four corners road trip

Join us as we say farewell to summer by reliving a spectacular road trip through the Four Corners. “Pack Up and Go: Mountains to Moab” follows a few of our friends as they explore the beautiful Southwest. We hope their journey inspires you to stay active this fall! Click the link in our profile to see the full story on our blog. Photo: @alisonvagnini @boldbrewteam #woolrich1830 #woolrich #packupandgo #fall #explorenature by woolrichinc

The Frienships of Fandom

I already made a post about my thoughts on the final FT chapter and Gruvia. So, this post is a far more personal story that couldn’t have happened without Gruvia. Others have already spoken about the friends they made because of this series. Well, I wanted to do that, too, but because it’s me, it’s going to be ridiculously long. ^_~

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Hello, from the land of no service! We actually just crossed back into Colorado, but the past day has been the worst service of my life. I apologize for the lack of updates.

The Grand Canyon was exactly that, grand. It didn’t even look real. Fifteen minutes later though and we headed for a crappy burger and then spent almost triple the normal cost for s’mores. Our fire almost didn’t even happen because there was a high risk of forest fires in certain areas (not ours).

On the plus side, we enjoyed some delicious Italian wine that my roommate brought back from her trip years ago. It was a celebration of us all finally being graduates. Don’t you love our equally classy cups?

Fast forward to 3:30am and I couldn’t “sleep” any longer. I was freezing and uncomfortable, so I basically just laid there until 6am.

We decided to drive the slightly longer route home today so we could stop at Four Corners. I joked that we’d also have to pay for that, and sure enough, we did. Irritated is an understatement, so we just left and turned around.

Roughly 7 hours to go now. My whole body aches, but this trip has overall been truly amazing and honestly just a surreal experience. I still can’t believe everything we’ve done this past week.