

Yes. I’m. Fine.” Roman held in his purr, shaking his head.  Virgil fell over with the sudden shaking, giving a hiss.

This is a tight space, don’t do that!” Virgil whined, swatting at Roman’s head.

Would you three stop talking!” Logan fussed, tail twitching.  He stared out the bars of their carrier, watching feet go by.  Suddenly, the door swung open and the jingly thing over top of the door jangled.



All four cats froze, eyes blowing wide.  Dog!

Logan, Roman, and Patton all three looked to Virgil, whose fur was puffed and back was arched.  He let out a tiny hiss, which only drew the attention of the dog.  

A great big nose came far too close to Logan, making the cat back pedal and swat.  The dog panted and sniffed the carrier too hard, pushing it around.  Mewls and cries sounded, which only made the dog paw at them even more.  

I will protect us!” Roman announced, shoving past Logan to stick one arm out the carrier and swatting as violently as he could.  

It’s not working!” Logan yelled before tossing himself at the sides of the carrier to make it move away from the dog.

Oh, guys, Virgil is scared!” Patton whined, holding onto the little black kitten.

No I’m not!  Lemme at the dog!” Virgil hissed and bounced forward, trying to join Roman at his swatting.  But, Patton pulled him back by the scruff and pinned him down.

You’re safe now,” Patton said dramatically, licking the top of Virgil’s head.

Suddenly the carrier shifted, and they were in the air.  “Come on, you guys.  You can stop hissing and freaking out, now,” Thomas said, hiding the laugh in his voice.  He stuck his fingers through the carrier front to let the cats sniff and rub, hoping they’d calm down.

Man, trips to the vet were an adventure.

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Harry’s gonna be out, married to louis, they share seven gorgeous mixed race babies and have four cats and two dogs and a bunny and the media’s still gonna be like “did harry write new single off fifth studio album, ‘my husband, my love’ for Taylor swift?!?!!?!”

I got my new monitor!! Everything looks weird as hell. Had to try drawing something so here’s Eliot with some good boys (& a good girl fluttering by)


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  • Byron: Hey, man, come on in! Welcome to my humble abode.
  • Shelley: Are...are those--?
  • Byron: Eight dogs, five cats, three peacocks, four horses, a monkey, one eagle and an Egyptian crane? Yes. Yes they are.
  • Shelley: Dude, who cleans up all the--?
  • Byron: I hope you came completely prepared to adapt to my ridiculous sleep schedule, or lack thereof, because when I tell you I don't sleep like ever, hoo boy, am I not exaggerating for once ever. Hey, you want a drink?
  • Shelley: Um...
  • Byron: To the crypts! You gotta meet my aunt.
  • Shelley: Byron. What?
  • Byron: *hands Shelley a goblet made from the skulls of one of his ancestors* Here she is! Aunt Alice. Drink up, brah. We've got a lot of weird shit to do!
  • Shelley: *looks at the camera like he's on The Office*
  • Shelley: ...
  • Shelley: ... *drinks*

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Hi, someone with no expansion packs yet here; would you recommend cats and dogs before the other two?

Heya! Absolutely! There are currently four and I would purchase Cats & Dogs over any of them honestly. It truly feels the most full of depth in my opinion. 

Cats and Dogs > City Living > Get Together > Get to Work is how I’d rank them.

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Hey I read the Bruce headcanon for meeting his s/o's parents and I loved it!!! Could you please write a headcanon about Bruce proposing to his s/o please? Thanks!

Hi, this might be a bit short because I recently did an imagine about Bruce’s proposal if you are ever interested in reading it! That aside, this was also fun to do so thank you for sending in the request! Also I kinda put together two request because it was of the same nature! Anyways, I’ll try my hardest to make sure I give more!! Hope you enjoy!

Could you please do a Bruce Wayne headcanon about a wedding with his s/o? Thank you! Love your work!

