Day 36: Home

We made it home! Helen drove us to the airport in the morning and her parents drive a separate car to take our bikes…..very nice of them.

Helen stayed with us a bit at the airport before we went through security.

When we did, everything went smoothly except they took our chamois creme away :( I totally forgot to put it in the check in box…

But our flight was smooth, landed at around 2:30. We got our bike boxes and built the bikes up real quick and left the boxes and started to head to the metro green line. Both the bike boxes were checked by the TSA….although they didn’t take anything…not even the dirt from Vancouver I got for Christine.

We took the metro to long beach and biked from there……I was going really fast…I was in a weird mood….didn’t really want to go home…it felt nice to be on the road. We were treated very well everywhere…..and I guess it was nice to have a schedule and something to always do.

We got to Jeff’s house and my parents were there. My dad actually did get a reporter lady from the Chinese newspaper…she interviewed us. It wasn’t that bad.

We ate…and I’m sleeping over here tonight haha

I’m tired…goodnight

a playlist for drizzles, blizzards, and anything in between 

Ed Sheeran the A team //  Mumford and sons after the storm // Dusted all comes down // Alt j arrival in Nara // Arcade fire deep blue // Fleetwood mac dreams // Troye Sivan gasoline // Gorillaz glitter freeze // Dusted into the atmosphere // the Decembrists January hymn // Panic! at the disco northern downpour // Gorillaz on melancholy hill // Gorillaz Rhinestone eyes // The Decemberists sons & daughters // Fountains of wayne valley winter song // Oasis Wonderwall // Coldplay yellow // MGMT time to pretend // Oasis champagne supernova // Florence & the machine Dog days are over 

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Part 2. I don’t know how i was able to try to dance to a slow song but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #shuffle #newbie #shuffling #shuffledance #dance #edmlifestyle #edm #chainsmokers #paris (at Fountain Valley, California)

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Have been unmotivated lately so haven’t been really wanting to dance around much. I’m not really improving but at least I’m still try somethin new :3 (at Fountain Valley, California)

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                       a davejade fanmix
to build a home - the cinematic orchestra // i’ll follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie // cosmic love - florence & the machine // night sky - CHVRVCHES // sing loud - alpha rev // alive - C418 // lover’s eyes - mumford & sons // the wolves & the ravens - rogue valley // neverending fountain (alt. version) - s. carey // new ceremony - dry the river // 40 mins.