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Suga Daddy: Part 3

Suga Daddy: Part 3

Word count: 7.8k

Genre: smut, angst

My computer is in the shop so I had to edit on my phone. Sorry if there are a lot of mistakes. ^^

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It was now Friday, the first day of rehearsal. You’d gotten there a little early, deciding to stretch and mentally prepare yourself, this would be your focus for the next few months. You’d gotten a text from Yoongi this morning, wishing you luck, so you felt pretty good about today.

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trans letter help

I was thinking, there must be a way to set up a network of doctors and therapists who are willing to write “this person is trans/has transitioned, do the thing they want” letters, similar to what that the trans law help people have done?

And after reading one too many “people who present or identify in a way I don’t like are Hurting Trans People (Because Cis People Probably Hate Them As Much As I Do And Might Think I’m Like That)” posts/comments…

I think the only requirement for help from such a network should be that the recipient has to post something like, “Those genderweird tucutes are literally the only reason I could [transition/change my documents], and I owe everything to them and henceforth will shut my mouth about transtrenders, who are THE BEST.”

The Intern - Epilogue

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine 

Pairing: You x Jungkook

Summary: You join a group of foreigners apart of an internship with BigHit entertainment that will lead to a possibility of a full-time job. Nothing goes as expected when everyone makes you the enemy and you unexpectedly befriend Jungkook.

Genre: Angst & Fluff

Word Count: 3922

Warnings: mild amount of swearing.

Author’s Note: Hooray! There’s an epilogue!

You heard a few weeks later that Sophia was the one who got the big internship. You were so happy for her and were ecstatic that above everything else, she was the one who got it. Sophia deserved it the most. She emailed you excitedly but also expressed how it was a little weird when she had to interact with BTS. Sophia explained that although no one said anything, they all knew that she was your roommate and that made things a little odd. She also let you know that she rarely saw Jungkook. He always avoided her. Sophia said that she figured that he was still hurt by you having to leave and seeing her only reminded him of you. That was painful to read. You still couldn’t find a way to get over him. You couldn’t help but feel bitter that Jungkook could easily avoid thinking about you, but you still had to see news about BTS everywhere. It was inescapable.

It was a week after you left that it was announced that Jungkook’s foot had healed and that he would he would continue activites. It was month after you left that BTS announced a comeback. A month later the album was released and beside your better judgement, you decided to listen.

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today @sonatine​ and i were talking about mcu/yuri on ice crossovers, as one does, and she mentioned bucky running into otabek and yuri while undercover on a mission somewhere

and so this, as always, is entirely her fault

Bucky has witnessed a lot of shit in his life. Way too much shit. So, when he sees the fight start in a grubby back alley in St. Petersburg, he knows he really shouldn’t risk blowing his cover to intervene.

Seriously, though. The kid about to get his ass handed to him is tiny and blond, half the size of the four—no, five, oh God, six—thugs closing in on him; and whatever else Bucky is, he’s a creature of memory and instinct and deeply rooted Pavlovian reflexes before anything else. Besides, the kid is wearing a leopard print hoodie and a black t-shirt with an actual tiger head on the front, all glittering sequins, and no one with a fashion sense like that deserves to get beat up in an alley.

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_I don’t mind the rain_|Part XIII|

Bucky x Reader[Gender neutral!]

[Part one][Part two][Part three][Part four][Part five][Part six][Part seven] [Part eight][Part nine][Part ten] [Part 10.5] [Part eleven] [Part twelve]

Warnings: None, I think. Mention of blood, maybe? But nothing big dont worry.

Word count: 3.781 [aYO]


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With a small groan, you opened your eyes. The sun shone through the curtains but was kind enough to not shine directly in your face. 

You moved a bit, trying to get a bit more rest, but you just ended up hurting yourself as you moved your leg too fast.
Slowly and not really wanting to, you opened your eyes. The hotel room was bright and welcoming as the warm sunlight shone through the window, on the white walls and onto the fluffy bed sheets. A few dust particles were flying through the air, now visible thanks to the sun.

A content sigh left your lips as you sat up, leaning on your elbows.
Your lips were dry and your eyelids still heavy. After youblinked a few times, you finally could see a bit clearer.
It took your brain approximately 1 minute until you remembered why you are even in this room, what happened throughout the last few days.
Your mood changed drastically, from calm and a bit sleepy, to awake and slightly panicked.

Recalling yesterday, you remembered the phone call with…
Ah, yes..
Blake was her name.

