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No trip to NYC is complete without visiting 30secondstomars’s Hurricane video locations 😜

my pics w/ a side by side comparison
Of Course (Dok2)

Anonymous asked: Hey, I have a request!! You`re Dok2’s girlriend and suddenly you start having pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and such and you get really worried because you feel like you both are too young and he’s always busy. Thank you, love your scenarios!!

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    “Excuse me,” you said tersely, rising from your seat and walking toward the door as quickly as you could without running. You rushed down the hall toward the bathroom, shoving the door open and hurrying into a stall, dropping to your knees on the floor as vomit rushed into your mouth. Your throat and mouth burned and you gagged, retching as your body kept pushing out more. Finally it stopped, leaving you in a cold sweat, your hands shaking as you stood. You quickly cleaned up, wiping off the sweat on your forehead and taking a long drink from the drinking fountain in the hall before returning to the meeting you’d been in.

    “You okay?” one of your coworkers whispered as you sat back down. You just nodded, forcing a small smile, not wanting to draw any more attention to yourself.

    You figured it was a minor stomach bug or some small degree of food poisoning, since you didn’t have any other symptoms.

    That is, until it happened again two mornings later. And then again the day after that.

    And now you had a growing suspicion. You didn’t want to be right, so it took you a whole week to test your hypothesis.

    But to your horror, you were right.

    The test was positive; you were pregnant.

    You went to work as usual the day you found out; you worked through the paperwork you had, you met with your boss as scheduled, you tried your hardest to act like everything was normal and convince yourself everything was going to be okay.

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Get the Royal Treatment at These 6 Vienna Hotels

Mix a glamorous high-society past with a design-driven present and you’ve got Vienna. Where swanky cafes and creatively-minded local boutiques mingle with grand gilded buildings, marble fountains, historic concert halls, and an unfathomable museum stretch. And befitting of this noble city, these six Vienna hotels will give you the royal treatment so you’ll never want to check out.

Okay, so I got my hands on the raws and I have the confirmed names of the former members of Karasuno.

Former Captain & 3rd Year - Tashiro Hidemi (Curly Hair!)
Former 2nd Year - Kurokawa Hiroki
(As I expected, I guessed their first names wrongly in my earlier spoiler post XD)

Also for anyone who’s interested, these are the middle school names for the 1st Years (current 3rd Years) (and Kurokawa) with rough translations…
Daichi - Izumidate Middle (泉館中) (Literally fountain building/hall)
Suga - Nagamushi Middle (長虫中) (Literally long insect o.o)
Asahi - Seikoudai Middle (西光台中) (Literally western light/bright stand/table)
Kurokawa - Hisa Middle (久中) (Literally long, in terms of amount of time)

Check please characters as things my (theatre department) friends and I have done
  • (because yes this meme is so much fun)
  • Bitty: schemed to thank the man who renovated our theatre over the summer with homemade baked goods
  • Jack: glared across the quad and slowly lowered to the ground in defeat after becoming a victim of the "dart game"
  • Lardo: drew an ongoing comic in class mocking one of the more pretentious theatre professors
  • Shitty: made a special drink at the soda fountain in the dining hall for every meal
  • Ransom: laid down on the floor during q2q and reconsidered everything
  • Holster: accidentally watched all of holy musical b@man with the intention of watching just one scene
  • Chowder: instantly forgot every viral video ever when asked to reenact one under pressure
  • Farmer: married into the theatre squad and became the Leader
  • Nursey: moved too fast through a maze at a haunted house
  • Dex: scraped a knee after being dragged to the ground by the one moving too fast at the haunted house