  • Bruce’s proposal is beyond what you have expected because he is a man that goes to all extremes when it comes to his precious people. He probably is going to pop the question on your anniversary because he just wants to make your anniversary day extra special
  • He lets his sons – because of course Bruce will definitely let his sons be involved because you’re not only going to marry him but you are marrying Bruce and his sons. They come hand in hand – take you around, making you walk down memory lane with them or spend some time with his sons.
  • Then he has one of his sons bring you back to the manor where Bruce sweeps you off the floor because he went all out: carpet to the backyard, rose petals scattered on said carpet and the moment you get to the backyard – The Garden – Bruce is standing in the middle of the garden with candles – in the shape of heart – around him!
  • Of course, you will definitely tear up at the effort he put in and when Bruce gets down on one knee to ask you the question, you obviously say yes! Because this is what you have been wanting for as long as you can remember
  • “I knew right from the first moment I met you that you are going to be the one I will spend the rest of my life with, Y/N.”
  • Bruce lets you plan the wedding – he is willing to go along with whatever you have in mind because he just wants to make you happy. Even when you tell him you want a small wedding with only your closest families and friends in attendance, Bruce will agree to that.
  • “Alfred make sure all the names on the list gets invited and they are allowed to bring their plus one too.” Bruce even goes the extra mile in paying the trip for some of your families or friends that don’t live in Gotham. He also invites members of the league too.
  • Your dream wedding basically. Might even wear your mum’s old dress that you have altered a bit because you are a hopeless romantic and you have always dreamed about wearing her wedding dress to your own wedding.
  • All of the boys end up becoming Bruce’s best men and surprisingly Clark is the ring bearer. Bachelor party is pretty wild – leave it to Jason to bring out the booze like there is no tomorrow!
  • Diana and Dinah helps you get ready and your best girls becomes your bridesmaid. It’s really fun and crazy and they keep teasing you about your upcoming marriage with Bruce. Your bachelorette party is tame at first but halfway through dinner, Dinah announces she brought it a few surprises for you – it ends up being strippers and everyone is just having fun!
  • On the day of the wedding, who is Bruce trying to kid? He is nervous and Alfred is tearing up because he never thought he will ever get to see the lad marrying a fine lady like you. “Thank you, Master Bruce.”
  • The moment the music starts, nerves shot up the roof and despite his calm and collected demeanour, he is beyond nervous! Dick kept teasing him about how he was going to faint on his own wedding day and Damian is of course, defending him. Tim is the camera / videographer so obviously he has to make sure this is recorded! Jason hopes you can keep the big old bat in check!
  • As soon as you walk down that aisle with your father, Bruce is swept off his feet, breathless with how extremely beautiful and elegant you are. The smile on your face is also enough to make his nerves stop.
  • Bruce is more handsome than usual and holy crap, you can’t believe he is going to be your husband in just a few minutes hello heart, are you okay in there? Don’t stop now!
  • During the entire ceremony, Bruce isn’t sure where to keep his eyes at – he wants to stare at you but at the same time, he also keeps glancing at your hand; he feels very blessed to have you with him.
  • When it comes to doing the vows, yours are short and simple as your other friends still have no idea about Bruce’s superhero life. He is looking at you with such bright and adoring eyes you almost forgot what you wanted to say. You also thanked him for giving you four sons, a dog, a cat and a big bat (obviously you couldn’t really tell them you have Goliath).
  • When it was his turn, Bruce thanks you for being by his side even when he continued to push you away and he is thankful he didn’t manage to push you away and that you still supported him through thick and thin and all the beautiful things he can say to you, it makes you teary – Dinah had to keep giving you tissues because she didn’t want you to cry
  • By the time you are pronounced man and wife, Bruce doesn’t even wait for the priest to say the words and pulls you to him, giving you a very passionate kiss that had the crowd rowdy. Some of your families are crying, the boys are wolf-whistling, it was just amazing.

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Please my dad’s disabled, I have a dog, a cat, a ferret, and four birds that need out of this heat.

- You probably really love animals.

- If you don’t this relationship probably won’t last long, unless you learn to love them. 

- Mostly because your house is a home for abandoned/lost animals.

- Like you leave the house for work/school, you come back and there’s four dogs, two cats, one rabbit, and some unknown type of lizard here now.

- “But they’re so cute! Look. his name is Henry and he thinks he’s a dog!”

- He holds out the lizard to you, who makes a sound similar to a bark, and flicks his tongue across your cheek.

- “You can keep the lizard, but everyone else needs to find a home.”

- You warm up to the rabbit and dog after a while, they both seem to have an unusual friendship.

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Kit Purrson vs. Purrs debate

Guys with the canonical news we should not fear. What’s better than one cat? TWO CATS!! We can still all have Kit Purrson and now we can have Purrs as well. Oftentimes people tend to get cats or other animals in set of two so that they have someone besides their owner to play with. It’s the whole thing about being an only child vs. one of several! Just some thoughts from an individual with four cats and a dog and who would love to see more animals in general in fandom.