Your thoughts wandered to the fake ID that was probably also her work.

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british tv recs #9

here are posts:  one, two and three and four , five, six  ,seven  and eight

1. the halcyon

set right slap bang in the middle of ww2, this follows the staff and guests of top london hotel, the halcyon. nice little period drama with a dash of glitz, schmaltz and scandal (well, it is on itv, what do you expect). it’s only 3 eps in so it’ll take no time to catch up. a nice period drama with a great ensemble cast including olivia williams, who we love.

2. taboo

oh guys. you’re in for a treat. written by the same man who wrote peaky blinders (see post one or take my word on it being one of the best tv shows ever made) this show is set in 1814 and follows james delaney, aka tom hardy at his grizzly, menacing best, as he comes home to claim his inheritance after being mpd for 10 years. dark, brooding, beautifully acted, twisted magical realism elements (idk yet either) and loads of other good stuff. half dickens, half wuthering heights, half what the hell - this looks set to be one of the really good ones. also, you know, it’s TOM HARDY

3. wpc56

this one follows a young woman who becomes a wpc in, yep you guessed it, 1956. cute little afternoon period drama with all the things we like. it’s cozy, it’s a nice little romp with crime and a leading lady in a man’s profession. it airs at 2.15, so this isn’t going to be the hard stuff, but worth watching.

4. delicious

national treasure dawn french stars in this as the ex wife of iain glen, who she’s now having an affair with. on the other side of this is his second with, also a national treasure, emilia fox. it’s about food, women, relationships, family, and bringing these women together. amazing cast should be enough though, lets face it.

5. unforgotten

nicola walker, literal angel, solves cold cases. gripping, twisty, won a bunch of awards, great little crime drama. season two has only just started so you can watch this in a day - and you’ll probably want to, once you start it.

6. the hour

following three people who work for an investigative news program in the sixties. drama and intrigue abound at the height of the cold war, as well as office politics, romance and scandal. tense, twisty, massively well recieved. this is intelligent, well acted drama at its best. no one gets over this show.

7. ballykissangel

i’m really going back for this one. first aired in 1996, this follows an english priest as he is transferred to a small irish village, and of course all the drama that comes from living in a small area. everyone used to watch this one back in the day, it’s a nice little drama with romance and the politics of every day life for the priest.

8. case histories

wait till my father hears about this1! well draco, he isn’t listening, because jason isaac is too busy starring in this as jackson brodie, ex soldier and policeman turned private investigator. based on books by the honestly wonderful kate atkinson, a complex and gripping mystery drama.

Okay but highlights of the episode to get us out of this pit of despair:

- Sherlock’s adorable happiness at the beginning.
- Sherlock throwing a piece of biscuit into his mouth and missing quite tragically.
- Both Brother’s answering to “Mr. Holmes” at the same time.
- Lestrade getting super happy when Sherlock finally called him Greg.
- Sherlock! Working! On! Remembering! Gregs! Name!
- John helping!!!
- Balloon Watson.
- Papa Sherlock with lil baba Rosie.
- Honestly John’s hair? I’m??
- John with a flower behind his ear.
- Sherlock literally ripping into Maggie Thatcher, what a man.
- “What are you Wikipedia?” “Yes”
- So. Much. Water.
- More twirly!lock
- Sherrinford (?? Maybe) chasing PIRATE SHERLOCK in said adorable dream!
- Mrs. Hudson in general, she’s always a delight.
- Sherlock desperately wanting to make himself a better person for John.
- Mycroft and Lestrade in the same room, if only for a second.
- Sleek references to TPLOSH.
- The new skull!! It’s literally lit!!!
- Also so many Elephants!! Bless Arwel!

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Sherlock’s and Moriarty’s Twitter Accounts

Okay, so, no one is talking about this so I figure I would be the person to post all of these on Tumblr.

Someone on Tumblr (I’m sorry, I forgot who) said that these two Twitter Accounts were created two days ago. I’m not sure if you can mess with the dates of when you post something on Twitter (because some of these tweets seem older than two days ago) but let’s assume that someone official from the BBC can. 

If these are real, that means that Sherlock has been tweeting. And so has James Moriarty. 

I took screenshots from Moriarty’s entire twitter feed. Check these out!!

Joe Lister, who used to write for John’s blog, posted this a few weeks ago:

What if these twitter accounts is what Joe’s talking about?? What do we think Sherlockians?? :) 


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