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No trip to NYC is complete without visiting 30secondstomars’s Hurricane video locations 😜

my pics w/ a side by side comparison

An entry in “Princeton as it was,” but not as it is: The Class of 1881 Memorial Fountain. Murray Hall (in the background) is probably the only thing students today will recognize in this photo, which dates ca. 1880s (prior to the construction of Dodge Hall).

Historical Photograph Collection, Grounds and Buildings Series (AC111), Box SP03, Image No. 602.

Of Course (Dok2)

Anonymous asked: Hey, I have a request!! You`re Dok2’s girlriend and suddenly you start having pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and such and you get really worried because you feel like you both are too young and he’s always busy. Thank you, love your scenarios!!

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    “Excuse me,” you said tersely, rising from your seat and walking toward the door as quickly as you could without running. You rushed down the hall toward the bathroom, shoving the door open and hurrying into a stall, dropping to your knees on the floor as vomit rushed into your mouth. Your throat and mouth burned and you gagged, retching as your body kept pushing out more. Finally it stopped, leaving you in a cold sweat, your hands shaking as you stood. You quickly cleaned up, wiping off the sweat on your forehead and taking a long drink from the drinking fountain in the hall before returning to the meeting you’d been in.

    “You okay?” one of your coworkers whispered as you sat back down. You just nodded, forcing a small smile, not wanting to draw any more attention to yourself.

    You figured it was a minor stomach bug or some small degree of food poisoning, since you didn’t have any other symptoms.

    That is, until it happened again two mornings later. And then again the day after that.

    And now you had a growing suspicion. You didn’t want to be right, so it took you a whole week to test your hypothesis.

    But to your horror, you were right.

    The test was positive; you were pregnant.

    You went to work as usual the day you found out; you worked through the paperwork you had, you met with your boss as scheduled, you tried your hardest to act like everything was normal and convince yourself everything was going to be okay.

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12 Things Nobody Told You to Pack for College

We know stuffing all your belongings into one car is not the most fun way to start college
(collegiettes across the country know your pain!).
It requires a lot of foresight to pack everything you need for a year away from home
—you’re bound to forget something!
While we can’t predict your every need,
we do have 12 helpful packing suggestions that freshmen don’t usually consider.
Our college veterans have weighed in on items they wish they stuffed in their suitcases,
and we’ve included the best in this handy checklist.
So before you close your car trunk full of shoes and posters
(mainly shoes),
check out these oft-forgotten college necessities!

1. Safety Pins

Etka Partani,
a senior at UCLA,
says she took her mom’s box of safety pins for granted before she arrived at college. “
I know it seems random,
but sometimes they’re completely necessary to adjust an outfit
or make sure the costume that you threw together for a party doesn’t fall off,”
she says.
You can keep safety pins in a small box with other random knickknacks,
such as paper clips and bobby pins.

2. Boot Tray

If you’re going to college in a northern state with lots of wintry weather,
bring a boot tray to store your soaked shoes.
According to Phyu-Sin Than,
a senior at Mount Holyoke College,
“It’s completely necessary to have if you’re going to a school in the north where half the school year is dragging yourself around in the snow.”
Try this one from Bed Bath & Beyond to keep your dorm carpet clean and dry
(a regular serving platter also works just as well).

3. Bookends

You can rack up a sizable collection of books in your first year,
especially with general education classes
(American Lit., anyone?).
Shira Kipnees,
campus correspondent for HC Franklin & Marshall,
recommends that freshmen bring bookends to organize their study sessions.
“My books always ended up in a fallen mess on the shelf and it would take me forever to find the exact book I was looking for,”
she says.
You can find cheap bookends on Amazon or invest in decorative ones from Etsy, like these cute bicycle ones for $35.

4. Old T-shirts and Costumes

There will be plenty of theme parties in college,
which means plenty of opportunities to unleash your creative fashion sense!
Come prepared with the right materials to make the most of these festive events.
Emma Miller,
a senior at Kenyon College,
suggests bringing old shirts you wouldn’t mind cutting, dyeing, highlighting, or doing whatever else to that strikes your artistic fancy.
You can also bring old Halloween costumes and accessories or outdated clothes to stock your theme party wardrobe.

5. Electric Kettle/Water Boiler

Emily Willeman,
a senior at Western Washington University,
suggests bringing an electric kettle for making late-night ramen.
Sometimes you won’t feel like walking to the dining halls
or they won’t be open when studying late at night and get hungry,
so it’s nice to have hot food options in the convenience of your room!
An electric kettle is also great for making hot tea or soup when you have a cold or want to make hot chocolate during winter months.
Add some Tim Tams to the hot chocolate and invite friends over for a snack social!

6. Brita Pitcher

Not all college dorms have a water fountain on every floor,
so invest in a Brita pitcher to filter tap water so you can stay hydrated.
If you are lucky enough to have a fountain in the hall,
you may want to buy a pitcher anyways so you don’t have to run back and forth for another cup of water!

