four continents figure skating championships 2014


Introduction to Mao Asada: A Playlist

1.   SP Fantasia for Violin and Orchestra || World Championships 2008
2.   SP Waltz from Masquerade Suite || Olympic Winter Games 2010
3.   FS Prelude in C-sharp minor || World Championships 2010  
4.   EX Ballade No. 1 in G minor || Japan Nationals 2010-2011
5.   FS Liebesträume || Four Continents Championships 2011
6.   EX Chikai ~Jupiter~ || Japan Nationals 2011-2012  
7.   FS Piano Concerto No. 2 || Olympic Winter Games 2014
8.   SP Nocturne in E-flat major || World Championships 2014
9.   SP Bei Mir Bistu Shein || Cup of China 2015
10. FS Madama Butterfly || World Championships 2016

Encore: So Deep Is The Night, or, the first time I met her

Figure Skating World Champ Men Preview

The highly competitive Men’s event will be a “quad fest” with more and more skaters including multiple quadruple jumps into their routines. Reigning World and European Champion Javier Fernandez (ESP), 26, is up against a strong group of competitors who are ready to challenge for the title. Fernandez has a season’s best of 294.84 points. Nathan Chen (USA) became the first skater to land five quadruple jumps in one program and tops the season’s best list with 307.46 points. Olympic Champion Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN), who lost to Fernandez at the past two World Championships, plans three quads (seasons best 303.71 points). 2017 Four Continents bronze medalist Shoma Uno (JPN), 2016 World bronze medalist Boyang Jin (CHN), three-time World Champion Patrick Chan (CAN) and 2014 Olympic bronze medalist Denis Ten (KAZ) will join the medal hunt in Helsinki.

Currently the highest scores are as follows:
Short Program: 110.95 (Y. Hanyu, set at ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final 2015/16)
Free Skating: 219.48 (Y. Hanyu, set at ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final 2015/16)
Total Score: 330.43 (Y. Hanyu, set at ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final 2015/16)

Spontaneous translation of a Swedish commentary of Yuzuru’s SP and FS at the 2014 World Championships. Thought it was a pretty good and entertaining commentary so… Here ya go:

Short program commentary:

Roger: Brian Orser, standing there. Past champion. He’s currently coaching Yuzuru Hanyu. Japan’s Olympic reigning champion. At Worlds: bronze in 2012, 4th last year. He’s been 2nd at Four Continents two times, he’s been Junior World champion one time. And now he’s meant to become the World champion as well. In his home country. In Tokyo. He’s from Sendai, north of Fukushima, which is north of Tokyo. Moved to Toronto in Canada to train for Brian Orser. Please calm down a bit so that he can concentrate (*referring to the audience shouting). Yuzuru. Music by Gary Moore, Parisienne Walkways.

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