four days


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“Lucy! LUCY!” Natsu yelled, desperately trying to find his blonde partner in the smoke filled building. They were on a mission like normal, when Natsu’s flames had caught the building they were in on fire. Lucy was in a different part of the building at the time, and with all the smoke Natsu couldn’t find her scent. 

“Mavis, Lucy please be all right!” Searching through the debris while Gray was focused on freezing the flames that Natsu didn’t eat. 

In the corner of his eye he saw a flash of blonde underneath some fallen wooden beams. “Lucy!” Running over, he started to remove the wood, desperately reaching for her. Once she was free, he pulled her head into his lap, cradling it. “WENDY!” He shouted, “I’ve found Lucy! Hurry, she needs help!” Natsu started stroking her hair, wanting her to open her beautiful brown eyes and smile up at him. “Luce. Luce, please wake up. Don’t leave me.” His eyes started to water as he looked down at her lifeless form. He couldn’t let her die, he wasn’t ready to let her go just yet. Not when it was only last week when they shared their first kiss, telling each other how much they loved one another. He couldn’t lose her.

“Lucy! Hang in there!” He distantly heard Wendy cry, seeing her kneeling in front of Lucy’s body, hands starting to glow with her healing magic. 

“Please save her, Wendy.” He whispered, not taking his eyes off of Lucy’s closed ones. “I will Natsu, just leave it too me!” Wendy said confidently. 

“Lucy!” He heard more voices draw nearer, but he didn’t care. He just needed Lucy back, nothing else mattered at the moment. 

Suddenly a gasp was heard, and the most wonderful sight greeted Natsu, Lucy opened her eyes. Natsu sighed with relief and bent down to give her a quick kiss. “Don’t ever scare me like that again,” he said he picked her up and carried her out of the building, everyone else following behind them. 

“Then don’t set the place on fire, idiot,” but she said it with a small smile and he knew she didn’t blame him, even if he did himself a little bit. 

“I love you, Lucy. Don’t every leave me.”

She smiled softly at him, “Don’t worry, I don’t plan on it. And I love you too, Natsu, forever.” 

Day Four - Transformation (Pt 2)

 A/N : Part two of Transformation. Previous chapter can be read here

Lucy didn’t see the demon again. Each time she thought she found him, he would always leave without a trace. That didn’t stop her from leaving crayons and knick-knacks in places she thought he would happen across. In the brief moment that she met him the young girl felt he was lonely. If he didn’t have any friends maybe that’s why he went around killing people. The thought struck Lucy as odd, but she was four, what did she know?

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Taught the minions a new game

Somehow the little ones had never played battle. So tonight instead of minion night the five of us (three minions, me, and grandma) played two hands of battle with two decks of cards.

They had a lot of fun. It was wild.

And an amazing alternative to Risk.

My I won the first hand then my mother won the second. We kind of nicked the rules a little and so we’d have time to play more than one hand we said the person to win all the aces won. Because it got to the point that one person had about 6-20 cards and the other person had 80+ so … yeah. 

They had fun. And now they have another thing to do other than play on tablets at their dad’s.

Spent the last four days with this handsome guy out in the wilderness. Happy 5th anniversary @egreene86! Still loving this adventure we’re on. 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 (at Great Basin National Park)