7. Safe

It may sound paranoid,
but you’re better safe than sorry (pun intended).
Since college is a completely new environment and strangers may be coming in and out of your room from time to time
(depending on how social your roommate is),
you’re better off having a secure place to store valuables while you’re out.
A safe is a good precaution until you get to know your roommate better and have a better understanding of what’s risky to leave out in your dorm.

8. External Hard Drive

You never know when your computer will crash
(yet it always seems to happen during crucial times, like finals week).
An external hard drive is a solution to potentially losing all of your hard work.
Though some collegiettes use online storage programs
(or use the old email attachment method),
it doesn’t hurt to have a local copy of your work in case there are Internet connection problems.
Be sure that you buy the right hard drive for your computer!

9. Earplugs and Sleep Mask

Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for a roommate who doesn’t snore,
head to college prepared for the worst.
Even if you are a deep sleeper,
it’s better to have these aids at your disposal than to wish you had them while tossing and turning at two in the morning or waking up as the sun rises on a Saturday.
Dorm halls have an unpredictable mix of students
—some who may not have the same level of respect for others as you do.
Earplugs are a safeguard against booming speakers, awkward hallway arguments, disturbing noises through thin walls and anything else you could (literally) lose sleep over!

10. Extension Cords and Power Strips

You don’t want to be tied to working at your desk because your computer charger is too short to reach your bed.
Bring an extension cord for free range around your room (or the library).
Many dorm rooms also have a limited number of outlets,
so pack a power strip to charge all your gadgets,
because you shouldn’t have to pick between a functioning phone and laptop!
Plus, you will avoid any arguments with your roommate about being an outlet hog.
Now you can both dry your hair in peace!

11. Duct Tape

People joke about it being a poor man’s tool kit,
but duct tape is incredibly useful, versatile, and cheap!
Use it to cover up wires, secure loose items, and solve problems you can’t even imagine right now.
It actually works magic.

12. Sporting Equipment

If you were involved in any sports in high school, bring your gear!
You don’t want to limit your opportunities on campus,
especially if you love the sport and want to play it, even recreationally.
“I joined a volleyball intramural team and having my kneepads made it so much easier to get involved in the game,”
says Jaclyn Turner,
a junior at the University of Maryland.
“I also looked really official having the proper volleyball gear!”

Now you’ll be the most prepared freshman on your floor
(and your roommate’s savior when she realizes what she forgot!).
Happy packing!

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so like, the dining hall soda fountains, there's a small white lever for just water, and the flow reminded me of peeing from a very full bladder, the way it drips after gushing. just for next time if you want to pay attention while filling a cup to drink or something 👍

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i’ve gotten water from those little levers at the soda fountains in the student centers at my college and now this is going to be all i think about next time i do omg thank you for this lovely image nonnie

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So I kinda just kept getting more ideas: Bucky puts on a belt for the first time since he's gotten a real belly. Bucky has a string of bad nights/nightmares. Steve stuffs him (with cheesecake?) to help him sleep. Steve gets a bunch of '30s cookbooks to try to find/recreate some of Bucky's mom's recipes. Bucky helps test. While watching Bucky eat, shortly after hearing about how he never wants to be hungry again, Steve imagines just how much bigger he might get if he keeps eating like that.

omg i’m so excited about these okay sorry these took so long! i mixed a couple of them together where they fit, but for the most part they’re in the order you wrote them. i hope that’s okay!



clint and natasha’s engagement party is semi-formal, and steve’s meeting him at the venue, since he’s returning from a trip abroad, so bucky’s on his own getting dressed.

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Too Close to the Sun (10)

This is the 10th installment in my chaptered AU fic. To read the previous chapters, click on the links provided: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Baz must have left early in the morning. When Simon had woken up in the morning Baz and all his stuff were gone. All of Sunday had passed with Simon fiddling with his phone.
Simon had tried calling half a dozen times and eventually gave up on trying to get ahold of Baz. He still waited for Baz to call him back, to give him an explanation. But he knew it was stupid, Baz was probably freaked out about what happened.
“Simon have you heard anything I just told you?”
Simon looked up to see his dad glaring at him across the dinner table.
“Sorry sir, I was a little distracted.”
His father snorted. “By what? It’s not like you’re involved in shit at school anymore.”
Simon ignored the jab.
“Dad…when did you know you were in love with mom?”
His father’s eyes softened, a rare sight.
“We were at a coffee shop, it was our third date. I told her a horrible joke; it honestly wasn’t funny. But she laughed…god she laughed so hard she snorted hot coffee out her nose. That was the moment I realized I’d been in love with her the whole time.”
Simon felt his heart twist painfully. He had been hoping to pass the whole night before as a horny teenage experience, but he knew it wasn’t like that for him.
“Why do you ask? Have you met a girl?”
Simon grimaced. “Something like that. They don’t seem to like me back.”
Simon’s father frowned.
“You know I don’t respect many people son, but you…even when you’ve pissed me off, well I respect you. If she doesn’t like you, maybe she doesn’t deserve you. Or…she’s looking for something else. Not better, just different.”
Simon nodded, feeling happy around his father for the first time in a while, even if it wasn’t perfect.
“I’ll keep that in mind sir.”


