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also, i just went to the library and checked out four dw novels (but somehow there were no graphic novels) and the song of achilles. i will probably be posting my thoughts on summer falls, which is…….. Weird

TWD 9 Weeks of Positivity || Weekly Themes

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Week One // August 22- 28 //

Reason I or How I got started watching TWD in the first place

Were you there from the start? Or did you binge watch on Netflix and become instantly obsessed? Did Rick Grimes’ search for his family tear at your heart and have you hooked? Or did the show not have you in its clutches until our heroes had to battle the sadistic villain that was The Governor? Let us know how your life was invaded by our favorite zombie show.

Week Two //August 29 - September 4 //

A. Things That Make Me Happy (about the Show)

Ever found yourself with a smile on your face while sitting in front of your TV or computer? And the reason for that smile is because the show is just making you so happy? We want to know what kind of joy the show brings you. It can be certain actors, characters, the real sense of family and camaraderie that goes on behind the scenes of the show. Gifs, bulleted list, screen caps or anything else you can think of to show your love are all welcomed.

B.  Most Memorable Scene

It may not be a scene you watch over and over. Or you many not watch again after the first airing, but can’t forget them. The Governor chopping off Hershel’s head. Noah getting eaten by walkers as Glen looked on in horror. Lori dying to save Judith. What scenes won’t ever leave your head?

Week Three // September 5- 11 //

Favorite Episode(s) / Season (s)

Pick your favorite from any season! Pick your favorite from each season! Pick your favorite character centric! Whatever you like, just share your favorite episode(s) so we can all take a walk down memory lane of the best TWD has to offer. Gifs, bulleted list, screen caps or anything else you can think of to show your love are all welcomed.

Week Four // September 12 - 18 //

Favorite(s) Character Moments

There’s always a defining moment that you associate with the characters. It’s a scene or conversation you can’t help but to watch over and over. It may make you pump your fist in excitement because the action was so great, smile uncontrollably because it was just so sweet, or look on with tears in your eyes because you hurt when they hurt.

Week Five // September 19 - 25 //

A. Favorite/Memorable Plot(s)

Was it Shane going crazy on his best friend? Michonne battling the Governor? Or maybe Team Family fighting off a group of cannibals? Lets us know your favorite plots no matter how big or small.

B. Favorite Little Things in an Episode

There’s always so much going on during any given episode. Sometimes our eyes can’t catch everything. But on that 50th watch (because let’s be real we’ve watched these episodes more times than we can count) you notice a cute or interesting moment going on in the background. Tell us what they are.

Week Six // September 26 – October 2 //

A. Fandom Shout Out(s)

Who are your favorite artists? Favorite fic or meta writers? Favorite gif makers? Is there anyone that has helped you or made you feel better? This week is dedicated to letting them know!

B. Favorite Cast Moment/Event(s)

Our favorite cast grants us so much access to them through the WalkerStalker cons, SDCC and NYCC, premiere parties, interviews and more. We have been fortunate to have such an engaging and hilarious group of actors playing our favorite characters. What’s your favorite thing from an event the cast participated in?

Week Seven // October 3 -9 //

A. Favorite Display(s) of Love

Rick crying as he finally found Lori and Carl. Hershel hugging his girls after they were reunited after the herd raided the farm. Sasha and Tyreese finding each other again after the prison collapsed. The moment Rick and Michonne finally realized their love on that couch. There’s so much sorrow in the show, but these moments of love is a big part of why we keep coming back. Show us your favorite moment when pain was put on the backburner and love ruled.

B. Funniest Moments In The Show

An end of the world zombie show is not known for it’s comedy, but there are lighthearted moments sprinkled throughout the show. Does Eugene make you laugh uncontrollably? Does Glenn’s innocence of the first season make you chuckle at how precious he was? Let us know what parts of the show wouldn’t have been out of place with a laugh track.

Week Eight // October 10 - 16 //

Favorite Character Relationship (TF Appreciation & Team ASZ)

Team Family is filled with a lot of meaningful relationships within their core unit. Let us know which ones are your favorite. It doesn’t have to be just romantic relationships. Tell us about your favorite best friends, siblings, or parental relationship. And if the show never gave you the relationships you longed for give us a wish list of those that could have been.

Week Nine // October 17 -23 //

A. Favorite Moment(s) of Hope

This show is about watching our heroes navigate through and survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Though with survival comes many hard choices for the characters. Not to mention a lot of tragedy. But at it’s core this show is about hope. What are you favorite moments of hope the show gave you? It doesn’t matter if you have one, two, or a whole slew of them. Feel free to break them down by season or ep.

B. Favorite Fandom Memory

The TWD fandom is large and vocal. There’s never any doubt about what we love or hate about the show. There’s so much talent be it discussions, meta, or the more creative side of things. Tells us what fandom event won’t leave your mind.

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Do you have any sort of magical secret for figuring out how to draw Capaldi's hair? It is a wild and untamable beast.

Ummmmm…depends on what you define as “magical”.