four cute idiots

the Four(ish) Doctors

I love these four, so much, every single one is a sweetheart. They were totally willing to get tangled up in the scarf, and of course Sylvester had to make faces.

Afterwards, I was waiting for them to get the scarf off, but Colin kept it on and wouldn’t take it off. The con staff were trying to hustle me along, but I could not get the scarf back. So, Paul grabs it from Colin, and runs back over to me, drapes it around me, kisses me on the forehead, and said, ” There you are sweetheart”.

One of the best con stories I’ve ever had.

**Louis Tomlinson Imagine**


You have been spending a lot of time with your boyfriend Louis and the boys. In an interview Louis gets asked what you think of the boys.

Interviewer: What does your girlfriend think when she hangs out with the boys.

Louis: She probably thinks we’re idiots. We’re always messing with her but she loves us. 

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