Baz had wanted to stay the next morning. But he couldn’t help thinking that everything could stay perfect if he didn’t have to wake up to Simon letting him down gently. There was also the matter of avoiding David Snow; a man Baz knew would probably kill him if he saw him in bed with his son.
Baz was freaking out in his desk, waiting for Simon to take his seat next to him. All he could think about was how casual Simon would probably be, smiling like nothing had ever happened. If Simon did that Baz was sure he would throw up.
Simon did not come in smiling. In fact Simon came in looking pissed and disgruntled. It looked as if he hadn’t gotten any sleep, and his glare was aimed directly at Baz.
“Can I talk to you outside?”
Baz looked around. “Um…now?”
Simon rolled his eyes.
“Yes Baz right now.”
Baz shifted uncomfortably.
“Well I don’t know Simon, class is about to start. I’m sure even you can read a simple classroom clock.”
Simon leaned into Baz’s ear and whispered.
“Oh Baz, I have a lot to say and if you don’t come outside, I’ll fucking yell it out here. It’s up to you.”
Baz glared at Simon even as he was turned on by his threat.
“Fine Snow. But if Ebb gives me shit, I’m blaming you.”
Simon leaned away, lounging like a cat against the wall before leading the way out of the classroom.
“Such a sarcastic fuck.”
Baz glared at everyone who was staring at them. He might not have been hanging out with Niall and Dev as much, but he hadn’t lost his reputation, they all looked down when he caught their eyes.
Simon led them into a water fountain alcove in the hall.
“All right Snow, what is so god damn important?”
Simon stared at him like he was crazy.
“Oh I don’t know Baz…I thought I’d ask for your opinion on Holden Caulfield. What the fuck do you think it’s about?”
Baz sneered out of habit.
“I didn’t drag you out of class for no reason. Perhaps you could get to the point.”
Simon laughed without humor.
“Of course. I kiss you, you spend the night in my arms and by Monday we’re back to square one? While we’re at it why don’t you throw me down the stairs again? Just to be thorough.”
Baz flushed. “Shut up!”
Simon backed Baz into the wall.
“Why? Is it because you regret kissing me back? I don’t regret it. I’m standing here saying I like you. Like I really like you. But if you’re over it, just tell me to my face instead of sneaking out of my house in the morning.”
Baz pushed Simon.
“I didn’t leave because I regretted it! I left because I couldn’t take it if you sent me home with my tail between my fucking legs!”
Simon scrubbed his hand down his face.
“You left because you thought I would reject you?”
Baz nodded mutely.
“So you left even thought you like me too? A lot?”
Baz blushed feverishly.
“It’s more than that for me Snow.”
Simon stared, his mouth open.
“I wanted to wake up holding you Baz.”
Baz stopped breathing.
Simon shook his head “You fucking idiot.”
Baz watched as Simon closed the distance between them with heat in his eyes. He kissed Baz and for once Baz didn’t doubt himself, he just gave into the golden boy in his arms. He bit down on Simon’s lip, hard, and tasted blood. This time he didn’t worry if it had been too much, he didn’t really care.
Simon pulled back and looked up at Baz.
“That’s for calling me an idiot.”
Simon wound his hands in Baz’s hair.
“I’ll have to do it more often.”
He kissed Baz’s neck and then bit it gently, sucking softly. Baz made an embarrassing noise. He wanted Simon Snow, here in the school hallway. He pulled Simon’s face back up to his mouth and kissed him again. Simon’s hot breath huffed into Baz’s mouth, and he arched his back into Simon.
They jumped away from each other as if they had been doused in cold water. It was Ebb, with the door to the classroom mercifully closed. She was smirking at them and tapping her boot on the linoleum floor.
“I came out because I was worried you two would be fighting. But I guess I misunderstood.”
Baz looked at Simon’s slightly bloodied mouth and rumpled shirt guiltily.
“While I’m not unsympathetic…it is class time. Please join us, unless you really want to me to explain this to the principal.
“Sorry Ebb we’ll come back in.”
She nodded and went back into the classroom.
“So, am I your boyfriend now?”
Baz looked at Simon.
“If you want to be.”
Simon’s eyes sparkled, his grin becoming blindingly bright.
“Of course I do.”


Get the Royal Treatment at These 6 Vienna Hotels

Mix a glamorous high-society past with a design-driven present and you’ve got Vienna. Where swanky cafes and creatively-minded local boutiques mingle with grand gilded buildings, marble fountains, historic concert halls, and an unfathomable museum stretch. And befitting of this noble city, these six Vienna hotels will give you the royal treatment so you’ll never want to check out.