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ok so i was watching this interview from like 2012 and there were two very interesting things Magnús said

  • the idea was that after Magnús was done playing Sportacus for 3 more years they’d make a movie and change the look or find number 11 or even make a movie about number 1
  • he also mentions Sportacus number 8 possibly being a woman (in the sense that any one of them could be or that they weren’t all male)

Alternative (and very probable) universe where Four kept his hair long and everyone retained their intricate hairdo except Two whose conception of it is “asymmetric with a pin”.

blue/cold vs red/heated

So a lot of scenes in Sherlock have either a blue/cold tint or a red/heated tin to their filming. This has been a subject many sherlockians have talked about for so long, and now I’m taking the torch and running with it. Because I think I know what these tints mean.

They mean whose perspective/narration we s the viewers are watching from. And I can tell you which color/tint belongs to who, with evidence.

Blue/cold = John/other

Red/heated = Sherlock

Let me explain. Please. (See, I even said please; im very polite.)

Things that happen where there is a blue/cold tint are unrealistic or cliched. Just look at TFP for goodness sake. Or even better, Mary’s death.

When Mary dies, she pushes Sherlock out of the way of a speeding bullet, goes flying through the air and manages to have a conversation with her husband and Sherlock despite being shot in the sternum and facing definite organ failure. Sounds like ll of them cliche action movies where there is a death to get a cheap reaction out of the audience. It is so unrealistic that its almost hilarious.

So why couldn’t it be coming from Sherlocks perspective/narration? Because Sherlock has been shot before. We watched the freaking scene.

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Remember? Sherlock was using apparitions of Molly, Mycroft and Anderson to help him?

What was it mindpalace!Molly said?

Its not like the movies, is it?

Remember, this all happened in a span of seconds but even then Sherlock had enough sense to know that this wasn’t like the movies. You don’t go flying backwards. Blood doesn’t spurt out.

But what happened with Mary? Exactly what would happen in the movies. Action movies.

And who do we know likes action movies?

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Ha, the gift even agrees with me.

(These guys are also wearing yellow… Oh universe)

Blue/cold has actually been around before this season though. And quite frankly, this is what convinced me that blue/cold tints are from Johns perspective.

So where has this blue/cold tint appeared before?

TRF and TEH.

I’m not kidding, look:




(You sherlolly and sheriaty shippers are welcome by the way)

And what do these scenes have in common? They’re all shown from an unreliable narrator. John saw what Sherlock wanted him to see and the two from TEH are unreliable narrations.

Blue means an unreliable narration or a narration that isn’t Sherlocks. A magic trick. A deceiving imitation or lie.

How many unreliable scenes are there in season four? How many badly placed tricks or deceiving imitations? Too many. Every one of them completely unrealistic or nonsense.

Now, I know you’re going to ask, “Why can’t Sherlock be blue? Why does Sherlock have to be red?” Well, despite the death of Mary, there is actual other evidence. And it all comes from TAB.

TAB took place within Sherlock’s mind palace and there are lots of red/heated tints. Cue the evidence:



But I know people will want to prove me wrong and bring up this little thing of course:

Yeah, okay. These are tinted blue/cold. But I can easily explain:

These are recounts being told by other narrators. Remember, blue/cold tint means unreliable narrator or another narrator that isn’t Sherlock (Yeah, it’s happening in his mind palace but technically MindPalace!Lestrade is saying this so… A representation of another narrator. It counts.)

Of course, there is this image as well:

But I honestly just blame this on lighting. Hey, if you have a better explanation, then feel free to tell me, but in all honesty; I imagine it’s just lighting effect.

But quite frankly there is a lot of red/heated tones. Plus, when watching season four, red appears to have a connection with Sherlock more than it does with John:

These are all my favourite scenes btw

Yep. These tones are literally only associated when Sherlock is around. The blue/cold tones can affect Sherlock but he practically owns the red/heated tints and tones.

And for the last piece of evidence that may just explain everything:

May not seem like much at first glance. But honey, I observe.

This blue/cold tint over the photo? Observe.

What is it doing? What is this blue/cold tint doing to the picture?

Its removing the red/heated tints. It has over taken the red/heated tones.

So what does this mean? Well, it means we have some very interesting story lines. The blue/cold tint has layered over the red/heated tint. The two stories that are to be told have intertwined, but for now only one is clear to us.

In order to see the other story, we need to look past the blue/cold tints. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?


The first four colour pages of my #Sherlock/London graphic novel. More to follow soon. Below are links to the linearts for the first 55 pages, albeit without text:

All these people complaining about Ghostbusters is really getting to me. I wish they could just understand my side of this. For the first time there’s a movie with four female ghostbusters. Four female heroes who are not sexually objectified around every corner. Four female heroes with different body types and different skin colours. Four women who are not forced into skimpy outfits for the male gaze.

And most importantly for me, one of our heroes is not only a queer woman on the big screen, but also in her personal life. A queer woman who is a main character and whose story for once did not end in tragedy.

Honestly, you’ve got a million other movies, heroes and stories you can turn to. Let me just have this one.